September 14, 2018

GIYO GM-01 Pump

pump giyo gm GIYO GM 01 pump
Pump made of aluminum with increased efficiency. It has a holder for fixing under the water bottle cage. It has a reclining handle and heads with a lock, which can be adapted to all types of valves.
The pump can be used as a sling and to do this, pull the heads with the tongue and tilt the support handle under the foot.


– Type: dual-function miniature alu
– Volume: 165cm3
– Head: AV, DV and FV with lock
– Size: 270x60mm
– Weight: 304g with handle
– Color: Anodised silver-black
– Maximum pressure 120 PSI / 8 BAR

Brand: GIYO

ArcEnCiel Water-Resistant Military Style Bicycle Bag

arcenciel water resistant military style bicycle bag GIYO GM 01 pump
  1. This bag is large enough to hold just about anything you’d need to take care of your bike on a long ride.
  2. I bring a few wrenches, a set of hex keys, a tube peeler and a first aid kit all the time.
  3. I keep my phone wallet and keys in the main pouch and if I’m riding alone or at night I carry a small pistol that fits perfectly in the outside pouch and it is right there inches away from my hand for easy access.
  4. The construction and material are both high quality, it is well made and strong.
  5. The fabric is a nylon material and the whole pouch is made from two pieces for extra strength, green on the outside and black on the inside.
  6. The stitching is well done, extra reinforced around the seams and joints, no loose ends anywhere either that I noticed so they have good quality control.
  7. There are multiple compartments, one large inner compartment and one small compartment on either side.
  8. Both have individual flaps so you can open whatever one you need to grab the right item.
  9. They are secured by velcro and stay closed very well, and in addition to the velcro there are buckled straps to ensure they stay closed.
  10. This is a very impressive bag and I am very satisfied with the quality.
  11. I should add that this does not fit perfect on my bike, it is a Diamondback Overdrive and the way the frame is constructed makes the bag interfere with the front fork, I solved this problem by adding some velcro straps to extend the length of the front strap and it works great, this was an issue with my bike and in no way undermines the quality of the bag.
  12. The only thing I don’t like about it is that the logo badge on the back is a red star, It looks a little too communist for my tastes with the olive drab bag, but it’s not really an issue just me nit picking.
  13. Overall this bag is fantastic and would definitely recommend it for anyone who wants a high quality pouch to keep their essentials in.
  14. I have to say these bags are huge and bigger then I expected, I took all my gear out of my 55 liter Teton scout 3400 hiking bag and it only filled up half of the panniers WOW !
  15. I was impressed,so I look forward to using them on trips , and also I got the handle bar bags and also love them , I wish they made front panniers to match but I am thinking of buying another pair of the rear panniers and modifying for the front, oh well it’s a thought any way.
  16. The strap that goes around the top tube is sewn on in such a manner that you can’t cinch it up tight and it isn’t long enough to go around the lower tube.
  17. Holds my wallet, phone, keys and some batteries and tools right in front of me for easy access.
  18. Still love how it looks and no retention issues or shifting.
  19. I’ve only been out riding with it once, but no issues so far.
  20. Didn’t notice it moving during my ride and everything stayed nice and secure.
  21. It was a bit smaller than I expected but still had enough room for what I needed it for (keys, phone, etc).
  22. Construction seems good so far and it fit onto my bike easily.
  23. This is good since you probably don’t want a lot in your jersey pockets.
  24. It looks like paramilitary communist gear out of the package but looks good once you wrap it around your bike!
  25. The size fools you but it will hold two bottles of water and maps and etc in a great location for easy access two compartments on each side.
  26. It fits well on the bike but I did have to figure that out as I drive an Ohm Ebike with a lot of metal at the front.
  27. My grand daughter loves it so I’m going to order her one.
  28. His sister had a similar product and he wanted one too.
  29. Attaches well and isn’t too large to be used on a child’s bike.
  30. He loves that he can put his wallet inside and go to the local convenience store for a treat, which also fits inside.
  31. I keep a snack, money, keys, spare tube and air canister, kleenex, and spray for my knee in this.
  32. I like the look and it is very useful as a small gear pouch on RAGBRAI.
  33. Easy to attach and provides quick access to small tools and other necessities.
  34. Good size for a youth bike and convenient for him to store what he needs.
  35. Holds and protects everything I need for my shorter rides.
  36. The strap that goes down the middle over the rear flap was way to short.
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MTB Motorcycle Shock Pump, 300 PSI for Fork & Rear Suspension, Larger Size Version

mtb motorcycle shock pump psi for fork amp rear suspension larger size version GIYO GM 01 pump
  1. We sincerely hope that you can have a try with our products .
  2. We can promise 2 things
    1:Best quality and better design with the same price.
  3. What we can bring to you is best products with less payment !
  4. If you have any dissatisfaction be sure to contact us !
  5. Easy screw on attachment with the lever lock means virtually no air loss on the release.
  6. The low volume, high pressure stroke is key for getting mountain bike suspension set up properly.
  7. I could not even get close to the right pressure with a normal hand pump and half of what I would get in their would burp out trying to release a normal connector.
  8. The micro bleed valve adjustment button is nice too for really dialing in the shock.
  9. The hose swivels on both the pump side and at the nozzle so it is easy to get things lined up and not have to be stuck in an odd position.
  10. Yes its a Schrader valve and could be used to pump tires, but it would be extremely inefficient.
  11. It will work in a pinch but have the right tools and you’ll be better off.
  12. I have an SR Suntour Epixon but it will work with any air shock with the standard Schrader valve.
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