April 13, 2018

Front Wheel 26″ Cone Black Hub Quick Release QR

front wheel rim cone black quick release hub QR Front wheel 26 cone black hub quick release QR

front wheel rim cone black quick release hub QR 1 Front wheel 26 cone black hub quick release QR



Obrcz-SwiftArriv, aluminum, double chamber, conical

External width of encircles-24 mm

Internal width of obreczy-19 mm

Number of spokes-36

Hub-aluminum, JoyTech (fast closer)


Brand: Stars Circle

stars circle Front wheel 26 cone black hub quick release QR

SKS Dashboard Front Bicycle Fender for 26-Inch Mountain Bike Tires

sks dashboard front bicycle fender for inch mountain bike tires Front wheel 26 cone black hub quick release QR

  1. Cone fits inside steerer tube on first use, then fender slides off an on hardware tool free.
  2. This cool stealthy fender is mounted tool free after the first ride.
  3. Stays well where it’s placed and not making any rattling noises.
  4. What is not made clear by the sellers is, that it makes a perfect matching pair with SKS Dashblade rear fender.
  5. Fact that it is not packaged in pairs, and different names given, might be confusing to many prospective buyers.
  6. Specifically – I purchased these fenders for my new Montague Paratrooper Pro 26″ wheels, and it is a perfect match of color and style.
  7. My Paratrooper Pro looks as it was born with these fenders.
  8. What was also important to me that when fenders are attached – they add beauty to the bike and serve well as a mud guards.
  9. They can be taken off in just few seconds, and only small black latch under the header marks place where front fender was attached.
  10. Nothing remains on the bike after rear one is taken out.
  11. It is a mystery to me why these fenders were given different names and are not sold in pairs.
  12. I strongly recommend these fenders to anybody who can figure out that this style and colour will look good on his bike.
  13. My front fork had “suspension” (I never saw it actually get used) and it did not have a screw hole for my normal front fender so I had a bolted one on the back and this one on the front.
  14. It was a bit difficult to install and I couldn’t get it to line up perfectly straight (off by a few degrees), but it worked pretty well.
  15. It didn’t fit through my fork that well so I was worried it might break the plastic, but its a pretty durable unit.
  16. It shields against some upsplashing, but it was like 6 inches from the wheel so it bounced of this and could still hit my legs.
  17. I crashed and broke my front fork and the new one did not have suspension, so I put the matching one on (that I couldn’t use previously).
  18. Looks like it came with attachments to fit just about any possible fork combination.
  19. Since installing it I’ve yet to get a face full of mud as I did before.
  20. Flexible but feels really well made, you can tell it won’t break easily.
  21. Easy to remove as well so if you don’t want to use it when the conditions are dry simply remove and store away.
  22. I don’t care for the angles and crease look and much prefer smooth curves and arcs.
  23. My only real complaint is that there is slight play in the mounting no matter how tight you torque the clamp down.
  24. For my XC style riding and urban commuting I can’t ask for much more.
  25. It’s the first one I am happy when raining on my dirt commuter trail I am using almost everyday.
  26. I appreciate the simple clip system that allows me to remove the fender by great weather.
  27. The installation was simple, the attachment mechanism is clever and easy to use.
  28. A problem arose when I went to detach it for the first time.
  29. I was being reasonably gentle with it but nonetheless managed to break part of the plastic that holds the front of the fender.
  30. There is a square cutout, and the sides are pretty thin.
  31. I applied superglue, and its holding now, but it seems like it will only be a matter of time before it breaks again.
  32. It looks good, serves it purpose well, but is easy to break.
  33. It does a pretty good job on the dirtboard side, and I have no more issues with spray from my front tire kicking up into my face with this in place.
  34. The quick-release feature makes it very convenient to take off when not needed.
  35. It is pretty sturdy and resists being pushed around by the wind much better than my old one, which would slam into my tire sometimes.
  36. When riding it tends to rock with wind at faster speeds and it moves a bit if I bump it.
  37. It’s nothing that can’t be overcome by adjusting it if you drop your bike or anything, but it’s still a bit disappointing.
  38. Other than the mild (very mild) instability I do appreciate this product.
  39. It keeps a good deal of water off of me when I ride to and from class if it’s been rainy recently.
  40. Remember its plastic, so be a little bit careful in how you smack it around.

Buy SKS Dashboard Front Bicycle Fender for 26-Inch Mountain Bike Tires here $22.49

Blackburn Tech Mag Race Trainer

blackburn tech mag race trainer Front wheel 26 cone black hub quick release QR

  1. I’ve heard good things about Travel Trac but I’m a big fan of the tech mag race at this price.
  2. Has a wider footprint and goes for 80% more everywhere else, and again- a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.
  3. This trainer was recommended by my local bike shop and I am definitely happy with it.
  4. I had no trouble setting it up and have been using it regularly with no problems.
  5. It cuts it really close in my experience fully extended.
  6. I accidentally added a stripe to the carpet before noticing.
  7. Other than that the mechanism for holding the back tire in place is a bit awkward to get right.
  8. Great trainer, acceptable noise, surprisingly comprehensive resistances for the typical rider, you shouldn’t be disappointed.
  9. Have had Traveltrac mag, fluid, and rollers and this trainer is better than all of them.
  10. It’s not built to be the best in the world but for a portable solution, it’s hard to beat.
  11. I would recommend to any person seeking a quality yet affordable exercise stationary bicycle setup.
  12. Takes a little bit to find the sweet spot for tire on the roller and resistance adjustments, but It’s worth it.
  13. But the instructions for set up were difficult to follow.
  14. Everything hooked up easily and having the remote adjuster is a nice luxury.

Buy Blackburn Tech Mag Race Trainer here

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