May 1, 2018

Pedal Shimano SPD PDT420

pedal Shimano SPD PDT Pedal Shimano SPD PDT420
Pedals for Click’R series trekking bikes. PDT420 is characterized by a very low power needed to brace a shoe from the pedal, as well as snap into a latch.
They are dedicated especially for lovers of tourism, who often go out of their bikes in different situations and need a comfortable and fast SPD system.
The power is one-sided, the other side of the pedal is flat.


– Producer: Shimano.
– Model: PDT420.
– Color: black.
– Weight: approx. 418g.
– System: SPD Click’R.
– Versatile trekking pedal.
– One side of the pedal is a flat platform.
– Lower spring force for easier engagement and release (adjustable)
– The pop-up cage provides easier plug-in.
– Chromomolybdenum stem and compact shaft with sealed bearings, requiring no maintenance.
– A comfortable platform on the flat side of the pedal for increased comfort and pedaling efficiency for long trips.
– Integrated reflective light.
– The set includes omni-directional plug-in SM-SH56 blocks.

Brand: Shimano

shimano Pedal Shimano SPD PDT420

Shimano PD-T420 track pedel Click’R black

shimano track pedel click black Pedal Shimano SPD PDT420
  1. I bought clipless shoes (mountain bike clip) to use for spinning.
  2. The pedals used on the spinning bikes have a baseline retention system.
  3. I thought using this on my outside (mountain bike) might be dangerous for some one my age.
  4. There were a few times that I struggled getting out of a clipless pedal on a few of the spinning bikes.
  5. The Click’R are not recommended for people who ride their bikes hard (e.g., jumps, aggressive starts).
  6. At first, I was very careful coasting to a stop to remove my right shoe from the pedal.
  7. After 30 minutes, I was passing a truck that had stopped on the side of the road.
  8. In a panic I pulled out of one and then the other clip.
  9. It was easy to get out of the pedals when I needed to and the 5% of the time when I needed to get out in a panic.
  10. I bought them not expecting a great improvement in speed.
  11. I would guess at best for me (might be different for you) a 5% improvement in times.
  12. I don’t worry about having my foot slip off the pedal as happened a few times with my running shoes.
  13. In short, a consistent pedal stroke, ability to pull up, and good form.
  14. I also wanted to try them on my old bike, because I was looking at a new bike that is sold without pedals.
  15. So I bought a pedal wrench and installed them myself on my old bike (with the idea of transferring them when I decided to buy a new bike).
  16. I bought this particular pedal because I thought I might need to use non clipless shoes occasionally.
  17. If you are going clipless all the time, it would be a little more convenient not having to flip the pedal around the connect to the click side.
  18. My typical use is that I disconnect only one shoe when coming to a stop (at a traffic light, for example).
  19. So, having to connect one side is not that much of a problem.
  20. Conclusions – If you are at all concerned about falling and are not an aggressive rider, these would be a good entry into clipless pedals.
  21. A little difficult to clip into due to the lock being on one side.
  22. Have had no accidental clip outs, Platform side feels the same as any other 10 dollar cheapo platforms that bike shops usually give away for free with their bikes: Functional, as long as your shoe soles are dry, as well as 90 cadence equaling feet flying out of the pedals.
  23. One type release only by twisting your heel, outward (SM-SH51) .
  24. The other type release by moving your heel in any direction beyond 3 degrees (SM-SH56).
  25. The Cleats packaged with the pedals are the ones that release in any heel direction (SM-SH56).
  26. I was a little worried about getting stuck and falling down with my shoes still attached to the pedals but these are really easy to get out of.
  27. I practiced many times getting in and out of the clips so I would remember how to and I haven’t got stuck yet.
  28. Right now its on the lightest setting (easiest to get out of) and a few times when I forgot I was clipped in I still could get out quickly enough so I didn’t fall off my bike.
  29. At the lightest setting my shoes have never unclipped themselves when I didn’t want them to unless I was really lazy with my foot position.
  30. I plan on making it a bit harder to clip in after a few more rides.
  31. Overall a great pedal to have when I want to be clipped in for long rides or just use regular shoes when I make the short bike ride to work.
  32. When using either shoe Clips or Regular shoes and you start off on the wrong pedal, just let the crank rotate one time and the pedal will be on the other side.
  33. I have also noticed that I was much faster than my friends that I ride with after getting these pedal and using my shoes.
  34. I have matched them up with a pair of Shimano SH-MT44 Shoes that work perfectly together.
  35. Decades ago I used the old toe cage and strap and had cleated shoes.
  36. Now that I’ve taken up riding again I wanted something more than just street shoes on flat pedals.
  37. These are a great compromise, having a flat surface on one side for when you aren’t wearing cleats and bindings on the other for when you are wearing the right shoes.
  38. I had no trouble at all clicking in and after two or three tries found how to click out reliably.
  39. The ones that came on my bike were cheap junk and the cage actually broke away from the spindle housing.
  40. I’m quite certain these Shimano pedals will never fail in that way.
  41. One minor point I’ve not seen mentioned anywhere is the spindles on these pedals have Allen recesses on the ends.
  42. The flats on the spindle are rather narrow and I thought I was going to have to buy a pedal wrench to mount them.
  43. With the Allen recesses you can start threading the pedals on by hand and then put an Allen wrench through from the inside of the crank arm to tighten them up.
  44. Hopefully, removing them, should I ever need to, will be just as easy.
  45. I set the Click’R pressure to the lowest level before my first ride.
  46. With the cleats installed in my Shimano CT41 shoes and the shoe in my hand I practiced attaching and releasing the shoes while in the house.
  47. Then on my test ride, I used one foot on flat so I could practice attaching/releasing with the other foot.
  48. Within a few tries I was comfortable with the mechanism and was able to click in with both feet.
  49. I’m an older rider and wanted to clip in and out with ease.
  50. Quality product just as I have come to expect from Shimano.
  51. I find that these new pedals have an easy, quick engagement/disengagement and appear to be of excellent quality.
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