April 18, 2018

JC-F101-1E Ball Basket For 3 Speed Gear Hub

basket balls  jc to hub gear JC F101 1E ball basket for 3 speed gear hub
Basket (so-called wreath)
with balls made of high quality steel. Basket of snap-type balls.
The bearing is used, among others, in the rudders of 3-speed hubs.
The main basket tasks are as follows:
– Separation of rolling elements to reduce the frictional moment and to reduce the amount of heat generated in the bearing due to friction.
– Maintaining an even distribution of rolling elements over the entire circumference to ensure optimum load distribution and quiet, even bearing work.
– Driving the rolling elements in the non-slip zone to improve the rolling conditions and prevent the occurrence of slides having a detrimental effect on the bearing’s durability.
– Keeping the rolling elements in disjoint bearings, when one of the rings is removed during assembly or disassembly.
The price is for one bearing.

Outer diameter-25.7 mm
Inner diameter-16 mm
Ball diameter:
1/4 inch, or ~ 6.35 mm

Brand: VP Components

Foam Ball Football Toy – Sports Toy – Kids Football – Three 5″ Spiral Football Includes One of each Color

foam ball football toy sports toy kids football three spiral football includes o JC F101 1E ball basket for 3 speed gear hub
  1. Each miniature two-tone spiral foam football is 5 inches long making them an excellent choice for little hands.
  2. You get a great variety and bargain with this multi set of 3 footballs; one yellow / black, one red / black, and one blue / black.
  3. Bright beautiful colors make footballs easy to see while throwing and catching.
  4. Our footballs are made of soft, lightweight foam, making them a great beginner football.
  5. This means that you can toss them around without fear of injury.
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  9. Play anytime, anywhere, which means unlimited fun wherever you are despite weather or surroundings.
  10. Our mini pee wee footballs are great for young children.
  11. The squeezable foam and spirals make our jr footballs easy for kids to grip.
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  13. Strike up a neighborhood game of catch or practice your spin with friends.
  14. Let a good ol’ game of catch take you back to your youth.
  15. Have you been looking for the perfect starter foam football but hesitant to pay and arm and a leg?
  16. Our footballs are a value with the same quality and durability of big name brands.
  17. Our footballs are lightly coated for a smooth finish which protects the inner foam and helps prevent peeling.
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  19. Children of all ages will love to play with our footballs because their small size makes them easy to hold, throw, grip, and catch.
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Best Kid’s Frisbee Rings [2 PACK] Fly Straight & Don’t Hurt – 80% Lighter Than Standard Frisbees – Replace “Screen Time” with Healthy Family Fun – Get Outside & Play! – Made in USA

best kid frisbee rings pack fly straight amp don hurt lighter than standard fris JC F101 1E ball basket for 3 speed gear hub
  1. AS SEEN ON ABC, NBC, CBS AND FOX, Activ Flyers are The World’s Easiest Frisbees To Throw & Catch!
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  10. To be honest with you, I’m terrible at throwing a normal frisbee.
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    However, unlike my golf balls that end with the squirrels, when I throw an Activ Flyer it goes right where I’m aiming it to go.
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  18. Fun for the Whole Family to Fly

    Activ Flyers are fun for children and adults of all ages to enjoy.
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    Our famous Activ Flyers have proudly made the news for their innovative design and the hours of enjoyment they are providing to families!
  31. Here are just a few reasons why you’ll love Activ Flyers too!
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  33. The open center in our flyers helps them straighten out in flight.
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  35. Regular frisbees take some practice before getting it right but my 4 & 7-year-olds were able to throw these pretty far right off the bat.
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  38. The open center also makes a big difference when you bring these to the beach since they don’t hold sand or water.
  39. Since they are pretty lightweight plastic, they don’t hurt too bad if they hit you.
  40. Someone else at the beach warned us as we played frisbee that they had lost theirs in the ocean.
  41. We even started a new game where we threw it into the surf and then tried to be the first one to find where it washed up.
  42. I would recommend these for any type of frisbee play but especially if you are taking them on a water vacation.
  43. My daughter is 6 years old and has vision problems so when we’re able to throw the frisbee around her arm she gets so excited and happy that she finally caught one!
  44. She doesn’t have good luck at all with the frisbee’s without the hole in the middle and gets very frustrated.
  45. Thank you for such a great product and I’m always happy to buy something made in the U.S.A!!
  46. I purchased these for my Grandkids when they visit ages 9-13-18.
  47. They both absolutely loved them and played with them a lot.
  48. I visit my granddaughters every 2 months, as they live in LA and I live in FL.
  49. I always have presents for them every day that I am with them.
  50. I gave them presents that cost more, but they enjoyed these Frisbees more.
  51. My 3-year-old granddaughter has a little trouble figuring out how to throw it at first, but within 10 minutes she had it down pat and was very proud of herself.
  52. In short, the customer service was an amazing experience and they earned a future long term customer.
  53. Got a pair of frisbees for my young boys due to the claims its ease to play with young kids and the toy’s light weight safety.
  54. Received a “welcome” email from the company shortly after receiving the toys.
  55. One of the frisbees cracked within less then a week of my boys playing with them.
  56. I responded to the email stating my disappointment that a toy advertised for young kids broke so quickly.
  57. Frisbees themselves worked as advertised and were probably priced a bit high but it afforded them to be a customer centric company.
  58. I wondered if, but hoped that, this little Frisbee truly could fly straighter than the average Frisbee disc.
  59. I took it out on the Frisbee golf course on a breezy day.
  60. I can declare that it truly does fly straighter than most Frisbees.
  61. I am delighted because I bought this for my 4 year old grandson.
  62. He is actually quite good at throwing a Frisbee but this will give him even more success.
  63. It is too light to keep up the momentum.) I will add that due to a shoulder injury I hadn’t thrown a Frisbee all summer, but the lightness of this ring allowed me to throw repeatedly for several hours.
  64. I did throw my husband’s “putter” golf disc once, the weight of that disc did cause my shoulder pain to flare) (the ring does not drop into the “hole” for disc golf.
  65. They tracked straight, and simply jumped or dipped as the wind hit, making it pretty fun to attempt to track/catch.
  66. Much lighter than standard frisbees and heavy Aerobies, making them safer to use with beginners …
  67. They played with them for about 15 minutes before they both broke!
  68. Teaching younger people to throw and catch is easy with these, no pain if there is a bonk.
Buy Best Kid’s Frisbee Rings [2 PACK] Fly Straight & Don’t Hurt – 80% Lighter Than Standard Frisbees – Replace “Screen Time” with Healthy Family Fun – Get Outside & Play! – Made in USA here

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