April 23, 2018

Crosso Panniers Set On The Front Or Back TWIST SMALL 35 L Black

bags CROSSO set on FRONT or backward twist small Black Crosso panniers set on the front or back TWIST SMALL 35 l black
bags CROSSO set on FRONT or backward twist small Black 1 Crosso panniers set on the front or back TWIST SMALL 35 l black
Crosso is a leading manufacturer of bicycle bags.
These are fully professional and waterproof panniers at an affordable price. Bike panniers Crosso enjoys recognition among travelers around the world.
Simple, waterproof and reliable-these are the bags from our basic Twist collection. Roll-up closure, inner shell made of a sealed material, taped seams provide total water tightness. Panniers are made of Cordura-a material with a legendary resistance to abrasion.
Terrifying contact with sharp scales in Tibet or thorny bushes in Morocco. The Twist panniers can be fitted with additional pockets or flaps so you can easily adjust the panniers to your own needs. With Twist panniers, the challenge will be only the way!

Capacity-35 liters (set)
Weight-1850g (set)
– Capacious main chamber,
– Stiffening from the side of the wheel, non-adhesive polypropylene plate, thickness: 2 mm from shape memory,
– Tightly closed closure,
– Cordura coated on the inside with a tight layer of PVC polymer resin,
– Adhered seams,
– Nylon, non-slip buckles,
– Reflective elements visible even from 600 meters,
– Convenient carrying handle,
– Fittings (hooks)
steel, double galvanized, thickness 2 mm,
– Well-proven nose system,
– Attachments for attaching the Pocket pocket and the Crosso flap.
– The width of the base-23 cm,
– Width-29 cm,
– Height after three rolls-38 cm,
– Thickness-12 cm,
– The minimum distance between the lower and upper mounting position of the carrier-24 cm,
– Hook spacing-17 cm.

Brand: Crosso

crosso Crosso panniers set on the front or back TWIST SMALL 35 l black

Nashbar Front Touring Pannier Set

nashbar front touring pannier set Crosso panniers set on the front or back TWIST SMALL 35 l black
  1. The Nahsbar Front Touring Pannier is functional and cool looking.
  2. Deceptively small looking, it has great capacity including a 9-liter main compartment and a 1-liter side zip pocket.
  3. A drawstring closure on top cinches over your cargo and the large overlapping lid is lined with EDF making it totally waterproof.
  4. The entire bag is made with 600 denier nylon, so it’s tough, light, and it’s also EDF backed so it’s highly water resistant (rain or road spray ain’t getting in).
  5. The front Touring Pannier also features a large side pocket for phone, tools, wallet, etc., and has a tail light hanger on the rear pocket.
  6. I’m using them on the rear rack of a Gazelle electric bike, to store the bike lock, repair kit, extra tube, etc., and still have plenty of room for a water bottle, clothes, even small groceries.
  7. They are rugged and have strong attachment components, so they really are secure.
  8. While not waterproof, they have a top cover that acts like a roof to shed water.
  9. This really is a perfect set of small commuter panniers.
  10. They’ve come with me on a decent number of bike-packing trips, and no troubles so far.
  11. Stay attached well to my cheap-o front rack, and hold more than I expected.
  12. I’ve added a simple shoulder strap, which is pretty helpful for hauling them around when off the bike.
  13. No problems with water intrusion or abrasion, no rattle even over some pretty challenging terrain.
  14. I am in the process of adding weight to them in order to increase my endurance for touring.
  15. I am using them with the Axiom journey suspension and disc low-rider front racks.
  16. Nice storage area Worked great with Axiom Journey suspension & Disc Lowrider.
Buy Nashbar Front Touring Pannier Set here

Axiom Monsoon Aero DLX 35 Pannier Set, Grey/Black

axiom monsoon aero dlx pannier set grey black Crosso panniers set on the front or back TWIST SMALL 35 l black
  1. Those black small things on ground in the pic)
    -The bungee hook on rack system can be cumbersome to set up.
  2. The top hooks clip on rack perfectly, but the bottom bungee hook periodically comes loose and snaps off rack.
  3. Bungee too tight= secure to rack, but pull really hard to get off rack.
  4. Bungee too loose= easy to take off rack, but will come off of rack as you ride)


    I think these are great panniers for the price and for occasional use.
  5. But if you need panniers for everyday use to commute to work, look elsewhere.
  6. Also, be aware that Axioms “lifetime warranty” does not include normal wear and tear.
  7. During this trip, we (two of us had Axiom Monsoon Aero DLX 35) tested this panniers to the limit.
  8. With about 33 pounds of cargo between both panniers, they endured on of the toughest terrains I have encountered – our route included gravel, sand, mud, tennis ball-sized rocks and steep mountains.
  9. Also, we had pouring rain during 3 days and had to cross some 24 rivers; some riding, some by canoe and some carrying our bikes.
  10. Below my appreciation:

    VERY durable material.
  11. Both panniers went through the trip without a scratch even though we encountered a good deal of mid-sized bushes and thick jungles during the trip.
  12. I had a 15L cordura bag between both panniers for extra cargo and it did not survived the trip.
  13. Waterproof: one day we rode 3 ours straight with a rain as heavy as it can get.
  14. When the rain finally stopped and we mounted camp, we unpacked and found all our clothe dry.
  15. On occasions, the panniers would suffer direct contact with water at river crossings and nothing got wet.
  16. We did not submerged the pannier in water to see if it was as good as other (i.e.
  17. Quick realease: the release mechanism is easy to use and appears to be durable.
  18. So rough 3 out of 4 of our rear racks were damaged during the trip and had to be repaired on site.
  19. Adjustable: the attachement mechanism has a thick elastic nylon cord whose knots can be adjusted in order to increase or decrease the tightness to the rack.
  20. Spare parts: panniers come with an extra set of the most important parts.
  21. Reflecting paint: all the logos are painted with reflecting paint which is good for night riding
    Compact: the packing mechanism enables compact packing which helps when riding through tick bushed and jungles.
  22. CONS:
    The lock mechanism wasn’t flawless and the panniers fell sometimes during the ride.
  23. Even though this was understandable because of the terrain our two other riders had BV Quick-Release Large Pannier Sets never had such a problem.
  24. Still, their attachement mechanism wasn’t as “Quick release” as the Axiom’s)
    Thick elastic nylon cord may make contact with the wheel when you adjust the knot for tighter attachement, but issue easily solved by cutting the extra cord.
  25. Outside pocket: doesn’t have one and I consider it a VERY nice to have when it comes to long trips in which small pockets are handy to storage tools, repellent, trash of wet items

    Would definitely recommend it.
  26. These are really easy to put on and take off of my bike — note: I do have an Axiom rack (which I would also recommend).
  27. You can clip the handles together and attach the strap to both bags at once to carry them around off the bike.
  28. I have a locker at school so I only carry one around at a time.
  29. Then the other pannier has enough room to fit a rain jacket, a towel, a change of clothes, a bike lock and lunch.
  30. I could probably fit another textbook in if I needed to.
  31. These have been through a light rain and everything was dry.
  32. I set them up on my grocery getter/hauling rig and haven’t really removed them since.
  33. They are easy to use, come with lock downs, handles and a shoulder strap.
  34. I commute 50 miles a week and these have kept my items dry and safe.
  35. I have yet to put these to the test as I’m waiting for my bike rack, but so far, they look like they will last forever.
Buy Axiom Monsoon Aero DLX 35 Pannier Set, Grey/Black here $119.45

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