April 23, 2018

Derailleur Lever 21-gears Index Set

lever bracket Transmission index set Derailleur lever 21 gears index set
3-7 gear lever bracket for front and rear saddle


– indexed gear change
– 3-7 rows
– controlled by thumb
– complete with ropes and armor

Brand: Tora Zajdel

Shimano RevoShift SL-RS35 Friction 3×7 Speed Shift Lever Set Right/Left 21 Speed Twist Shifter

shimano revoshift rs friction speed shift lever set right left speed twist shift Derailleur lever 21 gears index set
  1. A dependable bicycle part, works well with a lighter easier action
    Shimano is the #1 brand in cycling parts, especially shifters, derailleurs, sprockets and brakes
    It works perfectly for optimum performance and maximum safety and longevity

    Please note don’t turn it before install, this can easily damage the spring, you’d better install it on your bike for turning.
  2. Yes, a no name bike from a discount department store that I bought from a neighbor.
  3. First, I checked the diameter of the handle bar with a caliper to make sure these would fit (22mm).
  4. Either one will help you get these off and when that is done you just put the new ones on and run the cable to the gears.
  5. It was a challenge to get the cable adjusted right but once done it works.
  6. I did have to change the angle of the bike brake levers on the bar due to some mechanical interference with the shifter (only because I wanted to be able to see the gear number in the shifter window.)

    Hint: to remove the grips the best idea I found and used was to slip a long thin screwdriver under the grip, put in some alcohol, and work the screwdriver around the grip.
  7. The shifters I bought before, were cheap quality thus cheap in price.
  8. Shimano, while it is a Japanese name it’s one that is a well-known name known to the bicycle and fishing industry.
  9. They’ve been around since 1921, that’s a long time and while I realize I could’ve easily gone with SRAM which is an American bicycle components company based in Chicago, I just have never seen the same quality with SRAM as I have with Shimano.
  10. Plus, while Shimano may recommend that you replace their brake and derailleur cables often, I have found that’s not always necessary.
  11. While these shifters may not last me, forever, they will last me longer than a generic pair.
  12. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new pair of shifters.
Buy Shimano RevoShift SL-RS35 Friction 3×7 Speed Shift Lever Set Right/Left 21 Speed Twist Shifter here

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