April 23, 2018

Rear Derailleur Power 18-24 Gears Without RD-24-A Hook

Features: Manufacturer-Power Model-RD-24-A Pallet-Short Handle-Long Number of gears-18-24 Fixing-Screw

Brand: Power

Titan Pathfinder Women’s 18-Speed Mountain Bike with 17-Inch Frame and Front Suspension Fork

titan pathfinder women speed mountain bike with inch frame and front suspension  Rear Derailleur Power 18 24 gears without RD 24 A hook
  1. It is equipped with 18-Speeds and 17-Inch tubular steel frame.
  2. This bike is great for the road, trails, parks, or commuting.
  3. Multiple colors available but the above womens bike is shown in our famous pink.
  4. Firm dampening provides for a very nice solid ride with minimal bouncing.
  5. Also shown are the v-braking system on the front bicycle wheel.
  6. Enjoy the comfort of great grips and grip shifter gear changing right at your finger tips.
  7. This bicycle comes with a 1 year warranty on the frame against defects.
  8. Arrives 85% assembled, light assembly required includes installation of the front wheel, handlebars, seat post, pedals, and brake adjustments.
  9. The rugged tires are built to handle rocks, dirt and roots, while 18 speeds make easy work of intimidating hills.
  10. A high-tensile steel frame promises durability, and the adjustable saddle lets you find your perfect fit.
  11. A very good bike for the price, it was very easy to assemble (took me about 30 minutes from box to built).
  12. My one complaint is the gears – they are very tight and difficult to up shift (feels like the derailleur spring is too strong).
  13. Took it to the local bike shop for a “tune up” after I put it together just to optimize brakes and gears, and even the bike mechanic commented on the gears.
  14. Luckily, my wife is not doing a lot of hill riding so has minimal gear changes, otherwise I probably would have returned it since it is not amenable to rapid change ups/downs.
  15. This bike is only used occasionally on weekends for relatively short, flat rides (10 miles or less).
  16. Last week my wife came back from a ride and said “the pedals are breaking” – and they were – the plastic portion of the pedals were literally falling apart, and on one pedal it broke off completely, and my wife had to cycle home using the spindle of the pedal.
  17. Also, the bottom bracket spindle (if that is the right name) had to be replaced because it was “clicking” – I didn’t have the tools so had that part repaired at the bike shop, and they said the quality of the original part was terrible.
  18. These are NOTparts that should have to be replaced in the LIFE of a lightly ridden bike.
  19. By contrast my own bike (albeit higher quality) has at least 5 times the miles and has seen heavy trail riding, and I haven’t had to replace any parts yet.
  20. It was easy to finish assembling and the adjustments were minimal.
  21. We have gone out for a few rides and the bike has worked fine.
  22. The bike came in a box that was heavily damaged but to my suprise the bike only had a very small scratch on the front fork which was covered up when the tire was installed.
  23. I only ordered this bike, because I wanted to avoid the trouble of assembling.
  24. But this bike came in pieces and is not simple to assemble (you need tools to assemble it).
  25. The bike itself is stable, but it doesn’t ride smoothly and the seat is rather hard, which might be noticeable in the first days of riding it.
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