April 23, 2018

Fender Plastic SKS Hightrek 26″ 60mm Set

fender plastic sks hightrek mm set Fender plastic SKS Hightrek 26 60mm set
A set of light fenders made of plastic.Ringable.
A grip on a rame with a pipe diameter of 28-35 mm.
A set for two wheels.


– plastic plug fenders
– set front and back to col 26″
– equipped with universal mounts (diameter of the seat tube 28-35mm)
– also for bikes with "V" type brakes.
– Weight: 195 g

Brand: Nieznany

SKS MTB Cantilever-V.Brake Mudguard

sks mtb cantilever brake mudguard Fender plastic SKS Hightrek 26 60mm set
  1. They took a licking on some entry level single track trails and kept on ticking.
  2. When the tires pick up trail debris, the fenders deflect without sustaining damage or locking up the wheel.
  3. The rear fender has a clip to hold on to the seat tube.
  4. The clip is free to slide up and down the tube and can brake away with moderate effort.
  5. Certainly much better than dirt blades I have seen for 29er mountain bikes.
  6. One of the benefits of riding on old fashioned 26″ wheels is that you can outfit your bike with these excellent fenders.
  7. I’m moderately handy, but I knew if I couldn’t make them work that trying to return the product was not going to be worth the time and expense.
  8. The instructions are just a few small pictures on the cardboard packaging label at the top of the bag.
  9. It gave me an idea of where the parts were intended to go, and it provided a couple of ways to attach both the front and the back fenders.
  10. In my case (a cheap, generic 26″ wheel mountain bike [Specialized Hardrock SR Suntour]) I found installation was very easy and no modifications were required.
  11. I just had to accept some contact with the brake assembly a bit on the front.
  12. Some bicycles are going to be easier to make these fenders fit than others.
  13. I suppose the company could provide a few more instructions for customizing the fender installation to various styles of bicycles (on a website or something).
  14. My guess is that these wheels would fit around 75% of 26″ bicycles without any modification.
  15. The other 25% will require something like drilling a hole in the fenders, using zip ties, reshaping them with a heat gun, etc.
  16. If you’re not handy or don’t want the risk/challenge, go to your local bicycle store and pay to have a cheap set of fenders installed for around three times this.
  17. They work flawlessly on a 1993 Giant Yukon and a 1993 Treck mountain bike.
  18. They go on the bike without much trouble after studying the limited instructions; they are easily removed if you chose to go fender free on sunny days.
  19. The instructions are near non existent the back of the cardboard packaging is all there is and it essentially all up to you to decipher the very small nondescript pictures with limited wording and terrible for directions!
  20. If you have the ability to figure things out – then no problem installing.
  21. If you need detailed directions then look for help from a person with ability to make things work.
  22. They come with assorted hardware for different types of bikes.
  23. They are light weight, easy on and off after installing once.
  24. And frankly the work great to keep the water and mud off of you.
  25. The frame is small (15″ I believe, I was a kid when I got the bike).
  26. I had to bend the bracket for the front fender a bit so that the fender wouldn’t rub against the tire (in doing so it barely clears the front brakes, but they do work!), but all in all I’m surprised they fit!
  27. The fender comes with a kit that allows for the rear fender to be mounted two different ways and the front fender mounts on the home for the front reflector (since I have one I didn’t use their bolt, just used their washer and sandwiched it onto the existing hardware).
  28. The rear fender can be mounted in two different ways depending on your frame – it clips to the vertical shaft coming from the crank and attaches to the frame near the rear brake as well.
  29. This allows you to adjust the length of the fender and it has a narrow portion To clear the rear brakes.
  30. Having ridden my bike to work the past few weeks these have helped a lot!
  31. Don’t get nearly as dirty anymore & the price is great!
  32. The plastic hook was whitening from the stress of holding up its own weight, even though it practically hit the tire on a 26″.
  33. It seems that I might be able to use it just by hooking it to the frame in front as intended, and maybe adding some tape.
  34. They would have fit my Mountain bike out of the box but I bought them for my 700cc commuter.
  35. I needed to trim the front fender to fit it through the narrow fork on that bike, but a pair of utility scissors and a rasp to even up the trimming made it fit and look fine.
  36. I bent the included front fender bracket a bit to ensure the front fender wouldn’t rub the tire.
  37. No issues with the rear fender, it is a nice snug fit and I just needed to unhook the noodle on the rear brake to install and then reconnect it.
  38. If you’re a little handy you’ll get these to work, they have good coverage and the price is right.
  39. The fenders were installed on both bikes and no modification head to be made.It is a very good product.
  40. The rear fender mounting distance is too short for my tall vintage mountain bike.
  41. I got these to work all right on my hardtail mountain bike but only after drilling a couple new holes in them.
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