September 14, 2018

Rear Basket SUNNY WHEEL 26-28″ Brown

basket rear wheel sunny brown Rear basket SUNNY WHEEL 26 28 brown
Rear basket SUNNY WHEEL.

For the bicycle-26″~ 28"
Material-braided plastic
Fastening-for the carrier
Dimensions-debt: 440x height 250x width: 370mm
Includes plaque mounting and screws


sunnywheel Rear basket SUNNY WHEEL 26 28 brown

Topeak MTX Rear Bicycle Basket

topeak mtx rear bicycle basket Rear basket SUNNY WHEEL 26 28 brown
  1. Rather than fuss with bags and straps, I can just drop my laptop bag and my bike lock in there and leave the house.
  2. I was hoping it’d be as handy as the backseat of my car and I wasn’t disappointed.
  3. The size is large enough to be practical for a little grocery shopping.
  4. Topeak’s system for sliding the basket on and off was one of the reasons I chose this basket and rack.
  5. It’s quite handy to be able to carry things to or from the bike.
  6. Sliding it into its track is only easy when the bike is fixed to something, though.
  7. Some complaints:

    I didn’t appreciate from the photos that the height of the basket would make it impossible for me to get on and off the bike by just swinging my leg over the rear wheel, as usual.
  8. So I had to learn a new technique (move my knee over the crossbar near the stem, then move my foot over near the seat).
  9. A possible problem for people with certain kinds of joint trouble, I wonder?
  10. The word I’d use to describe the wire handle is “decorative.” It seems to strain even to just support the basket’s own weight.
  11. I took it off because I’d become accustomed to carrying the basket by its top rim.
  12. The basket is also too heavy to casually carry it around, so don’t plan on taking it inside the grocery store or the farmers’ market with you.
  13. Because the basket is so tall and wide (and heavy), it wobbles a bit when it’s got a non-trivial load.
  14. It’s still plenty secure on its (plastic) mounting bracket.
  15. Nonetheless, when I’ve got something more substantial in there than my laptop bag, I tie it down to the rack with a couple of bungees as insurance.
  16. Which I would have done anyway, just to prevent things from falling out of the open top.
  17. It hasn’t affected my bike’s handling and safety in the least when I’m in motion.
  18. But when the bike’s at a dead stop, I know that if I carelessly lean it too far (like when pulling it out of the rack where I’ve locked it, or if I try to mount or dismount too quickly) I might wind up on the pavement…unhurt, thanks to my helmet and gloves, but hoping that nobody saw that.
  19. After a month, I’ve just learned not to be careless when the bike is stopped.
  20. I keep both hands on the brakes and I’m extra-careful when getting on or off.
  21. I might think differently if I were riding this every morning and night on a crowded city street.
  22. I might have considered panniers (which sit low to the ground) instead.
  23. At first, I thought it strange that the basket and its mounting bracket were separate retail items (though sold together).
  24. I was also disappointed that the bracket was plastic instead of something that could withstand abuse.
  25. I’ve had to replace the bracket, but the basket itself and the rack didn’t suffer any damage at all after falling over a few times.
  26. To address a complaint in other reviews: I don’t think the basket’s wire mesh is flimsy at all.
  27. Nothing’s bent or broken in the month I’ve had it, even after falling over a couple of times.
  28. In fact, I rather like the basket’s wire design overall.
  29. It offers many attachment points for lights and reflectors, and it’s quite bungee-friendly.
  30. When I park my bike at the commuter rail lot, I can feed a lock cable through my helmet and the basket to join my U-lock, thus securing both basket and helmet.
  31. Despite falling with this thing on my bike, I’m very happy with it.
  32. I wanted a “rear seat” for my bike that would let me just drop things into it and take off.
  33. She gets the most use from the wire basket which is on the rack all the time unless she’s going to the store- (Milk Crate) or on a long ride- Trunk Bag.
  34. I had to play with the position of the rack to get the basket to sit when mounted such that there was seat room.
  35. It works perfectly for her though she isn’t using this as a shopping basket so I can’t speak for the sturdiness of the handle as other reviewers have done.
  36. They function as tie downs for the handle (One will do but it’s nice to have extras).
  37. Voila, no more rattle and as a bonus you can use them to tie other things to the basket if you need to.
  38. The basket looks great on her bike and if you have the Topeak rack don’t hesitate to add the basket!
  39. I had the bike rack for 6 years, and used to just secure my backpack and stuff to it with bungee cords.
  40. I bike everywhere and also like to buy groceries, etc on my bike.
  41. It’s so great to be able to fill up the basket and not have to worry about how to secure it to the bike rack.
  42. Just be realistic about how much the basket can hold (about 20 pounds or so).
  43. Only downside is the handle: it falls off constantly and you can’t use it if there’s more than about 10 pounds in the basket (more than that, you need to hold the basket by the sides or bottom).
  44. After about 14 months of hard daily use it’s finally showing some wear, but I definitely plan to buy another one after this one kicks.
  45. However like others have stated I will point out that the handle is not sufficient for carrying a thing of a substantial weight.
  46. That said, this basket is perfect for its purpose of transporting goods on a bike and not to be used as a shopping basket.
  47. We’ve had no trouble carrying a gallon of milk and assorted other items from the grocery store as the structural Integrity of the physical basket when mountrd is top notch.
  48. I would suggest just loading the basket with your standard grocery bag and lift from there as this is not intended as a heavy duty lifting basket.
  49. It is a great system that they have and it looks good and works great.
  50. There aren’t many metal baskets that are available out there for purchase that really do a nice job.
  51. The Topeak basket is really well made, looks nice and is the right size.
  52. Only three things are not right with the engineering of this basket.
  53. There is no support at the back of the basket so I had to modify that with a 3/8″ piece of wood and that worked fine.
  54. The next thing was to support that rather flimsy wire handle and I did that by zip tying a 3/8″ dowel to it and that solved that problem.
  55. Then I noticed that the basket is too far forward on the rack, too close to seat would be better if it was positioned to the rear of the rack so I had to make an extension of the clip to move it back about 3″ and that worked fine.
  56. These three things are what I found wrong with the engineering on this basket.
  57. If you can fix these things as I did, than you found the basket for you and for your Topeak rack.
  58. Like I said, there isn’t too much to purchase when you are looking for a good well made basket.
  59. If you have the Topeak rack and can do some modifications than look no further.
Buy Topeak MTX Rear Bicycle Basket here $44.95

