September 14, 2018

Kross Hornet Mini Pump

pump kross hornet mini Kross Hornet mini pump
pump kross hornet mini 1 Kross Hornet mini pump
Hornet is a light, universal pump from Kross. It has a fixing at the place where the water bottle is placed, which facilitates its transport.
The pump has a container in which you can put, for example, a set of years, making it a fully functional repair kit.

Material-reinforced plastic
Valve-F / V, A / V, D / V
Pressure max-80 PSI
Mounting method-holder fixed to the holes of the water bottle cage
Additional information-mounting bracket for tool frame or detector repair kit
Length-23.3 cm
Weight-60 g

Brand: Kross

kross Kross Hornet mini pump

Sound Storm FR1000.2 Force 1000 Watt, 2 Channel, 2 to 8 Ohm Stable Class A/B, Full Range, Bridgeable, MOSFET Car Amplifier with Remote Subwoofer Control

sound storm force watt channel ohm stable class b full range bridgeable mosfet c Kross Hornet mini pump
  1. With 1000 Watts Max Power and MOSFET power supply, it can power a pair of speakers or two subwoofers @4-Ohms or two pairs of speakers or four subwoofers @2-Ohms.
  2. Customize the sound with Variable Low Pass Crossover, Fixed High Pass Crossover, Switchable Bass Boost and Remote Subwoofer Control.
  3. The Force Amplifier Series has long stood as the ideal combination of quality, power and value, proving you don’t need to break the bank to sound like a million bucks.
  4. Our Class-A/B amplifiers feature specific linear circuitry that increases sound quality and power output while reducing distortion and improving efficiency.
  5. Ohm stable comfortably powers speakers or subwoofers when in use at 2-Ohms, resulting in more power and volume.
  6. Fixed high-pass filter gives you the ability to filter the frequencies that pass through to the full range speakers from a fixed frequency point.
  7. A wired remote lets you easily control the subwoofer level for customized output and superior sound.
  8. This 2-Ohm stable Amplifier features 1000 Watts Max Power with a MOSFET power supply for quality sound.
  9. Customize the sound with Variable Low Pass Crossover, Fixed High Pass Crossover and Switchable Bass Boost.
  10. Pump up the Bass vibes with the Remote Subwoofer Control.
  11. The Force Amplifier Series has long stood as the ideal combination of quality, power and value, proving you don’t need to break the bank to sound like a million bucks.
  12. Specs suggest it should easily be able to power my 2 12″ subs but it overheats sometimes.
  13. Performs good.Only downside is that it over heats easily and the control nob barely adjusts the volume output.
Buy Sound Storm FR1000.2 Force 1000 Watt, 2 Channel, 2 to 8 Ohm Stable Class A/B, Full Range, Bridgeable, MOSFET Car Amplifier with Remote Subwoofer Control here $45.01

