April 23, 2018

Fork 20″ Wigry W-3

fork wigry Fork 20 Wigry W 3

fork wigry 1 Fork 20 Wigry W 3


Fork-20″for thread 1" steel

Pipe length-22 cm

Thread-4.5 cm

Internal spacing fork between the spokes (at the height of the wheel axle): 9.1 cm

The size of the holes under the blade-8 mm

Available colors-black or red

Brand: Brat

Phoenix Force Pro Scooter

phoenix force pro scooter Fork 20 Wigry W 3

  1. Phoenix believes it is more important than ever to deliver the same high quality products to the next generation of riders.
  2. The durable construction and lightweight design of the Phoenix Force is the perfect mix for the developing rider, allowing them to up their game and master an array of pro scooter tricks.
  3. The Force includes a head tube decal, mini HIC fork and 100mm wheels.
  4. All products on this complete are made to industry standards, which makes swapping parts and future upgrades easy.
  5. Every detail of the Phoenix Force, from the fully integrated aircraft grade aluminum deck to the intricate graphics, has been hand picked by the Phoenix Pro team.
  6. The high end component parts ensure a ride that will keep you rolling instead of wrenching.

Buy Phoenix Force Pro Scooter here

ByK E-450 Kid’s Bike, 20 in wheels, 10 inch frame, for Boys and Girls, Blue or Lime Green

byk kid bike wheels inch frame for boys and girls blue lime green Fork 20 Wigry W 3

  1. However, be warned that you will need to adjust the tension in the chain and adjust the handbrake position for it to be functional.
  2. This may be obvious to serious bikers but I was used to kids’ bikes being rideable straight out of the box and this one had an extremely tight chain which made it SO HARD for my daughter to pedal.
  3. Once we figured that out and googled how to adjust them and the handbrakes (which are set WAY too far apart for a kid’s small hand), it made a huge difference.
  4. In sum, a great bike, but needs adjustment out of the box and too expensive in my opinion, especially since it doesn’t shift gears (but the multi-speed lightweight bikes like Islabike and Woombike were outrageously expensive, over 450 dollars, so not really an option for us).
  5. I live in a hilly area so the high gear ratio is pretty hard for him but I do like how much faster he can go so on flat he can keep up better.
  6. The build quality is pretty good and the bike has a very long wheel base so he is pretty steady.
  7. A quick summary:
    Good build quality
    Easy to assemble
    Relatively light
    high gear ratio (good for down hill and flat)
    Lower inseam requirement
    Narrow tires (better for road use)
    Rear brake has a lot of adjustability
    Have functional hand brakes
    Has a bell (good to teach him to ring it to notify people he is passing)

    Wheels should be trued (dont have a truing stand so just relaxed the brakes a little)
    Quite a lot of adjustments required to get everything setup nicely
    Front brake has limited adjustability
    Not as good off road
    Coaster brake (good for my son since he is used to it but want him to switch to the hand brakes)

    My son is even happier since I added some cheap front and rear lights to his bike.

  8. I waited a few weeks before I let him ride it since there is a learning curve for riding a bike like this on the hill but after a few days trying he is much better and riding up the hill.
  9. Since he is a little small for the bike he cant stand up and pedal very well but it isnt a big problem.
  10. My daughter (7) loves her bike and is so confident on her Byk Bicycle that she’s taking sweet jumps and riding like a pro.
  11. Lacks proper instructions on assembling and maintenance.
  12. The exchange was super easy but one tire on the new bike still wasn’t true so I paid my bike shop to true it.
  13. Very light weight, low slung for easier balance and step over, no complaints about the brakes or drive assembly.
  14. The box stores sell heavy junk for what seem like a reasonable price, but they don’t last and kids have to lug them around.

Buy ByK E-450 Kid’s Bike, 20 in wheels, 10 inch frame, for Boys and Girls, Blue or Lime Green here $230.51

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