May 1, 2018

Freewheel Latch

pawl freewheel vane Freewheel latch
Freewheel pawl from HN Gdynia. Dimensions:
– height 11.6mm
– width 5 mm
– thickness 2.5 mm
– roller diameter 2.7 mm

Brand: HN Gdynia

hn gdynia Freewheel latch

4 ton Tyler Tool Come-Along Cable Puller

ton tyler tool come along cable puller Freewheel latch
  1. This multi-use ratchet cable puller come along is ideal for machine shops, boating, camping, landscaping, farming, garages and outdoors.
Buy 4 ton Tyler Tool Come-Along Cable Puller here $39.89

Fulton 142415 Dual Speed Winch with 20′ Strap – 2600 lbs. Capacity, 1 Pack

fulton dual speed winch with strap lbs capacity pack Freewheel latch
  1. Our shift lock design allows changing gears without moving the crank handle from shaft to shaft.
  2. Just lift the shift lock and slide the shaft into the desired gear position.
  3. Neutral, free-wheel position allows quick line pay out without spinning the handle.
  4. Optional handbrake, purchased separately, can be installed after the winch is mounted.
  5. Fulton has produced the finest winches in the industry for over 50 years.
  6. The result of engineering innovation, superior materials, and rugged manufacturing, Fulton winches offer the greatest applications coverage for your unique needs.
  7. When selecting a winch you’ll generally need to: 1) determine the environment (wet environment, Saltwater) 2) determine the capacity needed (Fulton winches range from 600 lbs.
  8. For lifting, select a brake winch based on the amount being lifted, I.E.
  9. If you have a bow stop which goes around the winch (or near the winch), this means that the winch pulls the bow to the right (or left) of the centerline.
  10. You can reconfigure in a few minutes with a drill, but it shouldn’t be necessary.
  11. Also, the spring which controls the click mechanism is weak and tends to let go at inopportune moments.
  12. Otherwise, the winch is solidly built and in terms of pulling power, is an immense upgrade over a standard single-speed winch.
Buy Fulton 142415 Dual Speed Winch with 20′ Strap – 2600 lbs. Capacity, 1 Pack here $133.03

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