April 23, 2018

PUMA Chain Guard 48 Teeth Black Smoky

guard chain puma teeth black tinted PUMA chain guard 48 teeth black smoky
guard chain puma teeth black tinted 1 PUMA chain guard 48 teeth black smoky


– total length of the cover 515 mm

Brand: Brat

SKS Chainboard, 199mm/46-48T, Black

sks chainboard black PUMA chain guard 48 teeth black smoky
  1. Installation took some time and had to tweak the product to make it work with my bike.
  2. I was able to get this installed and it fit well around my crank (I ride a Kona Dew Plus), however I had to shorten the chain board by an inch and a half to get it to fit.
  3. I have been biking to work with my pant leg down since installing it and have not had it get stuck once.
  4. To install it, I had to remove the cranks and the lower crank bearing set from the bike.
  5. I also had to cut off a few inches from the back of the guard to reproduce the fit of the original guard.
  6. I also had to remove a panel on the top of the guard in order to access the front derailleur as the original guard had (the manufacturer has conveniently provided easy cutouts for this purpose to make it easy and look good).
  7. This chain guard looks and functions better than the original guard.
  8. It is also easier to remove for maintenance purposes (two screws instead of three).
  9. I did make a minor improvement to this guard when I installed it.
  10. The original kit comes with two Phillips sheet metal screws that connect the guard to the metal bracket in the front.
  11. I upgraded these two screws to finely threaded bolts just by drilling out and threading the two front bracket holes.
  12. Although most folks would be perfectly fine by using the screws provided, I think the bolts will be easier to install and remove in the future.
  13. I would recommend this kit to anyone that is looking for a good universal kit since it comes with a good selection of mounting hardware.
  14. You will need to do some significant work on the bike that will need special tools.
  15. If you have a bottom bracket tool and a crank removal tool, you can do this yourself.
  16. If not, a bike shop will be your best bet to install this kit.
  17. I can’t believe how they can sell it for such a great price.
  18. My bike shop installed it on my 2011 Specialized Sirrus Comp hybrid.
  19. I had to change the bottom bracket to a better model that was wider than my original bottom bracket, so the chain guard would be clear of all possible gear shifting.
  20. But that was a bonus to me because I got a much better quality bottom bracket that I could actually feel a difference with.
  21. Unfortunately, it turns out this item is not compatible with my bike for a few reasons.
  22. First off, my bottom bracket is reverse of the standard bottom bracket, thus there is nothing for this chainguard to “grip” when installing.
  23. This could be fixed by replacing my bottom bracket with a standard one.
  24. The second, most important problem, is that my frame is too short for this chainguard.
  25. So as to fit it on my bike, it would require some significant cutting.
  26. Overall, this product seems to be well constructed and suited for the majority of bikes.
  27. I would just recommend that you check the dimensions of your frame before purchasing.
  28. The bottom bracket on my Trek 720 did not have enough tread/lip to install this part so I had to more bike parts to get his installed.
  29. I don’t have to wear pant bands to keep the dirt/grim off my pants.
  30. I pulled the front derailer off (to simplify and) so I could get this chain guard on.
  31. I had to go to my LBS to have it installed, cause the crank has to be pulled out to get the metal bracket mounted.
  32. I had to take off some of the inside plastic with a dremel to keep the chain from rubbing when the chain was in the smallest rear cog.
  33. The odd thing is that it has an opening on the top, if it was closed it would keep more of the weather off the drive train.
  34. Maybe it’s to accommodate for a front derailer, hadn’t thought of that.
  35. While it is plastic, it is solidly built and will prevent the grease from the chain from rubbing against your pants.
  36. The one downside is that It needs to be professionally installed because you have to remove the part of the bike that the pedals attach to.
  37. Also, the bike mechanic had to further cut out part of the chainguard so that it didn’t hit the front derailleur of my bicycle.
  38. I would highly recommend this product but make sure you are willing to have a bike mechanic install it.
  39. But they are well made and everything goes together well.
Buy SKS Chainboard, 199mm/46-48T, Black here $27.99

Ventura Chain Guard for 42/44 or 46/48 Teeth

ventura chain guard for teeth PUMA chain guard 48 teeth black smoky
    Buy Ventura Chain Guard for 42/44 or 46/48 Teeth here $5.51 – $20.92

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