April 23, 2018

KRYTOX CX-80 100 Ml

preparation Krytox cx ml KRYTOX CX 80 100 ml
The CX-80 maintenance fluid with the addition of KRYTOX significantly extends the life of machines and equipment. Ideally suited as a lubricant for chains, gears, brake lines, cogs, increases their life, reduces the friction between components of gears and their clash and squeaks. It contains dry grease with perfect adhesion to the substrate. Repairs damp fire systems; through the easy spraying of Krytox CX-80 on the supply lines with spark plugs and coils.
Suitable for electric ignition systems. Prevents the castle from freezing. Deeply loosens rusty, jammed nuts, bolts, locks and other metal elements. Features:
– Lubricates
– Removes moisture
– Penetrates
– Clean
– security of car locks, and padlock
– protection of hunting and sporting weapons
– lubrication of bicycle parts
– sports equipment protection, i.e.┬áskis, ski boots, spinners, blystkow
– preventing the formation of electrolysis deposits at the terminals and battery housing
– does not destroy seals and O-rings.

Brand: CX-80

cx 80 KRYTOX CX 80 100 ml

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