April 23, 2018

Front Wheel Aluminum 28″ Black

front wheel aluminum black Front wheel aluminum 28 black
front wheel aluminum black 1 Front wheel aluminum 28 black

Obrcz-SwiftArriv, aluminum, double chamber, conical
External width obreczy-24 mm
The inner width of the collar-19 mm
The number of spokes-36
Hub-aluminum, SHUNFENG (fast closer)

Brand: Nieznany

Hollandia Oma 28 Dutch Cruiser Bicycle

hollandia oma dutch cruiser bicycle Front wheel aluminum 28 black
  1. This classic bike has a simple one speed gearing with a coaster rear brake that allows you to spend less time working on your bike and more time enjoying the ride.
  2. The large front and rear fenders along with dress and fully enclosed chainguard keep you clean while front headlight and rear rack make commuting a breeze.
  3. The tire was hitting the frame and the coat protectors were making funny sounds.
  4. Chain was way too loose and merrily clattering along with all the other noises.
  5. The granny style is not just a gimmick, it makes for a very comfortable ride.
  6. Rides smooth, make sure you don’t live near any hills though.
  7. Don’t expect a heavy duty dutch bike, rather a modern take on a classic design.
  8. Plastic covers replace heavy metal and some of the parts are fairly flimsy and don’t adjust, but it’s still durable and good value.
  9. We decided we could use another bike in case company wanted to ride with us or if one of our bikes was in the shop.
  10. We saw the Oma (“grandma”) and were smitten by its classic good looks while being attracted to its low price.
  11. On style points, the bike is a “10.” It is a lovely copy of the kind of hundred-year-old bike that Almira Gulch rode at the beginning of The Wizard of Oz.
  12. It uses vinyl where the old bikes used to use canvas, but is otherwise a precise replica.
  13. As a work of sculpture for your lawn, that is wonderful.
  14. But, as a mode of transportation, the picture is less rosy.
  15. Bike technology has advanced a lot in the last century.
  16. Many modern bikes, like my comfort bike, have the cyclist riding “upright.” This is in contrast to the road bikes where you ride bent over with your neck craning forward while you ride.
  17. But, on the Oma, the cyclist rides erect — sitting straight up like a Victorian school marm.
  18. The handle bars curve back to the rider, making a fully-upright posture the most natural.
  19. On my comfort bike, the straight handle bars make me lean forward a bit, placing my center of gravity over the pedals instead of over the seat.
  20. This small shift of position accomplishes a surprising number of things.
  21. First, being fully erect is quite unstable, while leaning a bit forward makes you feel much more balanced and in control.
  22. Second, it is easier to pedal, as your weight can easily be shifted more onto the pedals when you are going up-hill.
  23. With the Oma, you are generally pedalling only with the muscles in your legs, which can be quite tiring on uneven ground.
  24. And third, when I see bumps in the road, my comfort bike makes it quite easy to shift my weight onto my feet to absorb the bumps, while the Oma leaves the rider flat on their bottom as they bounce over the terrain.
  25. The ride is just plain jarring on any but the smoothest of road surfaces.
  26. Most modern bikes are designed with some sort of suspension system.
  27. My comfort bike has springs on the front fork to absorb the bumps.
  28. But even solid frames are now designed to flex to absorb the bumps in the road.
  29. Not so with the Oma — you will be jostled by every minor imperfection in the road.
  30. If you decide to get the Oma, you might well consider also getting a suspension seat post.
  31. This will not noticeably affect the look of the bike, but will provide added “give” when you ride over bumps.
  32. These points are all “by design” on the Oma — it is a faithful copy of old technology.
  33. But the craftsmanship is not flawless, even given the intention of the manufacturer.
  34. While the mechanical workings of the bike seem well-made and sturdy enough for the bike’s price-point, the accessories are frail and poorly made.
  35. The fenders are stamped out in a less-than-perfect manner, and had to be bent and reshaped to allow the wheels to turn without rubbing against them.
  36. I expect I would need to splay the rear fender apart if I hoped to achieve that end.
  37. Instead, I decided to forego using the skirt guard at all.
  38. This is the most irritating of the old-style design problems, as we would want to change the seat height every time we used the bike with company.
  39. It is a small thing, but the sum of the small improvements in bike design over the years add up to a significant improvement over the classic bike design.
  40. We spend more time looking at the Oma than we do riding it, so we are content to keep it as our spare bike.
  41. But, if you are looking for a set of wheels to get you around town with any regularity, you may want to seriously consider whether you would be better served with a less stylish but more practical modern alternative.
  42. I’ve been saving for a bicycle for 3 years to update my old thrift store cruiser.
  43. I wanted a nice combination of form and function for leisurely rides around town and on the bike path.
  44. We have very long winters in North Dakota, so I didn’t need year round transportation.
  45. Another thing about North Dakota is the lack of bicycle shops!
  46. I called shops in Fargo and the Twin Cities and scoured The Internet, but I could not find a Dutch bike that wouldn’t require a network of friends and strangers to acquire.
  47. Then, disheartened, I found old Oma here and had her shipped to my door.
  48. My husband put it together in about an hour and adjusted the seat and handlebars for me.
  49. It’s simple, with good lines, and when combined with a Yepp mini it works wonderfully for towing my children around in the summer.
  50. The lack of gears means I need to adjust my technique on hills to avoid hopping off and walking (don’t be afraid to pedal fast if there is an incline coming up.) I have really enjoyed it so far and it has exceeded my expectations.
  51. Also, I am in no way affiliated with anyone who makes or sells these bikes- just a consumer who came upon it while looking for a bicycle that wasn’t candy colored or built for speed.
  52. It was very poorly packaged, arrived with scratches and dings.
Buy Hollandia Oma 28 Dutch Cruiser Bicycle here $149.00

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