Pyle PLAM1600 1600 Watts 4 Channel Bridgeable Amplifier

pyle plam watts channel bridgeable amplifier Kross Hornet mini pump
  1. Academy amplifiers are sturdy with amp heatsinks and accept both low level RCA inputs as well as high-level, low-impedance MOLEX inputs.
  2. So you can rock your tunes no matter what kind of head unit you have.
  3. The PLAM1600 is a four-channel, 1600-watt bridgeable amplifier.
  4. It’s equipped with variable gain control, a built-in variable subwoofer crossover, and a three-way configuration.
  5. The MOSFET pulse width modulation power supply allows for a clean, distortion-free signal to your speakers.
  6. To keep both your car and the amplifier safe, this model is equipped with thermal, overload, and short circuit protection.
  7. Add performance and quality enhancement to your music when you upgrade your audio system with these rugged and high-efficiency amps.
  8. Enjoy tomorrow’s advanced sound technology that outperforms all other amps in its class.
  9. This lineup of Pyle Academy amps will educate your audience with the knowledge of true sound quality.
  10. These amps will give you that sound you’ve been looking for with crisp music reproduction in the mobile environment.
  11. Configurable for Bridgeable and Tri-Way applications, built-in Variable Subwoofer Crossovers, MOSFET Pulse Width Modulated Power Supply, High Level Low Impedance MOLEX Input Connector, strong frequency response rates along with plenty of more features that make the Pyle Academy Series Amplifiers smarter than the competition.
  12. The built-in air-induction fan cooling system acts as another line of safety keeping you and your equipment safe.
  13. Status LED Diagnostic Condition indicators show when the amplifier is powered up normally and when your system is experiencing a protection fault.
  14. Make adjustments to the Bass EQ settings until you achieve that extra amount of kick you’ve been waiting for.
  15. The stream-lined and high-tech appearance will definitely add some attention to your audio.
  16. High-in– Accepts speaker level inputs from radios that do not line level (RCA) outputs.
  17. Bass EQ– Gives you manual control over Bass Boost decibel adjustments.
  18. Please refer to table below for amplifier specific information and adjustment options.
  19. Once the initial power sequence has been performed, set the volume control to roughly 80% of full power.
  20. Play some audio and slowly turn up the amplifier volume control until you hear some distortion, and then back it off for the sharpest sound setting.
  21. This amplifier has RCA connections for Low Level inputs.
  22. It is preferred to use Low Level inputs to the amplifier if the headunit is equipped with matching outputs.
  23. Be sure to have the positive wire from the speaker to the positive speaker terminal of the amplifier and the negative wire from the speaker must connect with the speaker terminal of the amplifier.
  24. Reversing any of these connections will result in the speaker cones moving out of phase which causes bass cancellation.
  25. Here’s the link to the subs:

    I used two subs, so I connected them in stereo (as opposed to mono where the sub would have been bridged–you could bridge the amp for double power to 1 sub).
  26. I put this system in the hatch deck of my Mazda Protege5 to push the low end of the spectrum for Metal, Rock, and on occassion, classical.
  27. I don’t play rap or R&B, so I don’t know that this combo will “thump.”
    That being said, there are a few settings I’ve had to “turn down” to keep the low end from being completely overpowering.
  28. For one, you can decide how much of the sound is dedicated to the low end of the spectrum and how much mid comes through.
  29. I’ve opted for a middle setting as the low end is too much and the option to let everything through is too little.
  30. I’ve also got the level turned down a bit and control the amount of signal sent to the amp through the head unit (a sony XPLOD mp3/usb/aux equipped deck).
  31. The amp has worked flawlessly for over a year and I’m getting ready to buy another for another vehicle.
  32. I imagine the amp has plenty of power to push larger subs than mine (it appears it could blow mine if I were to push them too far), but I don’t know how far it could go.
  33. My two 8″ subs are 400 watts each, so with both running, they would max out at 1600 watts when the bass hits at their limits .
  34. I installed the same amp and subs in my then newer car and am still totally satisfied with everything.
  35. I have had absolutely no problems with the amp and, as I said previously, could easily overpower my two 8″ subs which are connected in stereo to this amp.
  36. Believe it or not, I am seriously considering buying this again for my current new car, a Honda Fit.
  37. Seriously, check the specks, make sure the subs you want to power with this unit will work (the number of subs, the combined OHMs, etc.) and if the numbers add up, do it!
  38. It was smaller than the old amp so it was easy to install and adjusting the EQ was relatively easy.
  39. After running it for 40 minutes straight it didn’t over heat or mess up in anyway so far I am very happy with my purchase.
  40. I will update this review if I encounter any issues, so if you see this then its still working.
  41. Under the rear bench seat on top of the hidden sub box.
  42. Sounds great, bought this one because it matched the wattage rating of the subs that came in my loaded box.
  43. I needed for a small sub-woofer but it is not 1000W (that is it’s power usage) it is rated at 55W/ch/110W bridged @ 4ohms, always check the manufacturers specs.
  44. Don’t let the wattage fool you, not to mention that it probably should not be hooked up to a subwoofer if you don’t want the voices from the music in your sub as well, because it has a built in crossover in it which isn’t necessarily a great thing.
  45. I doubt it is pushing that, I should have blown that sub.
Buy Pyle PLAM1600 1600 Watts 4 Channel Bridgeable Amplifier here $63.77

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