April 23, 2018

Front Wheel Aluminum 20″ Steel Hub

front wheel hub aluminum steel Front wheel aluminum 20 steel hub

– aluminum flap
– the external width is 25 mm
– the inner width of the collar is 20mm
– steel hub for 28 holes
– hub axle length about 140 mm
– the length of the hub from the nut to the nut 100 mm

Brand: BikeLand


origami cricket lightweight aluminum folding bicycle Front wheel aluminum 20 steel hub
  1. Aluminum alloy frame, wheels, seat post, handlebars, stem and cranks.
  2. It’s crafted mostly from lightweight aluminum alloy, keeping the weight down to just 28 lbs; a steel fork provides extra durability.

Mongoose Boys R1740KMA Raid 20″ Freestyle Bike, Red

mongoose boys kma raid freestyle bike red Front wheel aluminum 20 steel hub
  1. The red Finish with Black accents complete the high end detail look.
  2. Equipped with a lightweight steel frame and fork, 3 piece tubular crank set, Microdrive drive system with 9 tooth aluminum cassette hub.
  3. The aluminum front and rear U brake and front caliper brake provides sure stopping power like the Pro’s use.
  4. Ready to grind 48 spoked wheels with Black rims and front and rear axle pegs.
  5. We purchased for my son last year’s Christmas and have had constant issues.
  6. The instructions were poor to complete assembly so if you buy this, budget some extra dollars for a bike shop to assemble.
  7. I tried to follow the instructions the best I could, but had issues with making the necessary adjustments for both front and back brakes.
  8. Eventually, I DID have to take it to a local bike shop to get the back brake fixed.
  9. Later in the year, I had issues with the chain falling off.
  10. I called customer service and got a new one sent promptly.
  11. However, I am not bike mechanic and should have had them replace it for yet another expense.
  12. The chain seemed to work okay for a bit, but then the back wheel got stuck in place and couldn’t be ridden.
  13. I DID take it to yet another local bike shop who did a thorough review and said they recommended not having them fix everything that was wrong (new brakes pads, new hub internals, new chain) as the repair labor and parts would exceed the cost of a new bike.
  14. While certainly they may be biased, the bike shop mechanic said that bikes that are bought on-line should be taken to a mechanic to be assembled as they are typically poorly assembled overseas.
  15. Also, the bike is made of cheap parts and are not built to last more than warranty period (a year).
  16. I am so frustrated with this purchase that I finally got around to calling Pacific Cycle again to complain and hopefully get a new wheel that I would have the bike shop install to get at least a little more use of the bike, but they are closed for the holidays and will be open again on December 26th.
  17. Perhaps other have had better luck based on the reviews, but I would proceed with caution and be prepared to pay a bike shop to fully assemble and make the necessary adjustments.
  18. For me, I am done with on-line bike purchases and will go back to buying bicycles from local bike stores who will have the bike properly assembled and stand by their product.
  19. After 6 months, we had to take it to a bike shop and have the front tire and assembly replaced due to breakage.
  20. The center bolt had to be replaced with a more substantial one, and the frame modified to accommodate it.
  21. Now, the peddle housing needs to be repaired as the nut is stripped.
  22. Honestly disappointed with the shape this was in when we received it.
  23. How is he supposed to ride his bike with no pedals???????
  24. This bike is constantly in need of repair – brake pads, the front cabling that allows the handlebar to spin, brakes adjusted – twice in less than a year, each time repairs have cost more than the bike did.
  25. If this is a gift, keep in mind this arrives in a box that shows and says what it is, the only downside to this, but that was my problem not theirs.
  26. Awesome Price, but it was missing peg and looked like it had been returned.
  27. There were scratches on the handlebars but it was too late for us to return for Christmas.
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