April 23, 2018

Pradnica 6V / 3W Right, Aluminum Silver

generators  right aluminum silver Pradnica 6V / 3W right, aluminum silver

generators  right aluminum silver 1 Pradnica 6V / 3W right, aluminum silver
We use the bike more and more willingly and regularly.

This is supported by affordable vehicle prices, as well as the expanding network of bike paths. We can transport shopping, animals and even children with it.

However, even if you drive alone, it is worth remembering about your safety and equip your bike with all necessary accessories, as well as regularly check all moving parts. Very important is, among others, efficient lighting, both at the front and at the back of the bike.

One of them is dynamo, that is, a dynamo. Magnesium, which is located in the dynamics, during our bicycle ride begins to be set into spinning, producing electricity at the same time. It causes the light to shine.

The faster we drive, the more light the lamp is, and it turns off with our stop.

At this point, we offer single pole poles of 6V power (in the bracket, frame)

and 3W, right handed. Pradnica was made of aluminum and metal (circle)

in silver. It turns on by deviation.


– dynamo / right-hand shifter,

– one pole, mass in the mount (frame)

– 3W power,

– voltage 6V,

– aluminum,

– enabled by the deviation,

– metal circle,

– fixing on the screw (not included)

– SILVER color

Brand: Owlet

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