April 23, 2018


front fender accent black hawk Front fender ACCENT BLACK HAWK 1
A lightweight front fender made of flexible and durable plastic. Mounted on rubber straps under the bottom frame tube. Possibility to mount on the pipe only the fastening straps and quick attach or detach the fender depending on your needs.

Fender size-470×190 mm
Tire size-20″-29"
Tire width-1.5″-2,0"
Weight-75 g.<

Brand: Accent

accent Front fender ACCENT BLACK HAWK 1

Dynacraft Women’s Island Breeze Cruiser Bike, Purple/White/Blue, 26″

dynacraft women island breeze cruiser bike purple white blue Front fender ACCENT BLACK HAWK 1
  1. A stylish cruiser with decorative accents, this bike has a retro-style frame and swept-back handlebars which give it a hint of nostalgia.
  2. The 26″ Dynacraft Island Breeze Ladies’ Bike is equipped with a spring-cushioned seat to absorb any bumps and the quick-release post makes it easy to adjust the seat to the correct height.
  3. This cute cruiser features a convenient cup holder, handlebar bell and coordinating fenders.
  4. The package was intact, therefore the bike had to have been damaged before packaging.
  5. Bicycle arrived with a few scratches and impressive dent in the rear fender where the banding was.
  6. I can’t tell if the fitment was poor or the parts were damaged during shipment.
  7. A little purple nail polish and some strongarming and my wife was cruising down the path.
  8. The bike looked a year old before I even got air in the tires.
Buy Dynacraft Women’s Island Breeze Cruiser Bike, Purple/White/Blue, 26″ here $107.99

IMAX T3 – Electric Scooter – Lithium Powered 36V/10Ah – 350W Motor – 18 MPH

imax electric scooter lithium powered motor mph Front fender ACCENT BLACK HAWK 1
  1. The T3 scooter is equipped with a 350W rear motor, rear disk brake and a LCD display showing your speed and distance.
  2. The 36V 10Ah electric system gives you 360Wh of continuous riding at speeds of 18 MPH.
  3. We require that the usage of this product adhere to local saftey and legal regualtions.
  4. I wanted pneumatic air tires – this one has it on the front wheel but not the back – that might be my only gripe.
  5. The very hard rubber (almost feels like solid plastic) on the rear wheel makes you feel the little bumps.
  6. It can go plenty fast – faster than I am comfortable with.
  7. It slows a bit going up hills but is more than adequate.
  8. Did not try the cruise control yet but it’s a really nice feature too.
  9. After having an e-bike I was not sure I would like a scooter but I really do.
  10. The bike has to go in the garage but the scooter can go in the house so it’s easier to get to.
  11. And the scooter is much easier to take to a park for example.
  12. The scooter is heavy enough that you would not want to carry it around but it’s easy enough to pickup and put in the trunk for example.
  13. Small enough that you can take it into store with you, though I usually wheel it rather than fold it up.
  14. Only 2 gripes:
    The lever for folding it up is awkward and not intuitive.
  15. It does not have enough power for the steep hills in San Francisco.
  16. This thing is fast, has a big platform and you feel confortable and safe standing on it.
  17. I bought it for my commute home to train and train to work.
  18. I just wish if the battery go bad or something happen to it, where I will be able to buy a new one?
  19. It unfolds easily but folding it back down is nearly impossible.
  20. The fold leaver is very small and not easily pushed down on with your foot or hand.
  21. My scooter is now permanently stuck in the unfolded position.
Buy IMAX T3 – Electric Scooter – Lithium Powered 36V/10Ah – 350W Motor – 18 MPH here $999.00

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