May 1, 2018

Crank Puller Key YC-216

key puller crank moon Crank puller key YC 216
For the majority of us, the bike is the first vehicle in life, for some it is the only one, and still used.
The growing structures of bicycle routes in and outside of cities encourage the use of this ecological, healthy for our organism and the environment, a cheap and pleasant form of transport. We can use the bike on every occasion-when we go to work, to friends or shopping, when we bring the animal to the vet or a child to kindergarten. Regardless of whether we ride with people, whether alone and regularly or sporadically, it is always worth reviewing the brakes, lighting, air in the wheels or the chain, as well as other elements of the system before we sit down on a bicycle. drive.
One of them is a bicycle crank, i.e. a part connecting the pedals from the support axis.
Sometimes it happens that the crank loosens and you should screw it with a special key.
At this point, we offer a key for crank mechanisms with a square mount.
The key has diameters of about 20 millimeters and 120 gram vases.

color-black and silver
The diameter of the ring about-20 mm

Brand: Bike Hand

IceToolz Crank Puller (8 x 14 x 15 mm sockets)

icetoolz crank puller x sockets Crank puller key YC 216
  1. Always make sure you have prepared a bolt that may be “stuck” before attempting to remove it.
  2. Worked exactly as I expected and I am glad I bought it.
  3. The crank puller works great and it comes with the socket to take the crank bolt out.
  4. I would define try buy this again, though I don’t think I’ll need to as it is very well made.
  5. It is robust and able to handle an extreme amount of torque required to extract the most seized on crankarm.
  6. This is the right tool in a neat package shipped promptly and a nearly universal fit.
  7. I had to use numerous other tools and muscle to remove it.
Buy IceToolz Crank Puller (8 x 14 x 15 mm sockets) here $13.82

SRAM GXP 83 Bottom Bracket

sram gxp bottom bracket Crank puller key YC 216
  1. It’s a result of the wider axles used to optimize wheel stiffness to improve durability.
  2. The extra width in the back necessitates extra width in the cranks to get a proper chainline.
  3. If you have an 83mm shell and plan to run a SRAM/Truvativ GXP crankset, this is the bearing set you’ll need.
  4. SRAM’s GXP bottom brackets are brand specific — meaning, they can only be installed with SRAM type cranks.
  5. The key element that makes them different from a Shimano or FSA bottom bracket is that the left side bearing has a smaller diameter to mate with the stepped spindle of the SRAM crank.
  6. This design allows the inner race of the left side bearing to be captured between the crankarm and the spindle, effectively locating the crank.
  7. The right side bearing “floats” on the spindle handling only radial loads as you pedal.
  8. The SRAM design optimizes bearing load, minimizes drag, and gives you durability.
  9. It’s compatible with Truvativ GXP mountain cranksets designed for an 83mm bottom bracket shell.
  10. Use the ‘Park Tool 16 Notch Bottom Bracket Tool’ to remove replace this BB.
  11. On either side, place the tool on and point your wrench toward the front wheel and push down.
  12. I finally learned from the weightweenies road bike forum that it’s a known issue with SRAM GXP cranks and bottom brackets.
  13. So, I have had a lot of trouble getting rid of crank arm play with my little over a month old SRAM Red GXP crank and a Team GXP bottom bracket.
  14. I read all about how it needs to be torqued above what one is used to, and I did – many times, with plenty of grease, but the crank bolt would bottom out before I could get rid of all the play.
  15. As the crank bolt is tightened, this difference is somehow taken up, but not completely.
  16. This was manufactured the same week 2013, and likely from the same batch.
  17. However, after a couple of hundred km with the new BB, there is just a tiny amount of play, which I hope will go away when re-tightening the crank arm bolt yet again.
  18. So that’s unfortunate, can it be so hard for SRAM to use bearings in their BBs that fit the spindle better?
  19. With such a bad fitting bearing, it is likely it will need to be replaced much sooner than had SRAM used the right NDS bearing.
  20. Why spend 4-5 times the amount for something that I have never had a durability problem with.
  21. Yes I replace my BB every 2-3 years; but even so I can get 8-12 years of replacements for the cost of a Chris King or Phil Wood.
  22. Use a torque wrench to make sure you get it on tight enough.
  23. The seals may not be as good at keeping out contamination as the boutique brands (ck) but for a 1/4 the price I’d rather buy a new one of these every couple years.
  24. BB standards seem to change too fast to invest in a more expensive product anyway.
  25. Perfect fit and super easy to install, way smoother than the old UN55 Square Taper BB.
  26. I needed it for my narrower bottom bracket, so I reused my narrower tube and used the bearings.
  27. BOESHIELD T-9 Rust & Corrosion Protection/Inhibitor and Waterproof Lubrication, 12 oz.
  28. At 450 miles I examined it to find the plastic bushings worn through.
Buy SRAM GXP 83 Bottom Bracket here $21.64 – $62.96

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