April 23, 2018

Fork 28″ Trekking 1″ 25.4x240x100 Mm Threaded Steel Black

fork trekking xx mm threaded steel black Fork 28 trekking 1 25.4x240x100 mm threaded steel black

fork trekking xx mm threaded steel black 1 Fork 28 trekking 1 25.4x240x100 mm threaded steel black
Unbraked bicycle fork by Italbike, which offers high quality bicycle accessories from well-known foreign manufacturers.

The element of the bike is possible to use in trekking bicycles with wheels of size 28 inches. Painted black, made of good quality steel-thanks to the use of steel has a beneficial vibration dampening properties.

The fork is stiff, which has the effect of reducing the weight of the bicycle after installation, gives better grip on the road and increases overall performance while driving.┬áThe fork has pivoting beacons as a place of assembly and axis of rotation for universal V-BRAKE brake shoes, as well as the place where the disc brake elements are attached. Rigid fork for bicycles on 28″wheels Color: black Weight: 1140g Length of the steerer tube approx. 24 cm Thread length: 100 mm Diameter: 25.4 Material: steel

Brand: Italbike

italbike Fork 28 trekking 1 25.4x240x100 mm threaded steel black

Zefal Touring Raider Front Bike Rack (Black)

zefal touring raider front bike rack black Fork 28 trekking 1 25.4x240x100 mm threaded steel black

  1. Made of a high resistant hollow aluminium 6061 structure.
  2. I couldn’t get it to sit right using any of the included eyelets in the front fork, so I had to install this completely using the included mounting hardware (stainless steel ladder cables that are kind of like heavy-duty zip ties).
  3. I haven’t done any touring with it yet, but I will update my review after I ride cross country this summer, or sooner if something goes horribly wrong.
  4. Note: When posting reviews, I wish more people would say what kind of bike they installed (or tried to install) materials to.
  5. Have been out several times with this now and no complaints to report.
  6. It’s not exceptionally strong but it seems sturdy enough once it is mounted to the fork.
  7. I bought the rack for my alloy road bike, which doesn’t have any rack mounts.
  8. I hoped to mount this rack onto the fork without rack mounts.
  9. It is difficult to mount them to the fork without scratching the paint all up.
  10. The plastic protective inserts are difficult to get in place.
  11. I slso had to mount the rack higher than I wanted because the hose clamp tightening scews hit the spokes when mounted lower.
  12. At best they look tacky, and how well they will work and holdup is yet to be seen.
  13. Additionally, I had to use spacers between the rack and the fork because the rack is much wider than the fork.
  14. I also had to make my own mounts for the top mounting position using some spare tail light mounts that I had in my miscellaneous bike parts box.
  15. They seem to work pretty well and look much better than hose clamps!!!
  16. I then used plastic pull ties to attach the bottom of the rack to the fork near the wheel mount.
  17. After “rigging” up this install, the rack looks good and feels pretty solid and secure.
  18. I mounted a pair of inexpensive BV panniers, which mounted on pretty well.
  19. Now, to test this new system out on a trial tour to see if it will take the abuse of the road.
  20. Bottom line, if you are not handy with modifying things and making things work that are not made to fit, even with the supplied “universal” mounting hardware, you will probably be frustrated with this rack and send it back, or bend it in half or jump up and down on it!!!
  21. If you are pretty handy with this sort of thing you might be able to make it work for you.
  22. I can see some changes that would make it a five star product.
  23. One simple change: I think if the slotted mounting bars were welded to the inside of the rack it would go a long way towards preventing the rack from rubbing away at the paint on the fork; possibly even cause a thin spot on the rack tubing, eventually leading to failure.
  24. Also, I’m pretty sure the heads on the carriage bolts supplied with the worm clamps will stick above the plastic liners and rub against the fork.
  25. Perhaps grinding a little off will help but that will expose the bolt to rusting.
  26. The brackets that mount the rack to the brake bosses on my suspension fork are not wide enough.
  27. They need to have a longer tab with a slot for better universal fit, but again, swapping out the supplied bolts for some longer and a few washers should do the trick.
  28. Since it’s meant to be a universally mounted rack I think if they sent a length of spacer material that could be cut to the proper length, for bolts selected by the purchaser, and some thicker plastic liner for the worm clamps, this would be a 5 star rack.
  29. Using extra washers will work, but I am of the opinion that it always contributes to things loosening up quicker by allowing more play compared to a solid spacer.
  30. All in all, I think it’s a serviceable Light to Medium duty rack for a reasonable price.
  31. I added spacers between the fork and the rack so that they never touch.
  32. That leaves lots of clearance between the loaded rack and wheel – easier to strap on bags and less likely for stuff to get caught in the wheel.
  33. It’s also REALLY sturdy and my bike handles incredibly well due to the low center of gravity.
  34. It mounted well to the front shock and held solid for 800 miles.
  35. I rode from Portland, OR to the Bay Area loaded up front and back, with this rack carrying anywhere from 15-25 Lb.
  36. I would recommend this as a budget front rack for a fork lacking mounts or eyelets.
  37. Fits around the disc brakes perfectly, and works well with the Axiom DLX 30s I got as front panniers.
  38. I did not have a chance to put on bike until day of departure.
  39. Hasn’t budged and holds the front panniers with a lot of weight.

