April 23, 2018

Multitool BUSHMEN HANDY Multifunctional Tool-red

tool multifunctional multitool bushmen handy red Multitool BUSHMEN HANDY multifunctional tool red
tool multifunctional multitool bushmen handy red 1 Multitool BUSHMEN HANDY multifunctional tool red
A handy multifunctional tool helpful in overcoming technical works and repairs that usually await us during the trip and at the campground.
The basis are foldable, comfortable pliers and in the handles hidden basic tools that allow you to perform most of the technical tasks with which we have to make some time.
The tool placement in the Multi tool HANDY-makes the tools easily accessible without the need for folding out the pliers.
After removing the pliers, the tools are moved to the inside of the handles.
Thanks to this, they do not get in the way of use. Pliers Robust pliers equipped with a cable and wire cutter.
A slightly endless finish allows you to do the job precisely.
An additional spring that opens the pliers is made easy by one hand.
The pliers are perfect for use in the field kitchen as a gripper for hot dishes. Blades Gladkie blade, and bladed blade-a ball intended for cutting wood, can also be used for scraping, such as fish. Blades as well as other tools (except a crosshead screwdriver and a thin flathead screwdriver)
have small loops that facilitate the extraction of a blade (or a chosen tool)
Screwdrivers Four screwdrivers: three flat-big, medium and small, and a crosshead screwdriver. Multi tool Handy-has characteristic long flat and cross screwdrivers-they make work easier. In addition, a measuring tape was applied to the flat head screwdriver. File Double-sided file. On the one hand-a rasp designed for rough grinding of soft metals, plastics and wood.
On the other hand-a stick for final grinding.
Openers Two openers one for canning and for bottle caps.
The ribbed construction of the handles made of strong plastic and aluminum linings provides a sure grip in any situation, even at low temperatures or when it is wet.
The Pochewka pouch, which is included in the set, allows you to attach the bar comfortably so that the tool is always at hand. Multi tool Handy-is the right choice for people who need a good multifunctional tool. It remains unsuitable for repairing the EGO of the owner.

Brand: Bushmen

bushmen Multitool BUSHMEN HANDY multifunctional tool red

Screwdriver Pen Pocket Multi-Tool By EdgeWorks – Multi-Functional & Sturdy Aluminum DIY Tool, With Screwdriver, Stylus, Bubble Level, Ruler & Phillips Flathead Bit, Unique Gift Idea – Yellow

screwdriver pen pocket multi tool edgeworks multi functional amp sturdy aluminum Multitool BUSHMEN HANDY multifunctional tool red
  1. The incredible functions and robust design will make it your most trustworthy companion during your weekend projects!
  2. Our heavy-duty and ergonomic pen tool features a handy tablet or smartphone stylus, a sturdy screwdriver, a bubble level, a universal inch/cm ruler and a handy Phillips screwdriver flathead bit!
  3. Ideal for professional and amateur craftsmen, builders, brick and tile layers, carpenters and DIYers, our premium multi-tool pen gadget is backed by an exclusive 2-YEAR replacement limited warranty!
  4. Unlike flimsy alternatives, our extra strong aluminum screwdriver pen multi-tool has no moving parts that can break easily, plus the vibrant yellow color will make sure you can find it easily and never misplace it!
  5. Discover the most innovative, practical and space-saving way to carry 6 different tools at once!
  6. Designed by gadget enthusiasts for gadget enthusiasts, our compact and sturdy multi-functional pen tool is here to make your life easier and your building, woodwork or gardening projects 100% hassle-free!
  7. The Most Essential Tools For Every Pro Or Amateur Handyman!
  8. Unlike bulky and impractical tools, our handheld multi tool pen can be easily carried in your pocket or you can even leave it your car and always have a comprehensive toolbox with you!
  9. Why waste time and effort looking for your tools, when you can now have every tool you need right in your front pocket?
  10. If you’re looking for the perfect birthday, Father’s day, Mother’s day, anniversary or retirement gift, then your search is over!
  11. As an engineer, I figured he would appreciate the multifunctionality of the pen (writing implement, stylus, screwdriver, bubble level).
  12. I was impressed with the quality of the pen for its price.
  13. It was a prime item so it arrived in two days – plenty of time to get my gift together.
  14. The pen comes in a classy white box, perfect for gifting.
  15. The pen looks exactly like it is pictured and is kind of a neat pen for that price for someone that age.
  16. It does not come with a description card to show the recipient all the included functions.
  17. The person who gets it as a gift should not have to search the Internet to figure it out.
  18. Even a small business card sized sheet would have been sufficient.
  19. But, if you want to check the contents before giving it as a gift, you have to slice it open.
  20. I printed one of the pictures showing all the functionality, sliced open the seal, and inserted the printout before giving it as a gift.
  21. There doesn’t seem to be a way to replace the stylus tip and those things wear out quickly, and the screwdriver bit is tricky to get out if you want to flip it around.
  22. Also, I can’t figure out why half the rulers are printed backward from the others.
  23. Doing it this way means you have to flip it back and forth to figure out which one to use.
  24. This is a nice tool, especially for the price, but could be so much better with just a few small adjustments.
  25. You’ll never have to search for a ruler, level, or screwdriver again!
  26. The pen writes well and it can’t roll away when you sit it down.
  27. It has a stylus tip on the back that works pretty well.
  28. My dad managed to break his first one by dropping it directly on the tip, which damaged the mechanism that held it open so I got him another one.
  29. He’s dropped it lots of other times, so he’s convinced that’s the only way to break it – and I can’t believe the odds of a pen landing like that are very high!
  30. It came in a nice plain box, so we decorated it with “Happy Valentine’s Day!” He was excited to have a ruler pen at first.
  31. I had to show him all of its cool features since there were no directions, and he became even more excited.
  32. So far he loves it and wants to get one as a present for a friend.
  33. Easy to hold in your hand, the stylus works on my kindles and the pen works and writes very well.
  34. I haven’t used the screw driver portion yet but I have no doubt they will work just as well as the rest of this all-in-one remarkable tool.
  35. There are cheaper models offered out there but you get what you pay for.
  36. The added bonus of the level and ruler really make this nice.
  37. Had it two days before I needed the ruler and 3 before I needed the level.
  38. However, the stylus part ripped VERY fast, so that part seemed cheap.
  39. The writing capabilities are,minimal, runs out pf ink and cant buy refills.
  40. I bought five of them as gifts as well as one for myself.
  41. Highly recommend for the “engineering” folks out there.
  42. I use it to measure pieces of pottery that I want to make myself.
  43. Got it as a gift for someone and ended up not giving it to them.
Buy Screwdriver Pen Pocket Multi-Tool By EdgeWorks – Multi-Functional & Sturdy Aluminum DIY Tool, With Screwdriver, Stylus, Bubble Level, Ruler & Phillips Flathead Bit, Unique Gift Idea – Yellow here $10.99

