April 18, 2018

Pedal Ball Plastic Balls Black

pedal ball plastic beads black Pedal ball plastic balls black
pedal ball plastic beads black 1 Pedal ball plastic balls black
Pedals based on plastic, which, however, are characterized by an adequate degree of durability, Pedals are maintained in a classic, black design, and their additional advantage is the presence of orange reflective elements.


– Thread 9/16″
– platform dimensions: 85×100 mm

Brand: Xingtai City

Fyxation Gates BMX Platform Pedal

fyxation gates bmx platform pedal Pedal ball plastic balls black
  1. These pedals work great with most foot retention systems/pedal straps (FRS) on the market.
  2. So far, they have been working great, rotating smoothly with no bearing noise, and they are wide enough to accommodate pretty much any shoe.
  3. These easily fit my standard Vans, and they should be wide enough for even the fattest skater shoe if anyone still wears those.
  4. This also means that they create an extra large gate with my pedal straps, making it a bit easier to slide my shoe in.
  5. The little nubs on these pedals provide a surprisingly solid grip.
  6. In fact, I sometimes find myself wishing my shoe slid a little more on these things so it would be easier to adjust my position.
  7. If you have been having problems with your shoes sliding too much on your pedals, these should help.
  8. I like how tightly the bearing areas are sealed off from the outside.
  9. There is only a minimal gap around the threaded peg to allow rotation, and the end caps are tight and flush with the outer pedal surface.
  10. My old pedals’ end caps fell out easily, allowing dirt inside the bearing area.
  11. These pedals seem to be designed to take abuse with minimal maintenance.
  12. It is great for ease of use, but I have noticed a slightly greater tendency to pedal strike with these.
  13. I tend to take sharp turns at a relatively high speed, and although I don’t think the width increase from my old pedals to these is extremely noticeable most of the time, it is noticeable when I bang my pedal on the pavement taking a turn that would have been no problem with my old pedals.
  14. I am getting used to it, but be aware that these are wide enough to make a difference around curves, especially if you are riding a fixed gear.
  15. What I like about them is that the studs are plastic instead of metal, and because of that they are easier on the legs when the rider loses control.
  16. I’ve seen those metal studs slash right into guys’ legs before.
  17. They grip well, rough texture works good, and the “pins’ help.
  18. Nice wide platform, good size to work without straps, if needed.
  19. Overall I really like these, they’re a good deal for the price.
  20. These platform pedals feel ridiculously sturdy, and show no signs of scuffs or scratches even after I prop my kickstand-less fixie up on rocks or curbs.
  21. The color pops, and hasn’t faded either, even after being locked in the sun for 6-8 hours a day, 5 days a week.
  22. The bearings aren’t completely smooth, but once you’re riding, you don’t even notice.
  23. I love these on my fixed Surly Steamroller, and would recommend them to anyone looking to add a pop of color to their fixie in addition to some solid platforms.
  24. I currently use these on my fixed gear, and I think they’re perfect.
  25. Color is great, obviously, the white pedals are going to show dirt easier than other colors, but I’m amazed at how nice they still look after a ton of use.
  26. These are nice wide platforms, great for any sort of technical riding.
  27. I ride standing for the most part, similar to a BMX; and these give a nice, stable base.
  28. I wanted straps for my fixed gear, and these fit most standard straps.
  29. Very durable feeling, and so far, they haven’t broken in any way.
  30. I’ve broken cheap plastic pedals before, and I doubt that’s going to be a problem with this set.
  31. But these are doing the job (using them on a unicycle) The nubs could provide a bit more traction but I didn’t want a lot of traction so these are fine.
  32. These are quite a bit larger than the generic pedals commonly seen on cheap bicycles.
  33. This makes for a comfortable pedaling even with soft soled shoes.
  34. The surface has small knobs to provide grip without being excessively rough.
  35. The threads easily turned onto the cranks with a little grease.
  36. The bearings seem to be of good quality and the pedals rotate easily.
  37. The holes in the side of the pedal are generously sized and make it very easy to install a foot strap.
  38. The logos are subtle and the overall appearance is clean and attractive.
  39. They are significantly larger than my factory MTB pedals but that shouldn’t be an issue for me.
  40. I’ve used them for a few hundred miles and they still don’t spin any better.
  41. They probably won’t last a year but at least they don’t cut up your legs like the metal one’s do.
  42. One of the pedals starts making a clicking noise less than 6 miles on the first ride.
  43. Someone had the same problem in one of the negative reviews.
  44. These are a stepping stone towards proper flats or clipless.
Buy Fyxation Gates BMX Platform Pedal here $19.89

BV Bike Pedal Set, Universal Bicycle Pedals, 9/16-Inch Boron Steel Spindle, Pair

bv bike pedal set universal bicycle pedals inch boron steel spindle pair Pedal ball plastic balls black
  1. High end ball bearing system can give you a better pedal feel when you riding the bicycle.
  2. The axles of the pedals can take whatever activity is your are doing and still keep rolling.
  3. Simple & important features to greatly enhance your safety.
  4. One Piece Rigid Resin body & 9/16″ Boron Steel SpindleSupremely durable boron steel alloy provide a great support for your feet.
  5. The axles of the pedals can take whatever activity is your are doing and still keep rolling.
  6. Ball Bearing SystemHigh end ball bearing system can give you a better pedal feel when you riding the bicycle.
  7. BV is continuously improving and evolving for our customer needs.
  8. We offer every customer a limited one-year product warranty on every item purchased.
  9. It is inexpensive, so it is missing features you might expect–, it does not turn very smoothly.
  10. Upon inspection it appears that the bearings are exposed (not housed, or capped) and it probably will not hold up to dirt.
  11. Update: i greased the bearings and put a rubber o-ring over the open hole (!) To cover the exposed bearings.
  12. Improved, but still not smooth like Specialized and Crank Bros pedals.
  13. Lumpy sluggish feeling from these pedals does not even out with regreasing.
  14. What I didn’t like, was the poor quality control – still in the bag, they arrived missing a reflector (not loose in the bag, not broken in pieces, just missing completely).
  15. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that reflectors should be on both sides, and that one was missing.
  16. I find it difficult to understand how something this bad could have gotten by any effort at quality control by the manufacturer.
  17. I wanted a good quality “generic” platform that was fairly light.
  18. I like these because the are robust enough for what I need without being chunky, and I like the integral reflector.
  19. They seem a bit tight but I am sure they will loosen soon enough.
  20. They make it easier for me to get my foot on the pedal without fiddling around to get the pedal oriented.
  21. They have good grip yet are comfortable for hours at a time.
  22. These went on our new (used) Rans Screamer recumbent tandem bike.
  23. Clearly labeled L and R so you know which side to install on.
  24. Just the right amount of friction so the pedal turns easily but not too easily.
  25. They’re at about the quality you’d expect for the price.
  26. The bearings seemed a little stiff, but will probably loosen up a bit with use.
  27. The bolts on this set are built stronger with better design.
Buy BV Bike Pedal Set, Universal Bicycle Pedals, 9/16-Inch Boron Steel Spindle, Pair here $8.95

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