April 23, 2018

Kit Thule 1848 Rapid Fixpoint

kit Thule rapid FIXPOINT Kit Thule 1848 rapid fixpoint
Due to the fact that the matching kits are interchangeable, you can use the same feet and beams in different cars.

An additional advantage of this solution is the high degree of matching offered by the Thule roof carrier.

Almost every car has its own dedicated matching set, thanks to which you can be sure that the carrier will be fully compatible with your car.

Brand: Thule

thule Kit Thule 1848 rapid fixpoint

Thule Rapid Traverse Foot Pack

thule rapid traverse foot pack Kit Thule 1848 rapid fixpoint

  1. The initial assembly is a bit combersome and supplied instructions are vague, had to youtube it.
  2. One you get it set set up, you can put it on and take it of in 5 min.
  3. Very sturdy design, doesn’t damage your vehicle either.
  4. Super simple install, and according to the Thule web site, this set is rated for 220 lbs per bar.
  5. They look great, much more sleek design than my previous set.
  6. With just the bars installed, I do hear wind noise that wasn’t there prior to my install, but that’s the price you pay for having any aftermarket roof rack.
  7. I only plan on having them on when I go kayaking, so not a big deal.
  8. I also noticed that my mileage went from high 19’s to low 19 miles/gallon when I have the racks on vs off.
  9. Shop around and you can piece together a roof rack for much cheaper.
  10. I found some really good deals on ebay for cheaper like-new or used parts.
  11. Second, the lever that you use to clamp the bar to the foot can be a pain.
  12. DO NOT try this when you’re in a cold environment, it will hurt your hands (think hitting a baseball with a bat in cold weather, same pain).
  13. If someone wanted to, they could easily smash the housing and gain access.
  14. Alternatively, if they just wanted the bars, they could just undo the lever on the insides and just slide it out.
  15. I know this is supposed to be more of a deterrent but it wouldn’t be hard to engineer a better security solution.
  16. There are some annoyances about the product but overall it’s pretty good.
  17. With this installed and with the long black rubber things that comes with this, in heavy rain I get water leaking between the door sill and onto my leather door cards.
  18. I’ve installed everything as directed by Thule and it’s simply a design flaw in the way that they’re legs attach into my specific car(2012 VW Golf R).
  19. Hopefully you’re results will be different but next time I’m going with a different brand because this is not what I expected for such expensive roof rack legs.
  20. There are literally only seven parts to this particular portion of the entire roof rack and I’m counting two missing from my brand new expensive item.
  21. That’s just not acceptable, wondering who quality checks this before it ships out?
  22. I highly doubt the original boxed item didn’t have the four small pieces in some sort of plastic wrap or taped together, and the relatively heavy ‘feet’ were loosely placed inside the box also.
  23. What a drag as I had hoped to use this long before I’ll be able to locate some random small parts or return for refund/exchange.
  24. I have an old Yakima Rack that I used for snowboarding.
  25. It spent a couple years in attics, and to keep from loosing the foot pads, I had duct taped them to the Q towers.
  26. The design and construction of each of the above mentioned pieces is every bit as good as it looks in the pictures.
  27. I don’t think there were instructions included with the blades, or with the 1064 Fit kit, but they were included with the 480R traverse foot packs.
  28. For the most painless installation instructions, go to Thule’s site, click on fit guide, and input your vehicle data, select your rack, then download the PDF installation instructions.
  29. There are 3 dimensions you’ll need to install these rack;
  30. Once you have those 3 numbers (that are vehicle make and model specific) search youtube for “How to Install Thule 480 Traverse Roof Rack Presented by Rack Outfitters”.
  31. It just shows a guy installing the rack with some text where needed.
  32. Rack Outfitters really made this install idiot proof with this video.
  33. As highly as I think of the Thule system, I am returning mine.
  34. It does not allow me to drive out of my garage with my kayak on the rack on my Tacoma.
  35. I don’t think this rack sits too tall, and I don’t consider my kayak excessively tall (its a WS Tarpon120).
  36. I’d really like to have a talk with whoever in modern home building decided to designate 7′ as an adequate height for a garage door.
  37. Of the 4 trucks I’ve owned while living in this house, only 2 have fit in my garage.
  38. For me to be able to drive out of my garage, with the kayak on the roof, it has to sit flush (or very nearly) with the top of the cab.
  39. If ease of loading the kayak on the truck gets me on the water more, then over time, it will be worth it.
  40. Honda doesn’t offer OEM roof racks for these vehicles, but the Thule brand fits like OEM and are stylish.
  41. Instructions leave a little to be desired with regards to sizing and positioning.
  42. Incredibly impressed with how secure and solid this is.
  43. I have two of these for two sets of Aeroblades from Thule.
  44. Be sure to follow directions to the tee, very important.
  45. I had an older Thule roof rack and this one was much easier to install.
  46. Make sure you read the directions carefully as the foot pads are very specific to each side of your car and front and back.
  47. It came in a timely fashion to be part of a Christmas gift.

