April 23, 2018

Fork 16″ Painted Steel

fork painted steel Fork 16 painted steel
Currently forks available in colors:

– black


Length-46.5 cm

Shank length-18 cm

Thread-6 cm

Diameter-25.4 mm

Internal spacing-10 cm

Brand: HN Gdynia

hn gdynia Fork 16 painted steel

Mantis Girl’s Heartbreaker BMX Bike

mantis girl heartbreaker bmx bike Fork 16 painted steel

  1. Features real air tires for a smooth ride, full bearing construction for easy repair, enclosed chain guard to keep little fingers safe from the chain, coaster brakes for safe & easy stops, handlebar pads, steel rims and training wheels.
  2. However, every time she rides it, one of the pedals falls off.
  3. We have to carry a wrench with us when we go for bike rides to screw it back on.

Buy Mantis Girl’s Heartbreaker BMX Bike here $72.54 – $154.65

Mantis Spritz Ready2Roll Girl’s Bicycle, 2 minute hassle-free assembly

mantis spritz ready roll girl bicycle minute hassle free assembly Fork 16 painted steel

  1. In addition to the super quick assembly time, your child’s bike will catch eyes all up and down the block!
  2. The beauty of chrome plating a bicycle and its parts come at a steep cost to our environment.
  3. With that in mind, we developed the Krome Koat Ultra-Violet Paint that is more friendly to the enviroment than chrome plating without sacrificing quality.
  4. This bike can be assembled in two minutes, with no tools required for the 12” and 16”, and one single tool for the 20”, which is included with your purchase!
  5. You can practically take it out of the box, do a few adjustments, put your kid on it, and go!
  6. This bicycle is perfect for those busy parents who would rather spend time enjoying their little ones.
  7. The Ready2Roll line features eye-catching graphics all over, a comfortable seat and grips, and a chainguard.
  8. Its beautiful painted exterior is UV processed, allowing it to be very durable.

Buy Mantis Spritz Ready2Roll Girl’s Bicycle, 2 minute hassle-free assembly here $90.11

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