September 14, 2018

Detka 275 / 300-18 TR-4 Vee Rubber

Detka tr vee rubber 4 Detka 275 / 300 18 TR 4 Vee Rubber
Vee Rubber detects are made of oxidation-resistant and deformed vulcanised butyl rubber. Unlike traditional solutions used in old-style detectors or, for example, bicycle detectors, butyl detectors are definitely more durable and more accurate to perform. In addition, they show much greater resistance to breakdowns due to friction. In the butyl rubber detectors, it is easier to seat a valve that is not torn off when the detector moves in the tire, especially when driving under reduced pressure. WARNING! Before mounting the detector, check the condition of the protective band of the bands. Please use the technical talc during the assembly of the new and used tire detector! Material thickness: 1.6-1.7 mm Suitable for tires with size:
– 2.75-18
– 3.00-18

Brand: Vee Rubber

vee rubber Detka 275 / 300 18 TR 4 Vee Rubber

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