September 14, 2018

Mineral Oil 1000 Ml For Shimano Disc Brakes

mineral oil ml to brake disc Shimano Mineral oil 1000 ml for Shimano disc brakes


– Producer: Shimano.
– Model: SM DB OIL.
– Color: Pink.
– Capacity 1000 ml.
– The processed oil is brown and it means it’s time to replace it with a new one.
– The oil in the brake varies depending on the intensity of braking use (on average every 1-2 years)
– Graduation on the side of the bottle.
– For a set of brakes you need about 50-60 ml of liquid.
– Ideal for all hydraulic brakes.
– 24 months warranty.

Brand: Shimano

shimano Mineral oil 1000 ml for Shimano disc brakes

Shimano Mineral Oil for Disc Brakes 1000 ml by Shimano

shimano mineral oil for disc brakes by shimano Mineral oil 1000 ml for Shimano disc brakes
    Buy Shimano Mineral Oil for Disc Brakes 1000 ml by Shimano here $109.48

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