November 10, 2018

Detka 14″ X1 3 / 8×1 5/8 AV Vee Rubber (loose)

Tube  av vee rubber bulk Detka 14 x1 3 / 8x1 5/8 AV Vee Rubber (loose)

Tube  av vee rubber bulk 1 Detka 14 x1 3 / 8x1 5/8 AV Vee Rubber (loose)
Bike detector on wheels 14″


Manufacturer-Vee Rubber

Size-14 x1 3 / 8×1 5/8


Brand: Vee Rubber

vee rubber Detka 14 x1 3 / 8x1 5/8 AV Vee Rubber (loose)

3 in 1 Plyometric Box: 12″x14″x16″ Flatpack

in plyometric box x flatpack Detka 14 x1 3 / 8x1 5/8 AV Vee Rubber (loose)

  1. Includes assembly screws, wood glue, and easy to follow assembly instructions.
  2. We use only quality 3/4″ cabinet grade domestic plywood – no cheap Chinese import plywood like other manufacturers and resellers.
  3. All of our boxes include oval carry holes on two sides for convenient transport.
  4. The outside edges are rounded over and hand sanded to eliminate sharp, dangerous edges.
  5. The main screw holes are pre-drilled with counter sink bit.
  6. Packaging includes glue, # 2 Phillips head screws, and detailed, easy to follow assembly instructions.
  7. The polybox goes together easily but I took the extra step and added 2X2’s to gain strength and stability.
  8. This functions as well as anything at a professional gym and doesn’t look out of place in a home den.
  9. One piece of advice is to drill the holes very slowly and use WD-40 on the screw tips to prevent wood damage.
  10. Ben Booker wants you to grip the box and squeeze while doing push-ups on it, so I had to cut another set of handles near the top with a jigsaw.
  11. My only complaint is that this particular size has only two useful sides.
  12. With either the 16″x14″ side facing up (jumping up 12″) or the or the 16″x12″ side facing up (jumping up 14″) it works fine.
  13. Probably okay for people with smaller feet, but I like, at a minimum, a slightly bigger landing surface.
  14. I also reinforced the inside with some 2″x2″ pieces and used plenty of wood glue.
  15. Once together, this thing is quite sturdy and very convenient.
  16. The only negative is that it arrived with all the material to put it together and it was short one wood screw.
  17. The only drawback for me is that it isn’t quite wide enough for my frame for certain exercises.
  18. Highly recommend that you pre-drill for the screws, and use wood glue on the joints.

Buy 3 in 1 Plyometric Box: 12″x14″x16″ Flatpack here $59.95

Cooler Shock 3X Lg. Zero°F Cooler Freeze Packs 10″x14″ – No More Ice Replaces Ice & is Reusable – You Add Water and Save! – 12 pounds total – Camping, Fishing, Picnics, Boating

cooler shock zero cooler freeze packs more ice replaces ice amp reusable you add Detka 14 x1 3 / 8x1 5/8 AV Vee Rubber (loose)

