April 23, 2018

Fender Plastic SKS TREKKING 28″ 45 Mm Set

fender plastic sks trekking mm set Fender plastic SKS TREKKING 28 45 mm set


– material: plastic
– fixing: frame holder with a diameter of. tubes 28-35mm
– Weight: 185g
– Notes: for frames with 28″wheels and tires up to 45mm wide

Brand: SKS

sks Fender plastic SKS TREKKING 28 45 mm set

SKS Velo 65 MTB Snap-On Bicycle Fenders – Pair

sks velo mtb snap bicycle fenders pair Fender plastic SKS TREKKING 28 45 mm set
  1. It literally took less than 10 minutes to install the fenders, and that includes using zip-ties for modifying mounting the rear fender to the frame and an additional zip to add support via the pannier rack.
  2. Please see photos for how I installed these fenders on a full suspension mountain bike.
  3. The front fender seemed to be a bit stronger and less flexible than the rear fender.
  4. The rear fender seemed a bit more flexible and thus floppy.
  5. Also, there was only one rubber grip to secure one of the plastic clip-on mounts to the frame for the rear fender.
  6. So I grabbed an O ring from my plumbing parts box and voila!
  7. I then used a couple of zip ties to loop around the fender and through the pannier rack to give the fender just a bit more support.
  8. It seemed to sway from side to side, just moving the bike.
  9. We will see how they hold up to biking in Cambridge this winter.
  10. I live in a rainy climate and these fenders have now been on the bike for 3 weeks.
  11. It is a good but older hard frame mountain bike that I use every day for commuting.
  12. There is some spray from the back of the front fender that gets the shoes wet, but I don’t think that can be avoided in heavy rain.
  13. They are reasonably lightweight for addition to a commuter type bike.
  14. The fenders come with a variety and abundance of nuts, bolts, washers, attachment brackets.
  15. Not a big deal; there were extra hex bolts provided that fit the preset frame mounting position for fenders.
  16. I did not buy the wire hoops as additional support for the fenders.
  17. This was not needed for the front fender; however, the back fender did not have the clearance nor rigidity and needed (for my bike) the additional lift up and back for the fender to not contact the rear tire.
  18. This problem was solved with fashioning the same basic hoop as you might purchase from a heavy coat hanger wire.
  19. Again, the abundance of screws/bolts and washers, just allowed for a simple eye hook at each end of the coat hanger to fasten it to the preset frame mount thread (for fender or back rack) and the coat hanger snaps into the clip on the inside of the fender that would be used by the commercial bracket.
  20. It’s plastic, but I don’t hold it against it for the price.
  21. The rear fender to touch the tires, so “SKS U-Stay Kit for Velo 65 Fender” set is a requirement purchase with this.
  22. The front holds it’s shape and doesn’t need the U-Stay Kit however.
  23. I will recommend the SKS’ Velo series of fendors in general, and they have different sizes to make it work on any bicycle frame as long as you the diligence of measurements first rather than just eyeballing it in the pictures and crossing your fingers it will work on your frame.
  24. They are not meant for knobbies, let alone studded ones like my Schwalbe ice spikers.
  25. The studs eventually cut through the think metal that the stays mount to.
  26. My sons bike has been running a narrower version of these SKS fenders for a few years so I thought I would give them a shot.
  27. They do not have as much coverage, but the price is right, the are durable, and they are easy to mount.
  28. These are great if you need more coverage than the typical MTB fender, but maybe your ride is a little rougher than the commuter fenders are intended to experience.
  29. I put a set on my bike, my wife’s bike, and my buddy just ordered some for his.
  30. I gave it 4 stars because I just can’t get adjusted to plastic fenders.
  31. Not perfect in horrible weather, but they work fine for general use.
Buy SKS Velo 65 MTB Snap-On Bicycle Fenders – Pair here $19.96

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