November 1, 2018

Pannier Le Grand DUBLIN HAND Single For Luggage

pouch le grand dublin hand to single Boot Pannier Le Grand DUBLIN HAND single for luggage
For shopping and for a bike! Dublin Handy allows convenient transport of purchases.
The bag has a large zippered pocket and two smaller ones, including one for the phone.

Material-Polyester 600D
Dimensions-36 by 33 by 19 cm

Brand: Le Grand

Axiom Modular Grand Tour 60 Pannier Set: Red/Black

axiom modular grand tour pannier set red black Pannier Le Grand DUBLIN HAND single for luggage
  1. Patent-pending modular Clip ‘N’ Strap system allows for customizable load options.
  2. Streamlined external waterproof main body pocket and removable rear pocket.
  3. Streamliner shape for less wind resistance and a more centered load.
  4. Optional tent bag, hip pack and toiletry kit available separately.
  5. They are just as waterproof as the competitors, with just as much capacity, but they also have several outside pockets to help you keep more important things outside the main pouch.
  6. For example, when we got hit by a downpour on our trip, we didn’t have to open the main pouch to pull out rain jackets.
  7. Those were stuffed into the large, rear, external bags mounted on the rear of these panniers.
  8. So nothing else risked getting wet while we pulled out the jackets.
  9. I always knew where my wallet was – that’s on the waterproof pocket on the face of the panniers.
  10. Much easier to stay organized when you have a few pockets to work with.
  11. I’ve put about 40,000 miles on my bikes over the years, including about 7,000 miles on various bike touring trips, and a good part of the rest in daily bike commuting, year-round, in Michigan, where we have plenty of real weather.
  12. I run studded tires from November to April and have for over 15 years.
  13. I’ve also done about 600 miles of backcountry backpacking, in over a dozen week-long or longer trips.
  14. I didn’t just start doing this unsupported trips thing yesterday, and didn’t just jump head-first into bike touring without knowing about it.
  15. You’re supposed to know to air-out waterproof things every day and carry a bit of terry cloth (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy isn’t all a joke) to dry things out if you screw up and get water in your waterproof gear.
  16. You should always field-test/dry-run equipment before taking it on a long trip.
  17. You don’t head out into the backcountry or out in the middle of nowhere without verifying your gear is fit for purpose.
  18. It’s not a manufacturer’s fault if you find out part way into your trip that things don’t fit like you’d like.
  19. Compression strap clip-locks are supposed to compress the bag – not carry weight.
  20. If you’re trying to put weight on compression straps, you’re doing something wrong.
  21. Pay attention to the experience of your reviewer before deciding on equipment.
  22. You need a luggage rack to hang this on- so don’t overlook the rack.
  23. This was the largest size that I could find and they will really carry a lot of stuff.
  24. Windbreakers, trail bars, sweatbands, chain locks, tools, cell phones, tire inflators, all that stuff fits into these.
  25. They appear to be well made and of quality construction.
  26. Search online and there are reviews on the features of these.
  27. They close by a drawstring at the top through a water-resistant layer, which is then covered by the red logo hood that can be tightened down to compact the back.
  28. It will keep items dry for most rain that you will encounter, but plastic bags is still a good idea to be sure.
  29. The top clips on and can be tightened by screw, but the bottom is a hook on a bungee cord.
  30. Even with that it is the best set of bags I have used so far.
  31. I did a fair bit of research on bags and ended up going with Axiom’s Grand Tour series.
  32. I also bought the Grand Tour Tent Pocket and Toiletry Kit.
  33. I don’t know where to start, but the engineer who designed these things should be fired.
  34. Here are my observations:

    They are lightweight and waterproof as advertised.
  35. The poly Rixen & Kaul® Vario adjustable hooks work as advertised and have thus far held a fair amount of weight over bumpy roads and 2,000 miles.
  36. THE BAD(Design Flaws):
    I have a new Axiom Journey Rack to go with the bags.
  37. The Rixen & Kaul® Flip-Lock (to keep people from easily pulling your panniers off your bike) are useless.
  38. This makes it difficult to lay gear on top and open your panniers.
  39. If you lay your gear in line with the rear tire, you have about 4 inches of space between the panniers on the rack.
  40. With the Rixen & Kaul® Flip-Locks engaged, it makes it additionally difficult to put gear in-between the space.
  41. Thus you must lay your gear atop the panniers at a right-angle with your tire.
  42. The compression straps and Patent-pending modular Clip `N’ Strap system are garbage.
  43. Specifically the clip-locks are garbage, the strap itself is acceptable.
  44. They are clip-lock type, but much less robust than the top cover clip-locks.
  45. So I can, quite literally, pull out the compression strap from the clip lock using two fingers.
  46. It has little or no strength to deal with weight, which is what you need from clips on the compression straps.
  47. The other attach point, where the modular pocket or tent pocket would be attached, which uses the same clip-locks, are glued in backwards (the insert point is facing the bike frame).
  48. Thus, if you are pulling it taught you are pulling the attach point for the clip-lock out (away from the bike) of the bag.
  49. This is hard to visualize, but I have pictures of the clip locks failing and coming apart from the bag.
  50. This problem isn’t as bad when the modular square or tent pocket is installed.
  51. The problem, however, becomes apparent if you have any weight in the pockets and it starts pulling the plastic inserts out of the pannier.
  52. Without a pocket installed on the pannier, the compression straps are completely useless, a problem on the road when a pocket or strap becomes damaged.
  53. Axiom’s “Waterproof, ultrasonically welded 600D polyester: stronger, lighter and more durable” is coming apart at the seams.
  54. Waterproof bags are great, but NOT if they don’t have a drainage hole.
  55. Without a drainage hole, your bags become a swamp, holding any water that gets in until you remove all the gear and wipe it out.
  56. A few days later you open your bag and notice an odd smell.
  57. They flop down and point at the ground because the light holders are on the modular pockets and the modular pockets don’t work real well.
  58. Additionally, unless you fully pack your bag, the modular pocket will not point straight forward and will stay at an angle on your bike.
  59. Any light you place on them will be pointing down and to the extreme left or right.
  60. The straps for your tent poles on the tent pocket are nearly useless.
  61. Very hard to use and you have to re-thread them through the clip every time.
  62. They should be replaced with a simple pair of stretchy drawstring chords.
  63. The spacing for the clips is incredibly close together at about five or six inches on center.
  64. The handles for carrying the panniers have to be tucked into the clip-lock area because they perfectly rub against the rim of your wheel if you install the panniers and do nothing else.
  65. THE UGLY (Safety Issues):
    The Modular Tent Pocket should be recalled.
  66. Note that 99% of all kickstands (often present on touring bikes) are on the left side of the bike.
  67. This means that any weight leans to the left when the bike is on the stand.
  68. Now, for the first five hundred miles or so of the tour, the pocket worked fine.
  69. Then, the stress of holding my sub 3lb tent (Sierra Designs Vapor Light) started pulling the pocket away from the pannier and into my spokes and wheel.
  70. This worked for a while but, of course, the horrible modular compression strap setup just fell apart as it tried to do what it was advertised to do: Hold a lightweight tent.
  71. I eventually had to take the tent pocket off and sent it home to, perhaps, someday, send it back to Axiom in hopes that they honor their Lifetime warranty.
  72. I would never buy these bags again unless they hire someone like me to test them first, before putting them on market, so that someone like me isn’t stuck on a massive tour with defective gear.
  73. The whole idea of touring gear is that it be durable, easily fixable on the road, and well thought out.
  74. Also all of the buckles to hold the modular pockets tore from bag leaving large holes where they were.
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