April 23, 2018

KRYTOX CX-80 250 Ml With Teflon

preparation Krytox cx ml Teflon KRYTOX CX 80 250 ml with Teflon

– Greases-Removes moisture-Penetrates-Cleans Use

Рsecuring car locks, and pads-protection of hunting and sporting weapons-lubrication of bicycle parts-sports equipment protection i.e. skis, ski boots, spinners, blisters-preventing the formation of electrolysis deposits on the terminals and battery housing-does not destroy seals and O-rings. Performance data

The low friction coefficient characteristic for KRYTOX-TEFLON translates into high efficiency with electrical connectors, building hardware, military hardware and many other applications where repetitive motion on a smooth surface is important.

The coating left after CX-80 KRYTOX-TEFLON improves abrasion resistance, thus extending the durability of the product. CX-80 KRYTOX-TEFLON can also be a lubricant for some metal and plastic bearings. As a lubrication it is also recommended for coils, chain chains and chain drives.

Brand: CX-80

cx 80 KRYTOX CX 80 250 ml with Teflon

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