April 23, 2018

Front Flashlight Top-Light SE-T1 BOX

lamp front top torch light se box Front flashlight Top Light SE T1 BOX

lamp front top torch light se box 1 Front flashlight Top Light SE T1 BOX
Flashlight used by the army, police, fire and security companies, ideal for trips to the mountains, to the forest, for fishing and for cycling. It has ZOOM regulations from the bundle very focused to very wide. 24-month warranty, great workmanship.

The housing is made of aviation aluminum AW-6063, all in an elegant plastic packaging ideal for a gift. The set includes 18650 battery with the capacity declared by the manufacturer 2200mAh, a battery charger with protection against battery overcharge, and a zipped bicycle handle from which the flashlight has no chance to fall as if from a cheap open-type grip.

The huge advantage of the set sold by us is the high quality 18650 battery-this type of flashlight can be found with a basket for 3 AAA batteries that are not able to provide the required voltage to the diode and thus the flashlight is much weaker. The flashlight made of the care of details with an aluminum pigula on which the T6 diode is mounted allows it to properly discharge the heat to the body of the flashlight, thus the temperature of the diode stays at an appropriate level. Please remember that this flashlight body should be warm, it means that the flashlight is made of the highest quality and thus the diode’s durability is significantly longer!




Sunlight modes 3-still with different power 1-stroboscopic effect 1-SOS

Brand: Top-Light

top light Front flashlight Top Light SE T1 BOX

Victagen Bike Front Light,Super Bright Waterproof Bicycle light,USB Rechargeable 2400 Lumens led cycle light, FREE Tail Light,Easy to Install Safety LED Flashlight for Cycling,Commuting,Riding

victagen bike front light super bright waterproof bicycle light usb rechargeable Front flashlight Top Light SE T1 BOX

  1. The Victagen USB bicycle light comes with External Rechargeable Battery.
  2. FLAT BEAM SHAPE & WATER RESISTANT – Victagen Bike Light has ONE OF A KIND flat beam shape – Specially designed for Cyclists riding in urban environments.
  3. Drivers of oncoming traffic or other pedestrians will thank you for not blinding them.
  4. Water resistant rated to IP-65 – Protected against splashing water from any angle.
  5. It means you’re 100% covered if you get caught in the rain.
  6. MONEY BACK & SATISFACTION GUARANTEE- If you are not completely satisfied with our LED bike light, we offer 30 days Money Back Guarantee with one year warranty, no questions asked.
  7. There is nothing scarier than when someone doesn’t see you on the road.
  8. Make sure this never happens by picking up our powerful bike light.
  9. We provide upgraded high quality 360º Swivel Mount Bracket (2 sets )

    Dimming: Electronic push button switch
    External Rechargeable Waterproof Battery: Allows Our Cycling Flashlight to be a top of the line light.

  10. Mount the External Battery

    –Where it is Most Convenient With the Long Bike Headlight and Battery Cords Provided.

  11. Flashlights with an Internal Battery Cannot Provide this Brilliant Power.
  12. All we want is to make use of our core values to assure you have a enjoyable and

    pleasure ride during the dark.

  13. Make sure the bike light, handlebar mount and battery case are securely fastened.
  14. Seller Warranty DescriptionGUARANTEE on Bike Light, No Hasse !
  15. The light itself is relatively small and not intrusive.
  16. I’m not sure if this was a mistake, but my light came with two mounting brackets.
  17. I placed one on my mountain bike and one on my road bike, and just like that I can easily swap the light from bike to bike.
  18. This means you can use any phone house, car, or portable charger to charge this thing up.
  19. If you going camping, just bring a portable charger and charging this bad boy when your done, and she will be ready for another ride.
  20. Also, the battery pack is really easy to take on and off.
  21. Its a simple Velcro mechanism that just wraps around your frame.
  22. There is a charge indicator built into the light next to the switch.
  23. In the pictures I attached you can see the three levels of brightness the light provides.
  24. The photos were taken in a pitch black garage with the camera set to the same constant manual settings.
  25. For those wondering it charges at 5V .7Amps, which can easily be delivered by any 5V charger.
  26. The mount locks down the light securely to the handlebars.
  27. Having the light powered from a separate lithium ion battery pack works great.
  28. You don’t need to remove the light for charging and you don’t need to buy batteries either.
  29. The battery pack is easily removed and charged by using the included USB cable.
  30. The rear light is secured by a rubber strap that holds it in place nicely due to its light weight.
  31. I’m very happy with this purchase and it makes riding my bike at night a lot safer.
  32. I’d love for there to be a separate power switch/on-demand charge indicator, but you have to unplug the battery from the headlight to turn off ‘everything’.
  33. SIZE: its a little smaller then i thought it would be (THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!….BOOM!).
  34. ALL of the parts are aluminum with very few plastic parts.
  35. Light output: the light output is similar to those quality small tactical aluminum flash lights (like 2 put together).
  36. BOTTOMLINE: for 20 buks, you can not find even a flashlight of this quality.
  37. The button is very easy to use and LEDs indicate that it’s been on and that it’s charging.
  38. Three levels of brightness starting from the dimmest setting are all bright.
  39. There are some night pictures putting out light alongside car headlights.
  40. I can stop trying to repair the L mount my son broke for the Victagen single light and use one from this box.
  41. The nuts are a bit loose in the mounts so I applied some glue to affix them more permanently.
  42. For the rear there’s an adorable – and rechargeable – heart shape light my daughter tried to claim immediately.
  43. At this price point I don’t think you’re going to get more bang for the buck.
  44. A few more comments: It is made of metal despite looking like it could be molded plastic.
  45. Both the rear and front are super bright and they are very easy to mount on the bike.
  46. I had one of those terrible clamp on generator lights with an incandescent bulb as a kid.
  47. Very easy to put on and can be detach at anytime if need it.
  48. She says the light output is better than any of her previous lights.