  1. Zero°F Cooler Freeze Packs 10"x14" – No More Ice Replaces Ice & is Reusable – You Add Water and Save!
  2. Zero°F Cooler Freeze Packs 10″x14″ – No More Ice Replaces Ice & is Reusable – You Add Water and Save!
  3. Zero°F Cooler Freeze Packs 10"x14" – No More Ice!
  4. Cooler Shock Replaces Ice and is Reusable – Easy Fill – You Add Water and Save!
  5. Non-hazardous cooler gel pack out performs ice and other gel packs.
  6. Originally designed to keep blood shipments cold, these packs have as much energy as a freezer!
  7. PACKS DESIGNED TO PHASE CHANGE (go from solid to liquid).
  8. Our method releases the largest amount of energy at freezer temperatures to get your food & beverages cold quickly.
  9. USE – Place in freezer at zero degrees (typical freezer temp.) for 24 hours and you will have portable cooling power that actually accelerates cooling (cools things down rather than try to keep them at the temperature they started at.
  10. Simple add the water, press the permanent safety cork in and then screw the cap on.
  11. It last all day (24 hours) under constant use and opening and closing of your cooler.
  12. Add room temperature drinks and beer to your cooler and drink them at near freezing temperatures a few hours later.
  13. Drinks and beer should not be left in direct contact with ice packs for a prolonged period as they will freeze.
  14. COOLER SHOCK – Since 2011 – Call us to discuss your needs, real people in Phoenix Arizona answer the phone.
  15. Sealed ready to use ice packs also available by Cooler Shock.
  16. Click on “by Cooler Shock” at the top of the listing for full line.
  17. A more economical solution for those that want a more moderate temperature delivered over time.
  18. These limit the accelerated early cooling effect of Cooler Shock.
  19. Watch for Cooler Shock soft coolers with pockets to hold Cooler Shock packs – coming soon!
  20. We got her cause the breed is great with kids and allegedly hypoallergenic.
  21. She couldn’t sleep through the night because she was getting too hot in her crate.
  22. I purchased this product as an alternative to doggy chill mats, since the pet cooler mats when you put them in the freezer don’t stay cold very long.
  23. We had tried several of them, and even hard freezing them we would end up adding blue ice packs to the crate/dog bed by 2:30 AM.
  24. I figured, these packs are big enough that I put all three into a pillow case and freeze them, it would be better than those cold mats that stay cool for only a few hours.
  25. With the Cooler Shock she makes it from 9:00 PM to 5:00 AM.
  26. By morning the Cooler Shock is pretty much thawed, but still cool to the touch.
  27. Blue Ice would be thawed completely and warm and that is with them being on a pet chill mat.
  28. The dog thinks it’s the best treat ever, stares at the freezer waiting to be put to bed.
  29. I realize that is probably the strangest application every, but thermodynamically they do a great job next to a 101 degree furry heat exchanger.
  30. If you are not familiar with the Deep South, it is one of the hottest, most humid places you can imagine during the summer.
  31. My family lives on a small farm, and we are often working outside, using a tailgate as a workbench.
  32. Early this summer we began with two bags of ice in a cheap cooler.
  33. This process of buying two bags of ice every morning started to get really expensive.
  34. I decided to invest in one of the new generation of coolers.
  35. Two bags of ice would hold for two days (which is impressive when the cooler is in the back of a truck in the AR sun all day).
  36. Still expensive, it was pretty gross because at the end of the day all of your water bottles are floating in some nasty (sweat, dust, etc.) albeit cold water.
  37. I was skeptical because I read reviews that talked about the “bribe” the company offers for good reviews.
  38. I decided it was worth the cost to find out if the product worked as claimed.
  39. Quart K2 cooler will keep a case of bottled water cold for up to two days.
  40. I was so impressed that I ordered another three pack of Cooler Shocks today.
  41. My plan is to use 3 and keep 3 in the deep freeze, rotating them every evening.
  42. This gives me an endless supply of cold water in the field with no buying ice and no nasty water in the cooler to clean out every day.
  43. I just purchased another 3 about two weeks ago and they are the same as before.
  44. Keep frozen food frozen and drinks will be icy cold to the point you can’t hold them in your hand.
  45. I don’t recommend having beverage cans in direct contact with them as you will get ice in your drink and that is not so good with beer.
  46. Bottled beverages seem to not get frozen, but still very cold.
  47. I use these in conjunction with my two Pelican coolers.
  48. One is a 45qt unit and the other is the newer 20qt unit.
  49. The 20qt cooler I keep in the back of my truck 24/7 and travel with it anywhere I go.
  50. I’ll use the Cooler Shock packs for the first couple of days and then resort to cubed hotel ice if I need to stay longer than 3 days.
  51. With the combo of the Pelican coolers and the Cooler Shock ice packs, I can’t ask for anything better for week long outings to keep things cold in the cooler.
  52. Great product as long as you allow them to freeze for two days prior to using.
  53. It is also best to make sure they are laying flat as possible in the freezer so they will fit better in the cooler you are going to put them in.
  54. Crinkled up ice packs don’t fit well in a cooler when space is at a premium while packing said cooler.
  55. Overall, great product and easy to fill and close using a hot iron.
  56. Just make sure ALL the air is out before sealing them shut.
  57. They fit the Pelican 20qt Cooler very well and the photos show the ice pack after 4 days and sitting atop ice.
  58. The packs, while no longer frozen (4 days later), are very very cold.
  59. More importantly the beverages in the cooler are still frosty cold.
  60. There is a chemical in the pouches, that when mixed with water turns into a gel.
  61. The directions were clear and it was very easy to fill the piouches up with the required amount of water, get the air out, zip shut, dry the fold by the zip top and iron to seal.
  62. If someone is not comfortable with filling and sealing these ice packs themselves, I believe you can ordered them filled for an additional cost.
  63. I don’t know if this is a design flaw or if we just got a bad batch, but I will not be ordering replacements from the same brand.
  64. I don’t have to coordinate a trip to the corner store or dig for my cold stuff or risk something getting soaked if it’s not sealed right.
  65. Skip the dry ice, these things will freeze a soda if in direct contact.
  66. These things kept my cooler icy cold for the entire week.
  67. Tricky in getting them sealed up in the beginning, but once I got the hang of it.
  68. Zero°F Cooler Freeze Packs 10\”x14\” – No More Ice Replaces Ice & is Reusable – You Add Water and Save!

Buy Cooler Shock 3X Lg. Zero°F Cooler Freeze Packs 10″x14″ – No More Ice Replaces Ice & is Reusable – You Add Water and Save! – 12 pounds total – Camping, Fishing, Picnics, Boating here

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