April 23, 2018

Magnet To The Computer In The Housing

magnet to komputerka housing Magnet to the computer in the housing
A functional magnet for the computer, which is located in a durable housing. It is a universal product because it fits perfectly with all types of meters. Its use is possible with round spokes.
The advantage of this model is also very easy assembly, which does not take much time.


– The basic magnet model
– Fits all brand counters
– Durable
– Designed for use with round spokes.
– Simple installation

Brand: Atech

atech Magnet to the computer in the housing

Phanteks PH-LEDKT_COMBO: RGB LED Strip Combo Set – Retail Cases

phanteks ledkt combo rgb led strip combo set retail cases Magnet to the computer in the housing
  1. Phanteks RGB LED strip has integrated magnets in the silicone housing allowing for easy installation to the metal chassis.
  2. For a really secure fit, our LED strip includes double-side 3M tape.
  3. The strip is made of flexible PCB material and comes with a silicone housing which is more durable compared to others that uses Epoxy strips.
  4. With our 1 orientation connector, you can rest assure that the connectors are in the right position.
  5. Each strip has 6 magnets embedded into the silicone housing that allows you to attach to any metal chassis.
  6. The 2x 400mm strips are chainable and with the extension cable it is easier to manage when attaching to the chassis.
  7. The Phanteks RGB LED strips uses closely spaced, ultra-high brightness LEDs and incorporate a number of unique features that ensure long-lasting, bright and even illumination.
  8. You said goodbye substandard adhesive strips, and hello magnets.
  9. I recently purchased the Entho Luxe case and was searching the Phanteks website when I saw the 2M LED strip accessory.
  10. After researching, watching videos, and reading reviews, I was very hesitant to buying the Phanteks offering.
  11. Finally, I just said the heck with it and put in my order for the 2M strip from Phanteks.
  12. No more adhesive strip (although some is included in the package).
  13. Rare Earth Magnets about every 5 inches are now attached to the strip.
  14. I cracked open my already assembled case, and after one trial and a little adjustment I had them installed and it fits and looks great!
  15. I have it running from the right of the case, to the top, and the left.
  16. I didn’t bother covering the bottom of the case since it’s a very tight fit and the side window did curve a bit with the LED there (I tried to run it close to the PSU shroud, but the LEDs were being shown directly through the window and it’s way too bright).
  17. Mine also came with magnets for easy setup in my case, however I do wish they were more densely populated on the LED strip, as some parts of the LED strip would bulge out a tiny bit.
  18. Positives: Magnets, works with the P400s LED controller.
  19. RGB button on the case works perfectly to sync LED strip color with that of the power button and HDD power light on the front.
  20. I am having some issues where the LED strip seems to be trying to slide down the vertical edge of the case, resulting in some “humps” between the magnets where the strip pushed away from the case well a bit.
  21. I may end up running double-sided tape anyway to fix this
    It would have been nice if some effort was made to defuse the LED light a bit.
  22. The package comes with two 400mm (~15.5″) LED strips with magnets that stay put and an extension power cord so you can get the LED strips to the part of your case you want them.
  23. The second strip fits the front inner wall of the case perfect.
  24. I have a third single LED strip ordered which will run along the top completing the look.
  25. The power extension is longer than I need, so I have it folded and tied up.
  26. The white setting has a bit of a blueish hue to it, but I heard Phantek released a new version with actual white LEDs on it a day or two after I bought these, so if you’re after white I’d go with the new version.
  27. This kit fit my case perfectly and did exactly what I wanted though, so I’m quite pleased with it.
  28. I ordered a single strip for the top to finish out the look.
  29. One along the hard drive cage at the front (vertical) and one sandwiched between the 200mm top fan and the side of the case (horizontal).
  30. It won’t lay entirely flat, nor will it run straight (see photo).
  31. However, you can’t see that unless you’re laying on the floor looking up at the top.
  32. The light from this top strip will fill out the case nicely, so it doesn’t matter to me how ugly the mounting is.
  33. The magnets are enough to hold the strips to the inside of this case (I notice some reviewers have issues with the magnets).
  34. Note that said adapter is rather tall, so if you have a card in the motherboard’s bottom PCI-E slot that has a protruding heatsink like I do, you cannot use the bottom two RGB headers.
  35. They don’t just do your basic 7 colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink)–they can also display various hues of these colors unlike some “RGB” LEDs.
  36. Setting the color to black in ASRRGBLED turns them off.
  37. I love that you can daisy chain these strips, plugging one end into the other.I built my wife a custom gaming PC and she is all about RGB LED’s and these are awesome.
  38. My one complaint is that the white is a touch on the cool side, but i can’t even bring myself to deduct a star for that.
  39. Bear in mind however, that there is no standard for RGB interfaces as of yet.
  40. On the MSI motherboard that my wife uses, the red and blue connections that go onto the RGB motherboard header are backwards from what they are on the cables.You can work around this by doing a bit of thinking while playing around with the colors in mystic light but if it bothers you too much, you can rearrange the wires at the clip if you have a decent pick and some time to kill.
  41. It works flawlessly with my ASUS motherboard.The light strip is encased in a high quality silicone and while the magnets aren’t exactly the strongest, they are held in place rather well.
  42. If all else fails, some double stick tape will take care of any issues with that.
  43. I PERSONALLY recommend this item for PC enthusiasts!!!!
  44. They are a great addition to anyone who wants to really light up their setup.
Buy Phanteks PH-LEDKT_COMBO: RGB LED Strip Combo Set – Retail Cases here $16.99

