October 15, 2018

Hydraulic Disc Brake Shimano AM355 Front

disc brake hydraulic FRONT Shimano am Hydraulic disc brake Shimano AM355 front
The basic hydraulic disc brake from the Shimano collection model M335 (handle BL-M335, clamp BR-M335)


– Coloring for higher groups.

– A modern look.

– Good braking power.

– A resin lining.

– Durable handle.

– Cable length: 1000mm

– Color: black

Brand: Shimano

shimano Hydraulic disc brake Shimano AM355 front

Shimano SLX M7000 Hydraulic Disk Brake MTB Front & Rear Set 1000mm 1600mm ice tech Customized by JGbike

shimano slx hydraulic disk brake mtb front amp rear set mm ice tech customized j Hydraulic disc brake Shimano AM355 front

  1. Color: Black finish

    · Made in Japan

    Key product features:

    Made in Japan, Long hose fits for L or XL size frame, even for downhill riding.

  2. I took the brake to my LBS and the pistons was not working so my mechanic wondered.
  3. He checked the brakes thoroughly and found out that the brakes aren’t real Shimano but instead it was Grade A fake Shimano, the imprinted “Shimano” logo on the caliper seems to be unaligned as well, we compared the real one vs this one.
  4. We started to run the serial number of it from Shimano website and boom zero match!
  5. UPC code on the box only consist of 3 numbers “002” and maybe less than 10 UPC bar lines.
  6. That seemed pretty obvious already, ever wondered why the box is brown and customized sellers name on it with Shimano logo ?
  7. Box should be blue and grey color and the UPC code should be imprinted not stickers on generic box.
  8. Beware of the fake ones out here that being sold as regular price.
  9. The SLX break is a worthy upgrade from previous models.
  10. The only problem I had is that it comes with ONE Hose bushing & Hose insert for BH90, and this lets you shorten one of the two brake cables.
  11. I now need to buy this pieces separately to reduce the other wire.
  12. I’ve taken them on some pretty knar trails and they have saved my arse already .

Buy Shimano SLX M7000 Hydraulic Disk Brake MTB Front & Rear Set 1000mm 1600mm ice tech Customized by JGbike here $159.99

Shimano brake set XT M8000, Hydraulic MTB Disk Brakes, Resin pad with ice tech FIN, Front Hose 1000mm Rear Hose 1600mm, Free integrator for matchmarker shifter Customized by JGbike

shimano brake set hydraulic mtb disk brakes resin pad with ice tech fin front ho Hydraulic disc brake Shimano AM355 front

  1. We tried a variety of Shimano brake and Sram dial relative to the perfect position of the integration to avoid interference, and ultimately determine the best position, brake and shifter to maintain the best ergonomic match, allowing you to ride with a strong brake feel and wonderful speed shifting experience.
  2. I read many reviews of many different F/R brake packages and was certain that I would get a set that was setup for Rear/L Front/R, which is not what my bike is set up for.
  3. My bike (2012 Stumpjumper) is set up for Front/L, Rear/R, the (correct) way.
  4. I borrowed a bleed kit, ordered new olives and inserts, and was fully prepared to switch out the brakes to match my setup.
  5. Furthermore, the cables were the exact length for my size medium frame (full suspension).
  6. The kit came with one bracket that is needed to mount the caliper to the frame.
  7. I have 160mm rotors, and both brackets position the calipers exactly for my setup.
  8. The kit comes with 4 new bolts to secure the brackets to the frame, pre-treated with anti-seize compound.
  9. The calipers were easy to install, and were easier to align.
  10. Both rotors are new, so there are no warps in the rotors to contend with.
  11. The calipers are aligned by loosening the bolts attaching the caliper to the bracket.
  12. There is enough “play” in the bolt holes in the caliper to align it correctly relative to the rotors.
  13. It took me 10 minutes tops to get the calipers aligned and tightened.
  14. The levers fit exactly where the old ones use to sit, did not have to move the shifters (SRAM X-7).
  15. The levers have reach adjustment, and some adjustment for travel, which is easy to set up.
  16. I think Shimanos are better than the Juicy brakes, an opinion many of my riding friends share (most of them were wondering why it took me so long to come to that conclusion).
  17. Can’t comments on other size bikes, but would probably fit L frames, and if you are willing to shorten cables, or are OK with a messy looking install, then go ahead and get these ones for S frames.
  18. Overall, one of the best online bike part purchases I have made.
  19. I don’t write reviews unless something is really bad or really good.
  20. HOWEVER note that there is only one olive and plunger included in a kit with two brakes.
  21. Head scratcher there, I thought it was just a mistake but looking at the pic now the kit is supposed to be like that.
  22. Now I’ve got a long front brake line for my ride this weekend.
  23. I’ll live, but please include 2 of each please for the next rider.
  24. There is not many better options out there and there’s absolutely nothing better at this price range.
  25. Fit my bike great

    Overall review:
    – If you don’t need the 2 days shipping or the adapter it comes with, I’d reccomend buying them from a cheaper place.

  26. I fully reccomend these brakes for their modulation and power.
  27. Definitely a good choice for an upgrade from most hardware.
  28. Make sure you have an extra olive and barb around too because the hoses will most likely need to be trimmed at least a little.
  29. A lever bleed got most of the air out of the system, but I’d strongly advise a full bleed at the LBS after bedding them in due to the feel out of the box.
  30. I have a medium framed Niner RIP 9 RDO bike and had to cut quite a few inches off the brake lines for them to fit my bike right.
  31. The install was easy, and much like others found you should pick up an extra brake hose “olive”.
  32. This allows you to custom fit the brake hoses to you bike.
  33. Cutting the brake lines was easy with a utility knife and supplied brake line clamping tool.
  34. The placement of the brake levers on the bars went well with a hinged clamp that made both location and adjustment a simple task.
  35. When riding the bike you will notice a great improvement in the quality of braking and modulation of that braking.
  36. They are for a somewhat large bike, as the hoses are veryt long.

Buy Shimano brake set XT M8000, Hydraulic MTB Disk Brakes, Resin pad with ice tech FIN, Front Hose 1000mm Rear Hose 1600mm, Free integrator for matchmarker shifter Customized by JGbike here $199.99

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