April 23, 2018

Front Lamp Mounted On The Fork CITY HL-DE064 1Watt Black

lamp front mounted on fork city hl de watt black Front lamp mounted on the fork CITY HL DE064 1Watt black
DeOne front lamp, mounted on the front fork. It is equipped with a strong 1W diode. It has one mode of celebration.

Battery-2x AAA (included)

Brand: DeOne

deone Front lamp mounted on the fork CITY HL DE064 1Watt black

Apace Vision USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set – Powerful 300 Lumens LED Bicycle Headlight and Tail Light- Super Bright Front Light & Rear Light for Optimum Cycling Safety

apace vision usb rechargeable bike light set powerful lumens led bicycle headlig Front lamp mounted on the fork CITY HL DE064 1Watt black
  1. POWERFUL – WIDE BEAM CREE XPG2 BIKE LIGHT PIERCES THROUGH THICK FOG: 300 lumens usb rechargeable bike light combo is the HIGHEST QUALITY, LARGEST daytime/nighttime riding led bicycle light set of it’s kind – with perfectly angled 120 DEGREE BEAM to SLICE THROUGH THE THICKEST FOG, DRIVING RAIN & DARKEST TUNNELS.
  3. ADJUSTABLE LIGHTING MODES: Turn it down to save battery power in low-light areas, then crank it up to HIGH BEAM and breeze through the darkest nights.
  4. PLUG N PLAY IN SECONDS, UNIVERSAL FIT – NO INSTALLATION REQUIRED: Simply decide where you want to mount the headlight for MAXIMUM VISIBILITY – handlebars, for or wherever you want – then use the elastic rubber bar mount to snap it in place.
  5. Pull it off and plug into the (2) Bonus Micro USB Cables.
  6. VERSATILE & ENDLESSLY USEFUL – SAVE MONEY EVERY DAY: Say goodbye to AA or AAA battery powered flashlights!
  7. QUICK RELEASE and 5 light settings – high (5 hours), mid (6 hours), low (10 hours), fast flash (9 hours) slow flash (14 hours) means it WORKS GREAT AS a helmet light, bbq light, hiking lamp, head lamp or emergency safety lights.
  8. UNMATCHED BATTERY LIFE – YOU’RE IN CONTROL OF HOW LONG IT LASTS: 5 convenient settings allow you to control how long and how brightly you illuminate your pathway.
  9. EASY NO-INSTALLATION INSTALLATION: Clip on, ride, then hit the quick release button to conveniently return it to its charger.
  10. FASTEST CHARGING USB ROAD BIKE LIGHTS: Plug in using one of the 2 included micro-usb chargers and you’re ready to ride again just 2-3 hours later.
  11. IPX4 WATERPROOF & WEATHER RESISTANT: Outperforms the rest, no matter how hard it’s raining.
  12. HANDY – BATTERY LIFE INDICATOR: Never get stuck in the dark again; with this bike lights convenient battery life indicator you’ll always know whether it’s time to turn around and go home, or keep peddling into the night.
  13. INSTANT ON – QUICK RELEASE: Pops on and off with easy – never remove the mounting bracket again.
  14. Why toss out your bike light after years of use when you could easily replace the parts on this detachable bicycle light set and get years more use out of it!
  15. Bright enough to be seen in even direct sunlight that drowns out other lights I’ve tried.
  16. The headlight seems like it’s built to last and the mount is much better than the one on my True 450 Serfas light.
  17. Lumens are not an accurate way to measure the total output of a light.
  18. That being said, I don’t think this headlight puts out the claimed 300 lumens.
  19. My Serfas puts out 360 lumens on steady mode and it’s quite a bit brighter than this light.
  20. The Apace headlight is bright enough to light your way at night though.
  21. I sent Apace a video showing the malfunction and they sent out a new light immediately!!
  22. I really like the compact size, as I may use it on my helmet too.
  23. I like the power test that gives you an idea how much charge is left.
  24. Definitely nice quality, and also the tail light is very bright with lots of modes.
  25. In my delivery, I was even give 2 sets of attachments and bike mounts.
  26. Finally, you have included a quality cloth bag for storage of lights and a well done thank you card.
  27. The quality was high enough for 5 stars in spite a few minor short falls:
    First, the “O” rings are perfect for easily attaching the tail light to a bike’s seat tube but not the best if a biker has a small tool/seat bag already attached to the seat tube.
  28. I attached the tail light to a rear down stay which worked fine.
  29. I’m not convinced this is the best location but the only one I could find that works.
  30. Also, it may be a better or worse location than the seat tube when it comes to water/grime exposure/buildup from wheel splash.
  31. Secondly, I had trouble finding the switch for the tail light since it was so cleverly engineered/designed into the clip part of the tail light.
  32. Maybe if it was a different color (green or black) than the light, it would be more evident for a visually challenged individual like myself.
  33. These minor hiccups were not enough to take this out of a 5 star rating in my opinion since they had no effect on the lights performance.
  34. They’re super-bright, easy to turn on and off, and secure in their fastening.
  35. These are far superior to the bike-store lights, even though they’re a much better bargain.
  36. Once installed, they are easy to use: just press one switch to turn on the light and then toggle through various brightness and steady-or-flash settings.
  37. I also appreciated the clear instructions written in plain English.
  38. Those old bike-store lights came with a teeny-tiny booklight that was mostly indecipherable.
  39. It’s obvious that Apace Vision really cares about delivering quality products to its customers.
  40. The company even goes the extra mile by packaging the pair of lights in a box that’s worthy of fine jewelry.
  41. I want them to thrive so they’re still around when I get a new bike and need another set of lights.
  42. I really can’t say anything negative about the lights because they are of high equality in my opinion.
  43. Only thing I can say is if you have an awkward Seay bar as I do, the red tail light will swing to one side but that’s due the the seat post.
  44. I’ll be making a custom piece that the rubber can sit on.
  45. Both the Front and Rear Bike lights are bright, lightweight, long-lasting!
  46. The head light looks slightly bulky in the photos, but it’s very light weight.
  47. We could not believe that we got both a front and rear bike light for such a terrific price!
  48. In the past, we have spent the equivalent price for just a rear light at the bike shop that functioned only half as well as Apace’s Bike lights.)

    On flash mode, both the front and rear bike lights have lasted more than 6 hours.
  49. According to the advertisement, it can last up to 14 hours on one charge, but we have never tried biking more than 6 hours at one time (so we cannot confirm this).
  50. The buttons for both the front and rear lights are easy to use.
  51. The rear light comes with multiple rubber bands of different widths, so that you can pick out what your bike needs.
  52. Apace Customer service was great and responded to a product question via email within 24hours during the weekday.
  53. I night ride all the time so its important to have a LOT of lights.
  54. I still carry and use a brighter flash light for when vehicles are heading my way.
  55. We live in Northern Wisconsin so its really dark at night if there is not moon light.
  56. Packaging & product is of the highest quality & lights are Very bright &…
  57. They feel sturdy and the battery life is pretty decent.
  58. I was very impressed with the packing material and the box itself that it came in.
  59. There is a little (nonessential) rubber piece that keeps falling off the rear light.
Buy Apace Vision USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set – Powerful 300 Lumens LED Bicycle Headlight and Tail Light- Super Bright Front Light & Rear Light for Optimum Cycling Safety here

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