May 1, 2018

Peddles SPD PD-M505 Black With Pads SM-PD22

pedals PD spd black sm reducer pd Peddles SPD PD M505 black with pads SM PD22


– Compact design.

– Dual SPD bindings.

– Protective elements made of resistant Cr-Mo steel.

– They enable easy servicing.

– The set includes SM-PD22 blocks and pads for use in standard shoes.

Brand: Shimano

shimano Peddles SPD PD M505 black with pads SM PD22

Positz Shimano SPD MTB Cleats

positz shimano spd mtb cleats Peddles SPD PD M505 black with pads SM PD22

  1. Replace your cleats for a safer and more efficient ride!
  2. These cleats are sure to do the job first time, everytime!
  3. Designed especially for Shimano’s SPD pedals, this item offers ultra efficient power transfer, complete comfort, and stunning good looks.

Buy Positz Shimano SPD MTB Cleats here $14.99

Wellgo Multi-Function Mountain Bike Pedals Shimano SPD Compatible

wellgo multi function mountain bike pedals shimano spd compatible Peddles SPD PD M505 black with pads SM PD22

  1. I deducted a star because when I got them the bearing nut had been over-tightened and was making the bearings grind.
  2. I popped the plastic end cap off and removed the 2 nuts holding the pedal on the axle.
  3. Then I slipped the pedal body off the axle and noticed there was almost no grease on the bearings, also, one race was missing a bearing (one less will have to do).
  4. I coated the axle with grease and reinstalled then topped off the outer bearing race with more grease before replacing both nuts.
  5. By the way, the double nut arrangement is so you can set the pressure on the bearings with the first nut and then jam the second nut against the first to keep the pressure you’ve set.
  6. Unfortunately due to the fact that both nuts are recessed into the narrow round body of the pedal, it is very hard to keep the inner nut from tightening down on the bearings as you tighten the outer nut.
  7. You just can’t reach the inner nut to keep it from turning.
  8. After reading this you may think I should’ve deducted more stars, but it turned out well and I really like the pedals.
  9. I had to adjust them as the nuts were too tight against the bearings.
  10. The left pedal still seems a lil faulty immidiately after the adjustment because it felt as though it would still grind a little.
  11. Update: Took a bike ride this weekend and the pedals work great!
  12. Also adjusting the tension on the pedals for the clips was easy as well.
  13. Even though I am not thrilled to have to adjust the bearrings, I would still reccommend for the price.
  14. The first were just basic pedals, which I am very pleased with.
  15. This set ( spd compatible) must have been assembled a few minutes before quitting time at the factory.
  16. When I opened the package, the pedals would not turn freely, so I took them apart to find that the bearings were not distributed equally.
  17. The bearing races had, no lie, 11, 12, 14, 16 bearings respectively.
  18. So each race now has 13 bearings, packed with grease, and the pedals turn freely.
  19. This was exactly what I was looking for in a combo pedal.
  20. Easy in and out on the clip, the regular pedal side has a nice platform.
  21. Overall, I would purchase Well go products again, just not this far down on the food chain.
  22. I went with these so I could exercise with my friend and casual ride with my wife, it works great for both.
  23. This is my first experience with clipless pedals, it really makes the upstroke more efficient which in turn makes the overall riding experience more efficient.
  24. When the pedals were all set and working, I quite liked them.
  25. Popping the cap off and adjusting the nuts at the end fixed this issue.
  26. Unlike another reviewer with this same problem, I had adequate lubrication on my bearings.
  27. I’m not sure if this is that standard pedal size or if it’s my bike.
  28. Also no where did I see that it comes with spd cleats, but it did.
  29. UPDATE: contacted Sunny and they helped me find pedal extenders to change the thread size!
  30. I am able to clip in with my Shimano bike shoes and pedal away.
  31. I can’t tell you much about installation as I delegated that task to my dad.
  32. All I know is it took him about 5 minutes to have them up and running.
  33. I have put close to 200 miles on mine and have not had to tighten or adjust a thing.
  34. I use these on my personal bike for single track riding, as well as on my police bike for bike patrol.

Buy Wellgo Multi-Function Mountain Bike Pedals Shimano SPD Compatible here $29.00

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