April 23, 2018

FP-J008 9/16″ Pedals For Training Bikes

pedals fp bike to training 1 FP J008 9/16 pedals for training bikes
pedals fp bike to training 3 FP J008 9/16 pedals for training bikes
Pedals for stationary and training bikes. Made of durable plastic. Wide comfortable platform with non-slip texture.
Adjustable foot strap for easy pedaling.


– Total length-12.5 cm.
– Thread 9/16″(14.3 mm)
– Width-10cm.
Price per one pair

Brand: Feimin Pedals

Sunlite Training Bike Pedals, 9/16″

sunlite training bike pedals FP J008 9/16 pedals for training bikes
  1. I have been using for the past 60 days, almost daily and the pedals are holding up well.
  2. They arrived in a timely manner and were very easy to install.
  3. The SPD compatible side allows me to clip in for interval training and the straps allow my wife to ride it for spinning and aerobic workouts.
  4. The clips are flat enough to stay out of the way when in my clipless shoes.
  5. This is a much better solution for me than the hybrid clipless/flat platform pedal.
  6. Only issue is that mountain bike SPD shoes are a little harder to clip in with than road bike SPD shoes.
  7. Just know that one of the pedals is threaded the opposite way, so to tighten you twist left instead of right (this is so as you’re pedaling it isn’t slowly unscrewing!).
  8. Love that I can either use my SPD shoes or just regular sneakers.
Buy Sunlite Training Bike Pedals, 9/16″ here $51.95

Bike Pedals, Bicycle Pedals fitTek High Performance Pedals for Bikes

bike pedals bicycle pedals fittek high performance pedals for bikes FP J008 9/16 pedals for training bikes
  1. Make sure your bike is 9/16″ standard before placing your order.
  2. LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIAL – The bike pedals are made of aluminum and ABS, it ensures lightweight, sealed bearings to keep out moisture.
  3. MORE GRIPPY – Aluminum ANTI-SKID teeth design is able to attach more grippy , you won’t slipped off pedals due to excellent grip; Smoothly spinning steel ball axis increases pedaling rate, which reduces effort when having to pump up a hill and offers excellent riding experience.
  4. NO RISK PURCHASE – fittek always stands behind our products and customers, if you receive any defective item, we provide FULL REFUND or FREE REPLACEMENT.
  5. We guarantee you a reply within 24 hours and a lifetime friendly customer service to ensure your satisfaction.
  6. I only gave it 4 stars right now as I just installed last week and he has yet to ride it, so I am not sure how well they will hold up.
  7. One of the stock pedals snapped off within 6 months of getting the bike.
  8. I’m not a specially heavy person (180lb) or a “power rider”, the pedals started to bend and finally broke after using them for about 20 miles on relatively hilly terrain (Austin TX, so not a mountain situation).
  9. At least they were pretty grippy and smooth when they still were in one piece, for using on a flatter terrain where you don’t need so much torque pedaling or if you have smaller feet so the pressure is focused on the areas closer to the axle joint they would be probably alright.
  10. They’re solid and provide excellent grip, though the spikes are pretty sharp and have taken some chunks out of my legs so you want to be careful with them.
  11. I’ve had no issues with them locking up, but please remember to grease the threads and the crank before attaching them.
  12. Too many people forget to grease new parts and it makes a huge difference.
  13. These are a great price for a quality pedal, grease them up and get out there!
  14. Upon opening them, I noticed the pedals had poor rotation; a good pedal should spin freely with a flick.
  15. Without looking closely, I noticed that my left foot felt as if it were sliding off the pedal.
  16. Closer inspection revealed that the pedal was bending as the center tube (where the ball bearings and grease are) did not fully extend throughout the plastic spindle.
  17. The other pedal began showing the same signs after roughly 50 miles.
  18. I might have expected pedals to be this inexpensive when I bought my bike 22 years ago, but this was a pleasant surprise.
  19. When I received the pedals, I was amazed at what good quality they were.
  20. They seem to be better made than the pedals that came with my Trek bike originally.
  21. These fixed that problem without having to go to clips.
  22. The looked of good quality and sturdy for the price and certainly better than the pedals which came with the bike.
  23. They feel solidly made and were an easy replacement for my broken plastic pedals.
Buy Bike Pedals, Bicycle Pedals fitTek High Performance Pedals for Bikes here $7.66

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