Topeak Trolley Tote Folding Basket

topeak trolley tote folding basket Rear basket SUNNY WHEEL 26 28 brown
  1. I put a car harness on dog and hook near bottom of crate to keep him safe.
  2. We put a rack on both my husband’s and my bike so we can easily each use the crate.
  3. Like anything else for bikes it’s pretty much universal, so you could use it on another bike rack, but it’s made for their own specially designed version to work best.
  4. If you don’t have a rack yet, the TOPEAK Explorer MTX Rack is a good choice to go along with this basket.
  5. The folding basket has a ramp that slides into a channel on the bike rack and locks into place with a quick locking system.
  6. It’s a pretty slick system, and makes for an exact fit, placement, and it’s super fast to attach/detach.
  7. There are NO worries about the basket or other accessories sliding around with this system.
  8. Overall the basket seems to be pretty durable for a lightweight basket, and the fact that it conveniently folds down for travel and storage when not in use is an extremely nice feature not found in other baskets.
  9. The handle/rolling feature is also very nice, and not found in other baskets.
  10. I’ll just do a brief overview of PROs and CONs for review:


    Attaching system/Locking system
    Folds for travel/storage
    Rolling system


    May not hold up to heavy usage over a long period of time
    Rattles during travel (not a big issue for me)
    Only comes in the grey color

    Overall – This is an awesome product, the only real complaint for me (and minor at that) is that it doesn’t come in Black, which I think would look a lot better on my bike.
  11. But it does look good on my bike since it is grey anyway, so I’m probably just nit-picking here.
  12. This is a great basket for light shopping or carrying any items around 20 pounds.
  13. Attaching and detaching is fast and easy and folding it up for storage is also a snap.
  14. I suspect because I had the Trolley Tote sitting out in the freezing cold for more than two hours this was why it cracked.
  15. I know that plastic does not hold up very well in the cold.
  16. The Trolley Tote is still useable although I am concerned that if I hit another bump in the road this could cause the Trolley Tote to break completely.
  17. It is disappointing that the Trolley Tote is not more durable.
  18. I am able to carry all of my groceries without any issues.
  19. The MTX system on the other hand is not as secure as I had hoped.
  20. I fell over in the snow on my third ride with my Fat Bike and the Trolley Tote was knocked right off of my rack.
  21. It seems the track the Trolley Tote is supposed to slide into is not deep enough to lock the Tote in place.
  22. It can be easily knocked out of the track with little force, such as tipping over in the snow or knocking the Tote against the wall while bringing my bike inside.
  23. I had been hoping the shape of the Trolley Tote would be large enough to fit a pizza box on the bottom but it seems the Tote is barely large enough to fit a medium size pizza box.
  24. Looks like I’m still going to have to tie them down to my rack with bungie cords.
  25. Overall, the Trolley Tote was a nice concept, however, they need to make a version that is winter proof and design a better system for securing them to rear bike racks.
  26. Yes, this folds and has wheels and is easily removable.
  27. But for he price the whole thing just seems unreasonably heavy, brittle, and awkwardly designed.
  28. So many little pieces are used to help it hold it’s shape together and to keep from collapsing / folding in, and these pieces regularly pop out of place in regular use.
  29. I just feel like I’m using a glorified milk crate that isn’t really designed any better than one.
  30. This thing is supposed to fit all, but it actually doesn’t fit very well, it pushes into the back of my seat a little and buckles.
  31. I get a lot of strange looks, but a lot of people love it.
  32. It’s not as snazzy as the bags but it sure does hold a LOT of everything I need.
  33. I do groceries with it on a regular basis and even when I carried a bit more weight than the limit, it’s been very sturdy.
Buy Topeak Trolley Tote Folding Basket here

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