April 23, 2018

MTB Pedals VP-332A 9/16″ Silver-black

pedals mtb vp silver black title MTB pedals VP 332A 9/16 silver black

pedals mtb vp silver black title 1 MTB pedals VP 332A 9/16 silver black
MTB VP pedals


– frame made of aluminum

– os Boron 9/16″

– glare

– nose attachment

– 170x75mm

– 360g

– silver body and black frame.<
Price for a couple

Brand: VP Components

Fooker Nylon Composite 9/16″ Mountain Bike Pedals High-Strength Non-Slip Bicycle Pedals Surface For Road BMX MTB Fixie Bikes

fooker nylon composite mountain bike pedals high strength non slip bicycle pedal MTB pedals VP 332A 9/16 silver black

  1. Chromoly steel axle bearing, more stable, long service life.
  2. Easy to install: L for left pedal, R for right pedal, 9/16 inch Cr-Mo steel spindle suitable for most mountain bikes, road bikes, etc.
  3. Manufacturer Warranty: 3 years warranty against manufacturer’s defects.
  4. The use of high-strength bearings, no need to worry about the foot pedal will break.
  5. The Chromoly steel used to maintain the color of the lasting bright, to prevent the surface oxidation of aluminum alloy.
  6. High configuration pedal, with large surface, Let’s just enjoy the ride!
  7. Reminder

    The left and right pedal screw threads are different.

  8. The left one can only be assembled to the left crank and the right one can only be assembled to the right crank.
  9. L is short for left,and R is short for right )

    About FOOKER

    FOOKER is a professional manufacturer of high quality bicycle related products, produce hundreds of thousands of bicycle components every month.From pedals, bicycle helmet,cycling sunglasses, etc,each of our products are carefully manufactured and tested every day.

  10. FOOKER keeps bringing best quality to customers all over the world!
  11. Based on that and other reviews, the consensus is they’re pretty much the same pedal for about half the price.
  12. I’d probably be okay with the first “Commuter Edition”, but my imagination forced me spend the few extra bucks.
  13. I got these to replace the stock plastic pedals on my Giant Roam 3 and it made a giant difference.
  14. I have big, wide feet and this pedal gives my shoes a lot more to sit on.
  15. The exposed screw studs really bites into the shoe bottoms and keeps them there; you have to make a slight effort to lift your shoe up to move it around.
  16. Speaking of biting, if you’re new to these screw-grip type of pedals, take heed of everyone’s warnings and watch out for your shins and calves.
  17. The pedals come packaged in a simple little box with a little see through window, a cardboard separator, and a bag of extra screws and some washers.
  18. There’s a small note card that instructs you to place the washers between the crank arm and the pedal if it’s making noise.
  19. They should stand up to some abuse and also like the Chester, the inner parts are supposed to be serviceable.
  20. Not sure how that works though and hoping I won’t need to find out.
  21. So because my bike has green trim, I opted for the green ones.
  22. While they are green, they’re darker in real life than what the pictures show.
  23. Closer to Army green than, what appears to me, almost fluorescent green in the seller’s pics (and mine).
  24. Overall it’s a very well copied version of a pretty popular pedal and at half the price it seems like a no-brainer purchase.
  25. I have a few pair of the previous version called “eagle riding” with the regular bearings and haven’t had any issues.
  26. The third ride one pedal binds and makes my foot flip off I’ll try to open clean and lube them will see.
  27. They are a great alternative to Race Face Chesters, because theyre half the price for the same thing.
  28. The Eagle Riding pedals are the same price, grip a bit better, and are much lighter.
  29. These are roughly as heavy as the steel ones that came with the bike, but they do grip a lot better.
  30. Bearings not quite as good as, for instance, my Shimano Saints, but definitely not bad at all.
  31. Plastic is really strong and has survived some pretty big hits.
  32. Only complaint – the allen key required to install is massive and I don’t have one that big, have to use a wrench.
  33. Riding with them using Northwave escape shoes, the grip is very poor, and dangerous when wet.

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RockBros Bike Bicycle Pedals 9/16″ MTB BMX DH Platform Pedals Cycling Pedals

rockbros bike bicycle pedals mtb bmx platform pedals cycling pedals MTB pedals VP 332A 9/16 silver black

  1. These pedals are ideal for light riding, not DH, not for heavy riders hitting major rock gardens and bashing them on the rocks.
  2. If you have some nice flowy singletrack, some light climbs and nothing insane or double black diamond, these are good enough.
  3. I bought them for my wife; she doesn’t need anything major.
  4. The spike looking things are cool because my shoes have a lot of holes / waffle print soles and the spike go through them and have even more grip!!
  5. Ive put about 20 hours on them so far and my foot has not slipped off once.
  6. To adjust my foot ihave to completely lift my foot off thats how grippy they are.
  7. Unfortunately that made the knee far worse; the doctor didn’t realize I’d be clipped in.
  8. After years of riding I don’t like the feel of my foot sliding around loose on a pedal.
  9. My foot feels very stable on it, but the little studs immobilize my foot while giving just enough motion to avoid stressing my knee.
  10. I still prefer to be clipped in, but I’ve replaced the left pedal on all my bikes with these.
  11. Speaking of the little studs, some people have reported them coming off after a few weeks.
  12. I have not had this problem, but it is an assembly issue, not a design problem.
  13. You should just use a small wrench to check that the studs are screwed down tight.
  14. As for durability they’re fine for light trail riding, but I wouldn’t necessarily choose them for anything where you frequently smack them against rocks.
  15. Just look at them: all that lacy stuff is aluminum, not unobtainium.
  16. It provides a good stable platform for your foot, but it’s not going to stand up to being smashed against rocks.
  17. I was impressed with their weight considering the price.
  18. I have only ridden these about 60 miles, so I’m not sure how the bearings hold up after a few thousand miles.
  19. The metal peg-like teeth grip into my shoes wonderfully and allow me to ride out of the saddle without any fear that my feet will slip off the platform.
  20. I only wish that it was possible to adjust how far the teeth stick out.
  21. A light, nice size pedal with good grip and feel great!!
  22. I’m a little more than a casual rider, but not a super serious rider either .
  23. They rotate nice and smooth, but are kind of stiff, I assume they will free up with use.
  24. Installed on my “new to me” mountain bike, haven’t had one in years .
  25. I took a turn a little too fast on pavement with those knobby tires, laid the bike down and scuffed up one of my new pedals.
  26. However, recently I have started to ride our local mountain bike trails.
  27. After a few weeks I started to notice some minor problems with my bike and how I was riding it.
  28. Being an novice at riding, I did not feel comfortable riding with clipped pedals but I needed something that would provide better grip as I was tackling a hill.
  29. These pedals provided extra confidence in my riding and have really given me one less thing to worry about while riding on some tough trails.
  30. Pros:
    The color of these pedals matches my bike perfectly.
  31. Installation was easy, the pedals went on with no problems.
  32. The metal pegs on these provide a huge increase in grip on almost any shoe.
  33. Sharp looking, sticks well to my shoe and doesnt turn much when my foot comes off the pedal allowing me to reengage quickly!
  34. A low speed pedal strike against a rock bent one of my pedals making it useless.
  35. I like the look and the grip, but both pairs got quickly and easily bent and destroyed with pedal strikes, making them useless.

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