April 23, 2018


lamp front Serfas thunderbolt usl white Front lamp SERFAS THUNDERBOLT USL 6 white

Maximum power-90 lumens
Strap-detachable detachable
Casing-Light, silicone
Installation-Unique mounting system allows you to put lights in different places on the steering wheel or fork
The stream of light-distracts and illuminates the larger area
Operating modes-high, low, two flash modes
Working time-1.5h (high mode), 6.5 h (high mode) low mode), 3.5h (high flashing mode), 9h (low flashing mode)
Weight-53 grams

Brand: Serfas

serfas Front lamp SERFAS THUNDERBOLT USL 6 white

Serfas Thunderbolt 2.0 Front Light

serfas thunderbolt front light Front lamp SERFAS THUNDERBOLT USL 6 white
    Buy Serfas Thunderbolt 2.0 Front Light here $34.95

    Serfas Thunderbolt USB Headlight

    serfas thunderbolt usb headlight Front lamp SERFAS THUNDERBOLT USL 6 white
    1. Equal percentages (47%) of cycling fatalities occurred in daylight crashes as during the dark.
    2. The USL-6 Thunderbolt Headlight is designed with a panel of 16 super bright high output micro LEDs.
    3. The two included soft but durable silicone rubber straps ensure endless mounting options and resistance to oils and grime.
    4. And a headlight body encased in silicone rubber means you don’t need to worry about getting caught in the rain or splashing through a few dirty puddles, the USL-6 Thunderbolt Headlight is designed to get you where you need to go.
    5. Simply recharge by plugging in to any USB wall charger, computer USB port, or even any USB compatible portable external battery pack.
    6. Charge time dependent on computer USB port or wall charger output power rating).
    7. With that in mind, Serfas strives to make products that reflect solutions to those wants and needs.
    8. The 15-micro (double strength) LED strip puts out 90 lumens, giving you plenty of light to safely arrive at your destination.
    9. The USB-rechargeable Thunderbolt can be mounted virtually anywhere on the front of your bikeā€”from the handlebars to the fork.
    10. Since the Thunderbolt is rechargeable, you can say goodbye buying batteries and say hello to saving the earth and your hard earned money.
    11. Charge up, light up and get riding safely at night with the Thunderbolt.
    12. This new light provides much more side visibility for cars that might be about to enter into an intersection from a roadway I’m about to pass by.
    13. This light is very bright, but it would not be good for riding at night for purposes of illuminating the roadway.
    14. As others have mentioned, this light is to be seen, as opposed to being able to see.
    15. It fits okay on my Cervelo R3, but the top tube is a little shorter so that the straps from this light are forced to be applied at an angle (pinched in) instead of being evenly spaced.
    16. The light only lasts about 2 hours on the high beam flashing mode, so I tend to use it on the low power flash setting to get more use between recharges.
    17. It would have been nice to simply be able to charge it on my bike like all my other lights and devices.
    18. I don’t care about battery life because it’s rechargeable and gets me through a ride no problems when flashing.
    19. Only thing I wish Is that I could charge it w/o removing it – the charge port is behind it so this isn’t possible, just adds a few minutes tinkering to remove it (It’s pinched tight under my tri bike armrest).
    20. It has a warning label that reads “don’t point directly at eye” and there is a reason why.
    21. I’ve used this for about 4 days now and I do enjoy having a bright ass light but it doesn’t do much for helping visibility.
    22. It will let cars and fellow bikers notice me when I ride home past sunset but streets without street lights look almost just as dark.
    23. On my road bike, it takes up 2 or 3 inches of my handlebar so I can’t ride in a really relaxed position and am forced to ride in the drops or hoods.
    24. The battery charge seems to hold pretty well but my commute is less than 20min each way.
    25. I would say it has already saved me at least once from crashing when crossing an intersection especially since my bike has a matte finish it is hard to catch without a light.
    26. Most lights focus their energy in a narrow beam, useful for seeing at night; but during the day, if off axis, those night time useful lights are NOT visible.
    27. I use two white Serfas Thunderbolts on the front fork, one high, one low, and two red in back, also high and low, and run them in the high power, flash mode.
    28. The beam pattern on these Serfas lights is about 160 degrees, so canting them slightly, I get 360 coverage.
    29. They last for more than 2 hours, and because I charge them after each ride, they are always at peak light.
    30. When using alkaline batteries, I know I was reluctant to throw away partially used batteries, resulting in ever dimmer lights.
    31. These are bright, and even in direct sunlight, readily visible for at least 100′.
    32. I know when I’m driving, I frequently don’t see bicyclists, and appreciate it when they wear light clothes and use bright lights.
    33. The battery runs out after 2:15 minutes on high blink, not 3 as advertised, so that’s nearly a 30% loss in duration in half a year.
    34. I am also giving two stars because the button is extremely difficult to press.
    35. I can honestly say that these lights are extremely good.
    36. The light is very strong, which others can see from well over half a mile.
    37. I use it on the blinking low light which is really strong, and the battery can last for hours.
    38. Another thing I did is to buy another head light and to mount it on the frame pointing down to the ground, to make myself stand out for others from the sides as well, as some of the bike and the ground are blinking as well.
    39. I ride in a city which doesn’t excel in bike lanes, so you can’t be too visible for cars and pedestrians.
    40. I do not like leaving my light on the bike because I had previous light stolen.
    41. Do not lose the charging cable as USB Mini is hard to find in the brick and mortar stores.
    42. I only removed one star, because they should have attached the rubber straps on both sides, not just one.
    43. Sometimes when removing the light, the straps will fall off.
    44. A minor annoyance, but I don’t see why they have to be detachable on both sides except to be replacable.
    45. But they could just have the holes on one end be somewhat smaller so they could be removed, but wouldn’t fall off by themselves.
    46. I ride in the city where most places have street lights.
    47. Also a very cool light in that you can attach it to more parts of the bike than most lights and it has this cool area-light thing instead of the usual point-light situation.
    48. After charging few hours, battery can only last few minutes.
    49. It’s has 4 settings (brightest, brighter, flashing brightest, flashing brighter) and is perfect for dusk/dawn or riding my bike after dark.
    50. Easy to take off in case you leave your bike locked somewhere for a long time.
    51. I fully charge after every two rides (1 hour 15 min rides).
    Buy Serfas Thunderbolt USB Headlight here $34.95

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