Buy Zefal Touring Raider Front Bike Rack (Black) here $41.63

SKS Shock Blade Front 28-29 Mudguard 2016

sks shock blade front mudguard Fork 28 trekking 1 25.4x240x100 mm threaded steel black

  1. My main concern was that the fenders would come off easily and quickly when I don’t need them.
  2. The plastic seems pretty durable, I haven’t hit anything with it yet so can’t say how it will hold up to impact.
  3. The plastic is pretty thin overall but it seems flexible.
  4. To install this fender you put a plastic piece up inside the fork from the bottom and tighten the screw.
  5. They give you a bunch of different sizes so you can find one that fits your fork closely.
  6. The only negative I have is that the fender wobbles a little from side to side in the mount.
  7. My cables press on the side of the fender a bit because of the way they are routed and that skews the fender somewhat.
  8. The first one was a disaster because the bike shop that sold it to me installed one that (apparently) had been returned, and did not have the correct mounting bracket for this type of fender in the packaging.
  9. They mounted it with an L bracket and it never remained oriented forwards.
  10. I had to rig up a contraption with cable ties to get the thing to stay pointed in the direction of the wheel.
  11. I don’t blame SKS for this — the bike shop will not be getting any repeat business from me, though.
  12. I was shocked at how easy it was to mount and position when the correct bracket was available, but literally the first time I took the bike on a ride after installing the fender, the orange plastic piece that is used to lock the fender to the mount snapped off, and while the fender has remained mounted on the bike wheel, I feel like it’s only a matter of time before it slips off during a ride and has to be discarded, like the last one.
  13. I liked the styling of this fender a lot, but I’m so disappointed with its ability to not be broken, I probably won’t buy another one again.
  14. The actual mount inserts into the head tube with a pressure-fit device and stays with the bike when the fender is removed.
  15. It does give your mountain bike a bit of a motocross look, but hey, it could be worse!
  16. It can make a bit of noise if you’re bombing downhill at high speeds, but it stays in place just fine.
  17. If anything, it will move off center just slightly, but really not a big deal.
  18. UPDATE: Sadly, the slotted connection rail on the fender cracked from minor impact while loading the bike into my van.
  19. Now the fender won’t stay attached to the headset mount.
  20. Until they re-engineer this ara of the fender, I would NOT recommend this product.
  21. I have uploaded photos to show the very under-engineered broken area.
  22. I was getting tired of mud and dirt splashing on me and my water bottles.
  23. I’ve had SKS fenders on other bikes so I was happy to find they make one specifically for 29″ wheels.
  24. This fender works great it’s easy to install and does a great job of keeping mud off me and my water bottles and it looks great on my bike.
  25. If you have a bike with 29″ tires and are tired off getting covered with mud this is what your looking for.
  26. Had this on a number of times I’ve been out and it worked as hoped.
  27. I also have the back tire version of this on which has kept the spray off my back.
  28. They were quick to install and easy to remove if you don’t want the ‘extra weight’, but I typically just leave them on this time of year (maybe I’ll take them back off in June when it (kind of) stops raining.
  29. Only downside is the connection to the front fork, which loosens over time, and can fall out if not re-tightened.
  30. I’ve had to replace 2 others because they fell out, and parts were lost.
  31. Once I found the cone that fit the fork, I used the included allen wrench, screw, and nut to secure the adapter and cone.
  32. The fender then slid into place and locked onto the adapter.
  33. There’s a push button that disconnects the fender in the event it has to be removed for cleaning or bike servicing.
  34. The fender material is flexible enough to take impacts while the mud flap is soft enough to effectively reduce splashing and in case your foot hits it during a turn.
  35. I just installed the head tube part and then ended up trying to install the fender portion only to have the plastic guides on one side break off.
  36. It is now barely hanging on and I have to purchase another front fender.
  37. This is a good lightweight fender system for mountain bikes …
  38. I am having to pay double because your instructions suck.
  39. I also had to wrap the headtubes with black electric tape for a snugger fit up the headtube …
  40. I guess you have to be smarter than the fender caus a couple people said this was flimsy and falls out but they are dead wrong.
  41. The fender comes with several sizes cone inserts that expand to hold mount in place.

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