April 16, 2018

Cube Stand CMPT Black

prop cube stand CMPT black Cube Stand CMPT black
Suitable for all CUBE bikes with the CUBE SKI logo.

This integrated system is designed for Cube bikes starting from the year 2015. on wheels: 26″- 29": Global Travel, Cross, SL Road Pro / Race / SL, MTB Comp series, LTD series and all electric bikes, with the exception of Fuli.

The maximum load on the knives is 25 kg.



Max weight of the bike-25 kg


Brand: Cube

cube Cube Stand CMPT black

Arxus Travel Lightweight Waterproof Foldable Storage Carry Luggage Duffle Tote Bag

arxus travel lightweight waterproof foldable storage carry luggage duffle tote b Cube Stand CMPT black

  1. DURABLE – Made with lightweight waterproof and tear resistant oxford fabric,solider,durabler,stronger than ordinary bags.Great tenacity and feeling,bearing more than 110lb.
  2. FOLDABLE – Greatly save space after folding,easily carry on your flight and travel after expansion.Great idea for an extra bag into your luggage bag .Made with softer fabric than others make you fold it as a cube easier.
  3. INTENDED USE – Gym, Sports, Travel, Luggage, Carry-on Bag, Shopping Bag, Beach Bag, Hiking and Camping.
  4. Suitable for Women, Men, Teens and big Kids,great personal item for airline travel.
  5. Great idea for souvenirs on trips.Bring it packed up and then store presents and stuff in it throughout the trip.Take it with you on trips in its pouch form and use it to bring back everything you’ve bought.Use it in rain and while it will not get ruined and you can notice the inside is damp.
  6. Unique design to slide right onto the handle as the picture shows and made for easy transport through the airport.The straps are long enough to be hung from your shoulder.
  7. The black one comes with a detachable shoulder strap.Our bags are great gift idea for your lover,family members and friends.
  8. A pack of multi-purpose,placed in the pull rod box,to be a handbag or a shoulder bag.
  9. To be an under seat bag on your fly and travel,work as your “Personal Item” on airlines.
  10. As a Gym bag,Beach Bag,Shopping Bag to meet your different outdoor needs.
  11. I bought this to be my “personal” bag for my flight since I am running from the airport to my cruise.
  12. I was flying with Spirit airlines which has SUPER strict baggage guidelines and expensive luggage fees and I didn’t want to pay anything because they were the cheapest flight by a landslide.
  13. This held everything I needed for the week and the bag held up great.
  14. I travel a lot and this will be a great addition to future travel plans.
  15. I wish the straps were slightly longer but you can still hold it on your shoulder ok.
  16. I like that you can fold it back up when you are done for storing at home or storing in your suitcase for later use at the end of your trip.
  17. Some people say it’s impossible to fold back but I included a picture to show it’s possible.
  18. It works perfectly for a frontier airlines person item bag.
  19. I brought two pairs of jeans, two beach dresses, three bikinis, six tops, two pairs of shorts, a flat iron, a curling iron, a 6 in makeup mirror, one pair of heels and some flip flops all in this bag with my travel cubes.
  20. It wasn’t too heavy to carry comfortably and It zipped easily.
  21. I have had it one month and taken it on two trips already.
  22. I even wore it as a book bag for a more comfortable carry while I was running to my connecting flight.
  23. Holds plenty, great quality, and love that it can slip onto my suitcase.
  24. Then I started to zip the bag closed and noticed a tear.
  25. I’m so surprised about how much I could pack in this thing!
  26. When I first unfolded it out of itself, which is very cool, I was like eh, doesn’t look like good quality and very big.
  27. It’s like a supermarket bag with a grip for your carry-on.
  28. Perfect for carrying shoes, or souvenirs back from your travels.
  29. I purchased it because of the trolley sleeve) Very unhappy.
  30. I love that the strap that goes over the handle has an outside pocket.

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Ultra Clear UV Pro Baseball Holder Cube Display Case and Wood Stand Black, B03-BLA

ultra clear pro baseball holder cube display case and wood stand black bla Cube Stand CMPT black

  1. This display case has two parts, the acrylic cover and the solid wood base stand with the mirror on bottom of the interior.
  2. The built in ball cradle to prevent the ball from rolling.
  3. This case holds an official size baseball and is hand crafted with acrylic.
  4. As you can see on the picture, it is as clear as glass.The ball holder has UV protection acrylic to protect your baseball.
  5. Call him what you may but you can’t take away his record.
  6. The only reason I knocked off a star is that the plaque area was stated to fit a .75 inch high plate.
  7. However, I ordered one that size and it does not quite fit.
  8. I was able to press hard enough that the plate stuck, but I expect it will eventually pop off.
  9. It might work better if you were to use the type that screws on.
  10. Since the ball has artwork and a flat cardboard drawing on top, it is slightly larger then a traditional ball.
  11. The wood base with the mirror creates a very classy appearance on my office desk.
  12. It is too tight and the sides of the acrylic bulge out, make marks on the ball, and the edges don’t meet.
  13. The ball fits securely on the stand in the acrylic cube so the ball does not move.
  14. I’m very happy with the quality of both the cube and the wooden stand.
  15. Worth it for the money if you don’t want to spend more money on it.

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