Buy Thule Rapid Traverse Foot Pack here $199.95

Thule Fit Kit for Podium Systems

thule fit kit for podium systems Kit Thule 1848 rapid fixpoint

  1. Works in conjunction with the Thule Podium/Rapid Podium Foot Pack, load bars and locks (sold separately).
  2. Please enter your vehicle into the Thule Fit Guide prior to ordering.
  3. The Fit Kit is car-specific, so you’ll need to find the right kit for your car.
  4. It looks amazing on the vehicle, the edges of the bars line up perfectly with the edges of the roof.
  5. Anyway, the reason I am writing this review is last night there were a huge batch of storms to run across the Midwest.
  6. And I was at highway speeds going south and the winds were directly out of the west my bike was so securely to the roof that when the winds picked up to shift the bike it pulled the wheel instead.
  7. When I got the bike down still in the storm all the bolts were tight, rack wasn’t moved an inch, and the bike mount fit amazing.
  8. Couldn’t be happier with any of the products and they made me a customer for life.
  9. If I lose or wear and tear a small cheap component, I should not be expect to purchase the entire product.
  10. The fix-points found in some car models make this process much easier, and Thule’s Fit Kits allow their different rack feet (460, 460R, etc) to mount to those fix-point systems.
  11. I was right, as the 3080 Fit Kit I received looked different from the photo but fit the car perfectly.
  12. Installation literally took 15 minutes from the time I opened the boxes.
  13. Of course your vehicle needs the Fix Point attachments to make use of this system, but it’s a very solid system and makes rack installation very easy.
  14. The rubber makes a water resistant seal and is not scratching.
  15. Once fully assembled and then removed, the 3 small parts (rod, spacer, nut) for each foot must be secured and stored but the rest of the assembly stays as assembled.
  16. The podium feet mount on the pre determined mounting points on the CRV rails.
  17. Unfortunately in that position the Thule bars do whistle a little at highway speeds (square bars).
  18. That said, I did intentionally get the Thule bars over the factory rack as I already owned Thule attachments for the square bars.
  19. My subject calls out the older tracker design and I wish they still made racks for the newer cars around this platform.
  20. Given the whistle, it would be nice to quickly and easily remove the rack and put it on only when you need it.
  21. Had a Toyota Prius and purchased a Thule roof rack which “grabs” the rain edge.
  22. So when we bought a new car, I hesitated to purchase more Thule products.
  23. I will say the podium system for “closed” roof rails (2014 BMW X3)works reasonably well, fairly simple to install and uninstall and straight forward to add cross rails.
  24. This cover is just decorative so I haven’t replaced it.
  25. The cover is typical of marginal fit of Thule products I experienced with the Toyota rail system.
  26. At the cost of the system, Thule might want to spend a extra dollar and fix their OK but not great system.
  27. Bolt owners interested in a rack to buy, except for two things:
    a) price!
  28. Thule customer service told me right one but I had the hassle of trying to make wrong one fit, having to send it back ( my expense) & order the right one.
  29. This is a case of Thule’s website fit guide being wrong.
  30. Make sure you pay attention to the instructions as all four brackets are not identical.

Buy Thule Fit Kit for Podium Systems here $79.95 – $217.19

Review Kit Thule 1848 Rapid Fixpoint

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