April 23, 2018

Cross 3 Bicycle Rack Galvanized

stand for bikes cross galvanized title Cross 3 bicycle rack galvanized
stand for bikes cross galvanized title 1 Cross 3 bicycle rack galvanized
CROSS-3 bicycles for both sides.
Suitable for all types and sizes of bicycles also equipped with disc brakes.


– number of seats: 3
– width: 96cm
– depth: 55cm
– height: 44cm
– distance between bicycles: 42cm
– optimal spacing of seats (42cm)
allows you to park bicycles freely and safely regardless of their size and type
– weight: 10kg
– materials: [mm]: tube 18 to 2, profile 30x30x1,5
– stand shell: galvanized
– mounting: 4 colic
– the possibility of double-sided parking
– regulation of stand positions underangle of 45 degrees (especially important for local restrictions)
– anticorrosive-galvanized shell of the stand protects it against corrosion thus guaranteeing many years of use
– solid construction that keeps the bicycle safely vertical
– Possibility to put a bike behind the rame, thus protecting it against theft.
– easy assembly with screws
– mounting bolts and correct installation instructions in the set

Brand: Krosstech

Malone MicroSport Kayak Trailer

malone microsport kayak trailer Cross 3 bicycle rack galvanized
  1. This premium built kayak trailer is designed specifically for kayaks, canoes, cargo boxes and bikes.
  2. Malone, Yakima, and Thule, while the extended heavy-duty tongue allows you to haul 4 boats up to 19′ in length.
  3. Easy to assemble and use, each trailer kit comes with complete detailed instructions, as well as pre-fitted electrical, mechanical, and hub assemblies.
  4. Eliminate the headaches of loading boats, bikes and luggage on your vehicle’s roof, and save on gas by having your gear ride in your slipstream.
  5. It looks really good and it makes loading and unloading kayaks a breeze.
  6. Beats the heck out of hoisting kayaks up on the roof of our Jeep.
  7. Another great thing about this trailer is that you are always ready to hook up and go at a moments notice when you get the chance.
  8. The folks at Malone were quick, efficient and friendly when I called to get the needed documents to title and license the trailer.
  9. The man I talked to asked me if I had assembled the trailer yet, and did I have any problems, and then offered to assist me in any way needed.
  10. The only suggestion I have is that the light kit that comes with the trailer only had four clips to secure the wiring in the frame channels.
  11. Also the license plate holder in the light kit is made of plastic.
  12. I was afraid that the plastic might eventually fatigue and crack from age and vibration, and then I might lose the license plate, so I replaced it with a metal license plate bracket that I picked up at an auto parts store.
  13. I think this is a really sharp looking trailer that will give me many years of service and then bring a good price at my estate auction when I am dead.
  14. The trailer trails nicely even at 70 mph interstate speeds, as well as rough back country roads.
  15. Even with the Kayaks loaded, the tongue weight is light, so I have found that a trailer dolly is not even needed.
  16. This makes it easy to park the trailer beside our car in parking lots, such as at a Motel.
  17. The trailer has attracted much interest and many compliments from people we meet on our trips.
  18. It was always a pain putting them on to and strapping down.
  19. Our new Honda Pilot was even taller and it would have been a nightmare putting our water toys on top.
  20. This trailer made loading/unloading our water toys a breeze.
  21. When towing the trailer, it is easy to maneaver due to the long tongue.
  22. This also allows for trailering longer SUPs, kayaks and row boats.
  23. Please note that it won’t ship with the VIN information required to register the trailer.
  24. You have to contact Malone and they will send you the title work.
  25. Malone expedited the paperwork to me as I wanted ot take it on vacation.
  26. I also bought the retractable tongue package so that I can stand it upright against a wall in our garage.
  27. The product is well packaged and it arrive undamaged and complete.
  28. The directions are excellent and the whole assembly took me less than three hours.
  29. Having an impact wrench made quick work of the bolts – I hand tightened everything according to the directions.
  30. The electrical work took another hours since I was determined to get it right the first time around and make all my connection neat and clean.
  31. This thing goes down the road nicely and I don’t have to lift my canoe over my head to load on top of my SUV.
  32. This was a very positive buying experience and I’m happy with the outcome.
  33. The Yakima is really nice but way out of my price range.
  34. This Malone trailer is perfectly priced and very durable.
  35. It came in three boxes and the instructions were absolutely the best instructions I have ever used to put something together.
  36. I have only taken it on shorter trips so far but am planning a long trip later in the summer.
  37. The trailer itself is simply awesome, and Malone customer service is superb!
  38. Very easy to assemble being you have the right tools and the tools needed are listed.
  39. Aaron and Collin were very very knowledgeable on any questions I may have had!
  40. If “she” bounces just lower the psi to 30/35 as per Aaron at Malone.
  41. Instructions were clear and concise and everything was packed and labeled for easy assembly.
  42. I’d buy a second one just to have the fun of putting it together and seeing a fine solid trailer.
  43. Just a reminder that you need to check with your local Motor Vehicle dept.
  44. Do not be deferred by the assembly of the trailer, it is easy and nothing weights more than the average person can lift.
  45. Instructions are simple and easy to follow and the people at Malone will help you.
  46. It took me about 3-1/2 hours to completely assemble and wire my trailer in my garage.
  47. Worked well with a load of baggage in a travel bag, a kayak and two bicycles.
  48. The directions for assembly were clear and complete and easy to follow.
  49. I took this down the Columbia River Gorge at 65mph and it had zero issues.
Buy Malone MicroSport Kayak Trailer here $1,169.10

