July 31, 2018

EcoBike S-Cross L White Electric Bike

electric bike ecobike cross white EcoBike S Cross L White electric bike
electric bike ecobike cross white 1 EcoBike S Cross L White electric bike
A good trekking bike must combine the characteristics of single-tracked different segments. Roadiness, convenience and practicality of city bikes, as well as endurance of MTB bikes where asphalt ends.
And if such a bike still had electric support and looked great, it would be almost perfect.
And this is what S-Cross is.
Electric trekking bike with a reliable 350W motor and powerful batteries integrated into the frame, whose maximum range is from 80 km to even 160 km! Our batteries are made on Samsung, Panasonic and LG cells; They are characterized by low weight and high efficiency. Capacity varies from 10.4 Ah to 16 Ah. Without effort, the support will spread S-Cross up to 35 km / h *, and everything is done smoothly and without jerk, thanks to the new generation of controller.
A large LCD display will allow you to conveniently control the support and indicate a lot of useful information; it also has a USB port through which you can load your smartphone. You can also use a gas handle, with which you can go 35 km / h (after previous unblocking)
without pedaling. From the beginning it was clear that S-Cross must work well everywhere-in and out of the city; on asphalt and dirt road; on short and long distances and be comfortable in all conditions. Its equipment must therefore be robust and meet high demands.
Among the subassemblies, there are, among others Schwalbe ENERGIZER PLUS tires, solid Shimano Altus crank with 3 Speed ​​derailleur.
The rear saddle is an 8-speed Shimano Acera 8 Speed. Safety in different conditions depends primarily on the brakes-S-Cross has Shimano BL-M396L (L)
BR-M395L (F)
hydraulic disc brakes. For the best traction we used the front fork SunTour Nex HLO DS 700, which very well dampens inertia.
The bike is also factory equipped with a complete lighting, and its front lamp is powered by a battery in the frame.
S-Cross also has a practical bag. Find out how versatile S-Cross is! * The bike is blocked up to a speed of 25km / h, as the road traffic regulations say, but when you are off the public road, you can unlock the bike’s power by 100%, then our S-Cross supports us up to 35km / h! When we do not have the power to pedal, we can use the gas handle that allows driving without pedaling (the throttle allows driving up to 35 km / h with the engine unlocked). , 8 kg (aluminum)
System-BIGSTONE C6E LCD display, 6 travel modes, with USB socket and optionally with a gas grip.
Max. load-125 kg (including the carrier)
Frame-17 inches Hydroformed Aluminum
Wheel-28 inches, reinforced wrappers and stainless spokes
Tires-28 x 1.75 Schwalbe ENERGIZER PLUS
Crankset-Shimano Altus
Gearbox-Front-Shimano Altus 3 speed Tyl-Shimano Acera 8 speed
Suspension-front-suspension fork SunTour NEX HLO DS 700
Shimano hydraulic disc brakes BL-M396L (L)
BR-M395L (F)
Shifters-Shimano Altus
Steering wheel-PROMAX HB-3188
Steering wheel seat-PROMAX
Saddle-Selle Royal LOOKIN-A200
Package dimensions-140 x 25 x 75 cm
Dimensions of the bicycle-190 x 62 x 120 cm
Average distance-60-110 km
Battery- 36V 13 Ah Samsung

Brand: EcoBike

ecobike EcoBike S Cross L White electric bike

CRZ YOGA Women’s Strappy Back Wirefree Padded Workout Yoga Sports Bra

crz yoga women strappy back wirefree padded workout yoga sports bra EcoBike S Cross L White electric bike
  1. The cross back design makes you feel more confident and sexy.
  2. I wear a 36C or D depending on the bra and I got a size large which fits just fine.
  3. I’m about a 34-36B, 5’8″ 150 lbs and I’m a Crossfitter.
  4. I am bummed they didn’t have any medium left in the black but may be ordering the 5 pack.
  5. It has the mesh fabric inside, removeable cups (which are less bulky), soft flat seams and they pretty much fit just like my lulu’s.
  6. Differences I see are of course lack of variety in design or colors, there is a small flat seam in the front but it’s really no biggie.
  7. I did a slamball/box jump/push-up metcon today and it held up very well but I don’t have a lot to begin with so I can’t say it would hold well if you are more well endowed.
  8. While I will never quit my lulu addiction (I never want to be cured!), this is a great and CHEAPER alternative.
  9. Also, I will try to remember to do a review to attest to the longevity of this bra.
  10. It was very comfortable and had great support (for me).
  11. I usually wear smells in other brands, but after reading other reviews, I ordered up one size.
  12. If you are a chesty/busty girl I’m not sure this would give you the support you’d need.
  13. I wanted a comfy bra for under tank tops and stuff for the summer and this will be perfect.
  14. The girls are pretty pushed up, not necessarily the look I’m going for at the gym but I can work with it.
  15. I’ve always had a hard time with workout bras, they always pull on my shoulders.
  16. I’m in my 30’s and can say I’ve never had a comfortable sports bra.
  17. It’s low but I never get that boob crack with bras but this one almost does 🙂 my boobs don’t touch very often.
  18. I just wore it for few hours and can feel it in my shoulders.
  19. I’m going to order a size large and try it since I do like how it makes my boobs look.
  20. The foam boob things keep coming out and one is peeling apart.
  21. At this point I can’t wear it do to the straps digging in.
  22. I love the strappy back and have received many compliments.
  23. The construction seems sturdy and the fabric is very comfortable.
  24. I have worn it running, to yoga, spin class, pretty much anything (but then again, I don’t need much support).
  25. The padding will come out in the wash–just be careful so you don’t lose them.
  26. It’s really cute and the material is incredibly soft especially for a sports bra.
  27. I usually don’t care for removable cups because it’s always a hassle to get them back in the right way, but I love that these cups are just circular, so it’s easy to put them back in without fidgeting around with them for awhile trying to remember which way they go.
  28. Also, the openings for the cups are way more flexible and stretchy then others I’ve had, which also makes the cups really easy to put back.
  29. The racerback detail with the multiple straps are simple, but feminine and I don’t have to worry about them getting tangled because of how they are attached.
  30. This bra is perfect for low impact workouts like just weightlifting days (or anything that doesn’t involve running or jumping).
  31. It’s also perfect for me to wear all day as I work in a gym and often wear workout clothes all day, but don’t want to feel trapped all day by a high impact bra that, so this is perfect for wearing all day to feel comfortable in a more flexible sports bra.
  32. I have a very large back because I do boxing ad weightlifing.
  33. Material is silky, I like this product so much that I ordered other colors.
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HATOPANTS Women’s Crisscross Front Seamless Gym Activewear Sports Yoga Bra

hatopants women crisscross front seamless gym activewear sports yoga bra EcoBike S Cross L White electric bike
    COLOR: The color may different as pictures due to many factors such as
    your lighting and monitor settings.
  2. SIZE: Please check the measurement details in image section and our
    description to make sure our item could fit you well before you make
    your purchase.
    The HATOPANTS are focused on delivering an exciting shopping
    experience and making sure that our high standards of quality.
  4. HATOPANTS is committed to providing each customer with the highest
    standard of customer service.
  5. Also I like how close fit they wear so you’re not hanging or jiggling.
  6. I working on replacing my everyday bras so I intend to purchase more of these in other colors because I just enjoy them!!!!!
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