May 1, 2018

Maxxis GYPSY 700x38C Tire E-Bike 60TPI Wire TR-MX406

tire gypsy maxxis xc bike tpi wire tr mx Maxxis GYPSY 700x38C tire E Bike 60TPI wire TR MX406
Gypsy is an extremely durable hybrid tire, perfect for city tours and more. It has a standard suitable for electric bikes. Maxxis Gypsy is a perfect tire that is great for both commuting to work or school, as well as for a longer trip.
The perfect construction of the tread is ideal for all kinds of surfaces. Its structure is characterized by gentle, flowable impressions that greatly minimize rolling resistance.
The Maxxis product is extremely durable and has been used for many years without restrictions. Silkshield technology strengthens the body and provides it with long-lasting protection against punctures, also from the side. Perfect finish gives the product a character and positively affects its resistance. Due to the fact that this model complies with the European ECE-R75 Certificate, it can be easily installed on an electric bike.
Thanks to all this, the Gypsy tire performs excellently during a trip around the city and not only and gives a perfect feeling after every kilometer traveled. Reflective elements on the surface improve our safety on the road.

Size-700 x 38C
60 TPI
Silkshield technology
E-bike technology
Max PSI-85

Brand: Maxxis

maxxis Maxxis GYPSY 700x38C tire E Bike 60TPI wire TR MX406

Maxxis Rambler EXO TR Tire

maxxis rambler exo tire Maxxis GYPSY 700x38C tire E Bike 60TPI wire TR MX406
  1. Tightly packed center knobs are ramped for rolling efficiency on hardpack roads, and spaced-out side knobs provide predictable cornering in varied terrain.
  2. Many of us have this tire and are very pleased with its grip, puncture resistance, easy to mount, quiet ride, and speed.
  3. So far, there has been only one flat using these tires-a direct puncture by a sharp object-no sidewall cuts have occurred.
  4. Some of the trails in my area are a little rutty but these tires roll over them with no issue.
  5. I love this tire for real gravel grinding in the Michaux Forest.
  6. The price sucks however (typical Maxxis) and Panaracer will likely be chosen next time.
  7. Slow rolling on pavement but they seem to be great quality.
  8. Not too much but just enough for a bit of mud and snow.
  9. Surprisingly fast on pavement and hardpack, faster than the 32mm WTB pathways they replaced.
  10. Update: After about 6 months and around 1700 miles tires are worn but still plenty of life.
  11. Front tire developed a wobble that was small, only visible when spinning the tire, but enough that the sidewall touched my rim brake.
  12. Filed a claim with Maxxis and they are replacing the tire.
Buy Maxxis Rambler EXO TR Tire here $41.99 – $101.75

Maxxis Rambler TR Tire – Clincher

maxxis rambler tire clincher Maxxis GYPSY 700x38C tire E Bike 60TPI wire TR MX406
  1. The tires’ center features tightly packed center knobs to keep you moving quickly on smooth singletrack and dirt, while increased spacing on the side knobs add grip and dependability on trails.
  2. EXO involves a flexible, cut-resistant fabric layer in the sidewalls, which helps to reduce, well, cuts in the sidewalls from flint gravel roads.
  3. Both protection models are tubeless-ready, which adds yet an additional element of puncture resistance.
  4. This tire is normative for a 700×40, unlike the WTB Nano TCS (which is extremely tall / high volume).
  5. If your bike manufacturer says that ‘most’ 40mm tires will fit your gravel bike with adequate clearance, this is probably what they had in mind.
  6. The Silkworm version does still puncture from goatheads and similar tough thorns, so you will need to keep an eye on your sealant.
  7. Will update with durability and traction later, as I plan to use them well beyond the point that the center knobs are bald.
  8. Mine arrived yesterday and they are in the garage now fully installed and waiting for daylight to go on a ride.
  9. Sure, they do not seat right away, but you can seat them without pulling your hair out if you just follow these steps.
  10. Install them with tubes and inflate to their max 75PSI.
  11. Allow them to sit for 24 hours (or more if you’re not in a rush).
  12. Remove the tube and replace with your universal stem (with the core removed) Do not put any sealant in yet.
  13. Seat the unseated bead by flipping it over the rim and inflating with either a small compressor or a good floor pump.
  14. Once it starts inflating, at about 30-35 PSI, start bouncing the tire as you spin it to jolt the bead into place.
  15. Reinstall the stem core and inflate to the max pressure again, allowing it to sit until you go on a ride.
  16. Carbon laced casing gave me a tire that was lower weight than the 35c tire it replaced.
  17. Can be ridden at much lower pressures but for the 50/50 road/off road rides that I do, I prefer the better rolling performance at 55psi for the road segments.
  18. Also someone asked if this was the lighter exo casing, it is NOT.
  19. I think the exo saves 30 grams but you lose some sidewall protection.
  20. As I read, Rebecca Rusch rode this tire for the DK200 with no flats.
  21. A little narrower than I was hoping for but still a nice tire.
Buy Maxxis Rambler TR Tire – Clincher here $42.76 – $107.95

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