Mini Multitool Clip – Multi-Functional Tool Hair Clip Works As A Screw Driver, Wrench, Trolley Coin, Ruler, and Serrated Knife. MTA Original By Monkey Business

mini multitool clip multi functional tool hair clip works screw driver wrench tr Multitool BUSHMEN HANDY multifunctional tool red
  1. With a multitude of useful tools all combined in a Hairclip !
  2. This amusing novelty elevates your common hair accessory to a tactical toolbox

    It’s a screwdriver!
  3. We’ve all been in those occasions when we really needed to pop a bottlecap, pry something out of a tight spot, file a chipped nail, tighten a little screw…now you’re prepared to whip out this handy clip and amuse and delight your friends and kids.
  4. Pop the clip open and you can open envelopes, cut through tape on packages, and take the measure of things with the ruler.
  5. I use them as part of a yarmulke which goes on my head.
  6. I have always used normal clips but I found that I was using the clips for more than just clips and this multifunctional clip was the perfect idea.
  7. I bought one in 2015 and 2 in 2016 and they seem to last about 6 months to a year before breaking.
  8. I feel at close to 10 bucks a piece, they are not a good investment.
  9. This product while very functional is not built for the long term.
  10. I really wish these would last as I love the functionality, but at the price point I cannot justify buying them.
  11. It even cuts right though corrugated plastic sheeting like butter!
  12. My first one just broke today after 6 months of non stop daily abuse.
  13. I open packages with it all the time – you need to be careful on how you do this because sometimes tape can leave residue behind.
  14. I have used it as a nail scraper, and nail file as well.
  15. It is very useful to have around, and very easy to carry around because I use hairclips like this daily.
  16. Every one of my friends who has seen this things it is really neat and that they need one too.
  17. I tell them, you really do need one, and not just because it’s “cool”, it is functional and comes in handy more often than not.
  18. Too flimsy to be useful as a screwdriver or a knife, ruler is difficult to use because it’s flat, hex head is easily bent.
  19. Works just like a normal clip; actually more durable and strong than those cheesy ones.
  20. The cutting edge is not sharp like a razor, it’s like a saw.
  21. It did saw right through the cardboard box I tested it on 🙂 I love the nail file feature ( probably what I’ll use most).
  22. I like how the pink ‘Lady’ version had a longer file, but I really wanted the cutter, so I went with the Blackfin.
  23. Of course you have to use common sense, it is only the size of a hairclip!
  24. You can’t expect to really reaf on something with it, but I think it totally met my expectations.
  25. I’ll see if my friends like it and I would definitely give it as a gift.
  26. My husband bought THIS ONE CLIP for me as a cute little surprise gift, I’ve worn it for a week, and I have not lost it!
  27. It’s stronger than its identical drugstore brand, and every tool it boasts works great!
  28. It holds my bangs (which I’m growing out) back with strength that the basic brand doesn’t have.
  29. My only complaint is that the serrated knife edge WILL cut a hair or two while securing it or removing it from my head.
  30. It doesn’t move or cut anything while wearing, but you have to be very aware of which direction the serrated side is on when you are slidding it into place or taking it out of your hair to use as a tool.
  31. Overall, awesome clip and multi tool, and such a cute gift!
  32. It works the same way that regular clips of similar shape work; as a hair clip, it catches those loose strands you want to pin back.
  33. As a tool, it’s handy for opening boxes or performing minor repairs.
  34. As a bottle opener, you might have to work a little harder than with a full-sized bottle opener, but that’s the sacrifice you have to make if you want something flexible enough to use as a hair clip too.
  35. I play several musical instruments, and this clip is a nice way to tighten flute screws without having to carry extra bulk into the auditorium.
  36. The ‘cutting edge’ probably would take 15 minutes to cut through rope, but hey, in the unlikely event you are kidnapped and can get your barrette out to cut your ropes, more power to you.
  37. The biggest problem – the side broke in half after just six months of occasional use.
  38. As I flexed it back in place to put in my hair, it broke, whipping a tensioned, jagged edge into my scalp.
  39. I’ve split logs, sliced tomato’s and even changed out my brake pads with this bad boy.
Buy Mini Multitool Clip – Multi-Functional Tool Hair Clip Works As A Screw Driver, Wrench, Trolley Coin, Ruler, and Serrated Knife. MTA Original By Monkey Business here $9.95

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