Buy Victagen Bike Front Light,Super Bright Waterproof Bicycle light,USB Rechargeable 2400 Lumens led cycle light, FREE Tail Light,Easy to Install Safety LED Flashlight for Cycling,Commuting,Riding here $23.99

Ultra Bright Bike Light Blitzu Cyborg 168T USB Rechargeable Bicycle Tail Light. Red High Intensity Rear LED Accessories Fits On Any Road Bikes, Helmets. Easy To Install for Cycling Safety Flashlight

ultra bright bike light blitzu cyborg usb rechargeable bicycle tail light red hi Front flashlight Top Light SE T1 BOX

  1. Did you know 75 percent of cycling accidents happen in daylight.
  2. The CYBORG 168T features the latest technology to keep you visible NOT ONLY at night but also at daytime.
  3. It comes with a CHARGING CABLE that charges from your computer, power bank or any device with a USB port.
  4. Whether you’re running, walking your dog, cycling, skateboarding, or hiking, these safety lights will keep you safe and secure.
  5. Hook onto your belt, running gear, reflective vest, backpack, dog collars, harnesses, or anywhere on your clothing.
  6. Mount to your bicycle, helmet, skateboard, scooter, stroller, wheelchair, or anywhere you can imagine.
  7. Every purchase comes with friendly customer service provided by BLITZU, Proud to be a USA Manufacturer.
  8. Now you can say goodbye to weekly battery changes with the Cyborg 168T Bicycle Tail Light!
  9. The 168T bike safety light is super bright, you can be seen easily from blocks away!
  10. USB Rechargeable
    – Charges from your computer or any device with a USB port.
  11. Use as a Bicycle Helmet Light, Mountain Bike Rear Light, Road Bicycle Tail Lights, Kid’s Bike Safety Light and More.
  12. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We are so confident you will love the Cyclops bike light that we offer 30 days Money Back Guarantee with one year warranty!
  13. It is not super bright, but bright enough that it will get drivers’, cyclists’, and other peoples’ attention.
  14. I have attached a handful of images from behind the bicycle at 10′, 25′, and 75′.
  15. I also attached a video clip of the highest flash setting at 75′.
  16. I do the majority of my riding on a bicycle path, as well as on dimly lit suburb streets.
  17. Could be mounted in 4 different orientations (2 horizontal and 2 vertical).
  18. Turns on in the solid mode, press and hold to enter flash/strobe mode.
  19. If you want something brighter than that, look elsewhere.
  20. If I apply pressure to the USB port cover, I can feel it flex.
  21. I have been using it on the High flash when I ride, so that ought to give a good estimate for length of usage.
  22. It still emits light after 2 hours, but not to the point that I would consider it effective to use.
  23. I have been using it in flashing mode, either Medium or High, or strobe.
  24. You will be seen, and you won’t run the risk of blinding people.
  25. Do not spend money on lights that require you to use replaceable batteries.
  26. While it is extremely bright for a taillight, its range of visibility is at max 180 degrees or less.
  27. This isnt as good as the Vis 180 by light and motion ive that has lenses to project the light evenly in all directions, rather than mostly directly behind as this one does, and also has a bright side light to prevent a sideswipe.
  28. If you want to spend that kind of money, go to Light and Motion’s website, the headlight is top-notch especially.
  29. However I’m not speaking for the headlight version of this one I haven’t tried it.
  30. Great lights, bright, very noticeable for daytime riding, even early dusk.
  31. I use the white/front on steady and my rear/red on regular/slow flash.
  32. Seem to work great and I’ve not been even close to hit by a car, and I ride on very winding, hilly country roads in New Hampshire.
  33. Easy and quick to charge via the short USB cable, but have to remember to take them off the bike after each ride to ensure that they’re ready to go for the next one.
  34. But the charge seems to last for a long time and I haven’t come close as far as I know to running out on my couple hour rides.
  35. If I had any quibble at all it would be that the “locking” mechanism by which they attachment to the bike is a bit fiddly.
  36. The rubber strap itself is good and solid, but the small square plastic slot the light back fits into is difficult to get the light into sometimes in a tight space, such as on the seat seat post between the top tube and the carry bag under the saddle.
  37. I can make it lock in with a bit of fussing each time, but it’s not a simple snap and go as it is with the front light which has more room.
  38. This makes both lights now, front and back, without any kind of fastener to keep the light in the slotted holder, other than gravity and friction.
  39. Neither of these breakages are from wear and tear as they’ve only been taken out a few times for charging since adding them to the bike.
  40. I’m trusting they’ll both stay in during future rides, but will be returning one or both if they pop out and I can’t rely on them to stay attached to the bike.
  41. Very very bright, tested them on max to see longevity and low power levels.

Buy Ultra Bright Bike Light Blitzu Cyborg 168T USB Rechargeable Bicycle Tail Light. Red High Intensity Rear LED Accessories Fits On Any Road Bikes, Helmets. Easy To Install for Cycling Safety Flashlight here

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