August 18, 2018

Pro Foam Silicone Steering Grips

holds wheel pro foam silicone Pro Foam silicone steering grips
Silicone foam grips. Light, very comfortable hexagon shaped grips.
They ensure good vibration damping and high driving comfort.

Model-Silicone Foam
Material-silicone foam
Length-130 mm
Weight-85 g

Brand: PRO

HDE iPad Mini Case Kids Shock Proof Steering Wheel Cover with Stand for Apple iPad Mini / Mini 2 / Mini 3 / Retina (Orange)

hde ipad mini case kids shock proof steering wheel cover with stand for apple ip Pro Foam silicone steering grips
  1. That’s why you need the HDE Steering Wheel Shockproof Case.
  2. A foldable kickstand allows for the case to stand up on any flat surface, so your child can use it to take notes during class or to watch their favorite shows while eating breakfast.
  3. While portfolio cases offer protection, they don’t help to address the ease with which one could drop their expensive tablet.
  4. The side handles feature rugged bumps for added grip and each is curved to match the contour of the human hand.
  5. However, each case is manufactured from soft, child-safe EVA foam material that absorbs shocks that come from sudden drops and falls.
  6. Cut-outs at the top and bottom of the case leave the power plug and LED light unblocked, while the front and back of the case cut away from the power button and camera, so you don’t have to sacrifice your tablet’s functionality for style.
  7. I used my drill and carefully drilled a hole on the right hand wheel to allow for the lightning cable to pass through and not crimp and ultimately ruin the cable.
  8. Mkids love them and they are protected from 5 and 7 year old destruction.
  9. I have to bend the cable at the end of the connector to squeeze it in.
  10. So if you want you can remove the case everyone you charge it but that’s too much work.
  11. So I began my hours of searching online for a durable, toddler friendly case, that was shock absorbent, had handles, and preferably had a stand.
  12. It has a stand (albeit a bit flimsy) which my three year old knows how to prop open, and the handles make it worth this buy.
  13. Now I’m sure you’ve read some of the negative reviews because you’re a parent on a mission like I was.
  14. So let’s address some of the things folks complained about:

    1) Getting a Screen Protector on- Yes it’s a bit tough, but it’s not rocket science!
  15. No, it’s not the easiest but I have to be honest, I was happy with it when I got it in.
  16. If I struggled a bit to get it in, I know my 3yr old would struggle to get it out.
  17. I plug it in (have to angle it), lay it down on the table and leave it be.
  18. I have no issue with this and if my daughter is watching Netflix, most times I’ll adjust the volume right on the screen.
  19. Yes it works just fine, but I’d prefer a sturdier stand.
  20. Every time my daughter opens it I cringe a bit because I can picture her just snapping it right off!
  21. All in all, the case is shock absorbent (foam material which I was iffy about but turns out it works great!), and works well for my family.
  22. My daughter just turned 3 in February and this is fantastic if you’re a parent looking for a case for a 2-4yr old.
  23. Handles are very good to hold while you’re using the ipad, I love that part.
  24. I gave it a four-star it it’s because it’s hard to plug in the charger.
  25. My son could do it but I’m scared he might damage the charger.
  26. Wanted to avoid that again as my daughter uses hers daily for games, to watch movies, and for music to help her keep calm and carry on.
  27. The color of the item is as bright as you see in the picture, and my daughter loves pink so she was definitely excited.
  28. The product is self is made of a durable, hard, yet comfortable foam like material.
  29. Very sturdy and my daughter loves the three handles so she can carry it easily, unlike other cases which do not have carrying handles.
  30. It does have a plastic stand on the back of the product which does seem a little flimsy.
  31. It stood the product up but I can see it falling off in the future with some rough handling, which would be unfortunate and I would hope doesn’t happen but it’s only about 1/2″ wide and like 4″ long, not big at all.
  32. He loves the built in kickstand so he can watch his tv shows.
  33. Power button and volume buttons are hidden so cannot be accessed easily which is good for kids.
  34. The only fault that I may see is that the charging port is in between the handle.
  35. Still love the case for the padding but it is a poor design.
  36. It is a tight fit, I followed the instruction and trying to put it in somehow cracked my screen!
  37. He’s pretty careful, but when it gets dropped, the protection is perfect.
  38. The only issue is the charging cable inside the handle.
Buy HDE iPad Mini Case Kids Shock Proof Steering Wheel Cover with Stand for Apple iPad Mini / Mini 2 / Mini 3 / Retina (Orange) here $13.99

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