Allen Sports Tension Bar Bicycle Cross-Bar Adaptor

allen sports tension bar bicycle cross bar adaptor Cross 3 bicycle rack galvanized
  1. The bar features an internal spring that maintains constant tension to keep your bike secure.
  2. The product is designed to fit bikes that have a distance of 16 inches to 27 inches between the seat post and the stem, and installation is easy.
  3. Plastic-coated hooks are there to protect the finish of your bike.
  4. Manufacturer’s Warranty
    All of Allen’s products are backed by a no-nonsense lifetime guarantee.
  5. If an Allen Rack fails to function properly due to a defect in workmanship or material over the lifetime of the original purchaser, simply return the product with your original receipt, and Allen will repair or replace the rack free of charge.
  6. This warranty does not cover damage or wear which occurs as a result of day-to-day use or general wear and tear.
  7. About Allen Sports USA
    Allen’s goal is to design and manufacture the finest bicycle carrying, parking, and storage racks available.
  8. Saris- This one is probably my favorite because it has no swinging arms.
  9. The locking mechanism slides open and closed on the bar, which takes a little getting used to, but you get used to it quickly.
  10. It is as solid and sturdy as the Yakima, and like the Yakima, it does not have an internal bungee, but they both have an internal “stop” so that the two sides of the tube cannot be pulled apart.
  11. At the lowest price point of all of the above adapters, I think this bar is easily the best value.
  12. First of all, it has what appears to be a large internal metal spring, which provides a very strong resistance, making it the only bar I tested that had absolutely no movement when attached to the bike.
  13. As for the issues that some reviewers have pointed out, the metal lock pin on one end of the bar will probably scratch your bikes paint at some point.
  14. However, if your bikes handlebar post or seat post are not painted, this will obviously not be an issue for you.
  15. Some who do have these bike parts painted have come up with ways to cover the pin (electrical tape, hear shrink wrap, rubber tube, etc.).
  16. For me, I used a heavy duty rubber cable wrap that is split on one side.
  17. I cut it to size, and it easily wraps around the metal pin to protect the bikes paint.
  18. One safety issue I have read about is that the metal clip that secures the pin in place can loosen and come off, which would release the pin and the bike would drop.
  19. As far as I can tell, the vast majority of people do not have this problem.
  20. I can see how over time, pulling the clip across the end of the bar to hook in on might loosen it, but I think it you’re aware of it, an occasional squeeze of the clip is an easy way to make sure it stays tight.
  21. Also, a simple nylon wrap or short bungee cord could remove any doubt.
  22. The other thing about this adapter bar is that the locking process (lining up and passing a pin through two holes, then pulling the clip over to the other side to lock the pin) a little more cumbersome than all the others that require a simple swing or slide to lock.
  23. Add to this the other placement of a rubber wrap around the pin and may a bungee cord around the locking clip, and it will take a little more time to put on and take off this adapter.
  24. I feel that even with these minor shortcomings, the Allen adapter bar is an excellent product.
  25. The lower price makes up for the slightly less convenient application.
  26. Devised a cushion to prevent scratches using 3/8 inch inner diameter tubing, no heat gun required.
  27. The pin you insert will scratch the frame of your bike.
  28. I was thinking of idea of using a plastic tube to cover it, but then it wouldn’t allow the pin to slide through the frame of the adapter.
  29. I was worried it might rub though and get back down to metal, but since the wrap is pretty thin it didn’t.
  30. After reading other reviews I went to the hardware store in the plumbing aisle and picked up some clear vinyl tubing to go over the metal pin to avoid scratching my bike frame.
  31. I also picked up duct tape to cover the wire and prevent that scratching too.
  32. Now I do not mind supporting the local businesses but the price difference for what you get is worth paying attention to.
  33. What I prefer about this model is the Tension aspect of the bar.
  34. The other that I bought does not have that and locks around the Handlebar post and Seat post, yet still leaves a lot of room to move and wiggle.
  35. As for quality, I would say both are equally on par even considering the big price difference.
  36. They are both very easy to install and fit perfectly fine on the Allen Sports Bicycle Rack I purchased to carry my kids bikes.
  37. If I had to do it again, i’d skip the expensive name brand version and just go with two of these.
  38. I have a women’s beach cruiser so there is no top bar and a couple that can’t accommodate a bike inside.
  39. I bought a bike rack, but because my bike has no top bar, it couldn’t sit evenly on my trunk and caused unequal pressure points on my car – and an unstable ride with the bike on!
  40. This bar straightens out the alignment and allows the bike to set perpendicular to the car.
  41. The tension rod is very secure and I have no worries when traveling with my bike now.
  42. Another plus – I live upstairs and sometimes carrying my bike down the stairs is a hassle but with this bar I’m able to carry it down while the bar is on the bike and it makes it much easier and less awkward!
  43. It works well for my older daughters bike which is an 18″ but not for my younger daughters 12″.
  44. It is easy to connect to the bike and disconnect and fulfills its purpose.
  45. If you are looking to get one for a smaller bike you need to measure the distance between the handle bar rod and the seat rod and look for the smallest the bar will go.
  46. I would recommend this product for bigger teen bikes and adult women bikes.
  47. At first, I thought it did not fit–but it’s spring loaded and you stretch the bar and latch the lock and it fit.
  48. I drove about 20 minutes at 30-40 mph to the hike and bike trail with my eyes on the rearview mirror making sure my bike was secure.
  49. Nice, inexpensive fix for mounting my bike on my vehicle.
Buy Allen Sports Tension Bar Bicycle Cross-Bar Adaptor here $16.95

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