BASN BsingerBC100 Singer Headphones with MMCX Detachable Cable, Noise Cancelling In-Ear Monitor Earphones (Wine Red)

basn bsingerbc singer headphones with mmcx detachable cable noise cancelling ear Magnet to the computer in the housing
  1. You will have a wonderful listening experience that is like having a high-end surround sound system in your ears.
  2. Customize Your Interesting Life
    Detachable cable with MMCX connector ensures a long earphone life by providing easy and efficient part replacement and upgrade.
  3. You can match different kinds of earbuds and cables to create your own style.
  4. The Best Custom Fit
    Ergonomic adjustable memory ear-hooks keep your earbuds secure in place and sit comfortably in the ear for hours of listening.
  5. Passive Sound Isolation
    In-ear headphones provide the shortest distance between your music and your ears.
  6. Sleek and Sophisticated Housing
    Crystal-clear housing allows a view of the precision-engineered components of the interior.
  7. They are not only functional products but also stylish ornaments.
  8. The one problem I’ve had (regardless of the brand) was often not finding enough low end for that “full” sound.
  9. I had ZERO expectations they would be any better than my existing IEMs but man was I WRONG!
  10. I found the right eartip and put em in, they fit PERFECT.
  11. I actually even forgot they were in for a minute until my kid started talking and all I saw were lips moving.
  12. These things sounded almost as good as my studio headphones.
  13. I used them for a live gig the next night and I’m sold.
  14. Gonna go ahead and buy a couple more pairs just to have handy.
  15. I am also our band’s sound technician, which I make recommendations for equipment selections, etc.
  16. I bought a competitor’s wireless IEM system, and have not been fully satisfied with the sound of the headphones.
  17. After countless hours spent reading reviews for “expensive” headphones and how great they sound, I came upon the BASN offering.
  18. Everyone gave these headphones rave reviews, how could I go wrong?
  19. The price is not reflective of these amazing sounding headphones.
  20. Low cost usually indicates low quality, not so with the BC100’s.
  21. I plan to upgrade the cable to the SC100 (silver coated cables) just to see if they really do improve the sound, but I find that hard to believe.
  22. As a professional drummer for a band I find these to be quite comfortable with a secure fit when I’m playing and the clarity and quality is amazing!
  23. I love the interchangeable cables and and the overall durability is is top notch.
  24. I would recommend these for all musicians as well as for personal use whether working out in the gym or just listening to music.
  25. These headphones have exceeded my expectation and I will be sticking with Bsinger products from now on!
  26. I consider myself an audiophile and have owned Sure SE 215s, Grado SR80e’s, Grado IGe in ears, and a pair of RHA MA750.
  27. Yea my wife says I spend too much on headphones, but I lose them every so often so I get to get a new pair.
  28. These are better than the RHA in separating sound (not build quality.
  29. RHA is the best when it comes to that) but not as good as the Grado IGe.
  30. The RHA’s really are alive and in your face, but they don’t do a great job at separating the sound.
  31. The Grado’s really separate well and give you the singers voice in the middle.
  32. And nothing is gonna be as good as an open back like the SR80e’s but Grado comes pretty close with their in ear.
  33. These are some of the best high quality in-ear monitoring headphones I’ve had experience with for the price.
  34. Comes with a clean professional looking case and two cords along with a slew of spare ear pieces and cleaning equipment as well as the airplane connections.
  35. I was expecting maybe a little lower sound quality but totally opposite.
  36. Packaging was very nice and they look and feel high quality.
  37. I can hear everything (I’ve heard this song 50 times, but the quality through these are great).
  38. They come with different earpieces in case the ones on it don’t fit right, but they’re good for me.
  39. And they definitely block out other sound, as my wife called me multiple times and I could not hear her at all.
  40. Even as she stood directly in front of me, I couldn’t hear what she was saying.
  41. These are great in-ear monitors, and for the price, they definitely cannot be beat.
  42. I had one minor issue, a connector which wasn’t seeding properly on one of the cables which came with the unit.
  43. The seller promptly sent me a replacement.cable which is working as expected.
  44. As an aside, I walked around CES last week with these on and had no problems as the second cable which came with the unit worked just fine.
  45. Thanks you BASN for a good product and excellent customer service.
  46. Only a few crackling sounds but never music was ever produced out of these headphones.
  47. So much so, I ordered another pair as a gift for my brother who is a drummer and uses IEM on stage.
  48. They fit very comfortably in my ears, have great range of sound and really do a great job of blocking out external sound.
  49. I have used for drumming, running a sound board, listening to music and gaming.
Buy BASN BsingerBC100 Singer Headphones with MMCX Detachable Cable, Noise Cancelling In-Ear Monitor Earphones (Wine Red) here $38.99

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