April 23, 2018

Contigo Chug 720ml Water Bottle-scuba

bottle on water contigo chug ml scuba Contigo Chug 720ml water bottle scuba
bottle on water contigo chug ml scuba 1 Contigo Chug 720ml water bottle scuba
Contigo Chug 720ml water bottle-verry berry
– The cover of the mouthpiece keeps it clean and protects
– Ready to drink by pressing the AutoSpout
– button The lock button prevents accidental pressing of the AutoSpout
– button Tightness guarantee in closed position
– Comfortable one hand service
– A very wide hole for quick filling, drinking and cleaning
– Practical holder with carabiner
– Made of Tritan-a material resistant to crushing, fracture and other damagemechanical
– It does not carry and does not retain the odors of liquids
– Made of BPA-free material
– Can be washed in the dishwasher
Just one press of the button To open the bottle, just press one button that opens the mouthpiece. Drinks easily, quickly quenches thirst. You close the bottle with one hand, hiding it under the cover of the mouthpiece. 100% sealed closure and 100% protection against dirt.
Thanks to the straw, it is easy to drink without tilting, for example when riding a bicycle or car. Perfect for long training. Hygiene is important-mugs are easy to wash.
This goal has been designed by designers from the beginning. No recesses, no closed spaces, no loose parts that can be lost.
Simply unscrew the nut and wash under running water or put in the dishwasher. Made of TritanuTM TritanTM is a modern, specialized material from which the most powerful water bottles are made. Products made of tritanium are lightweight, and at the same time resistant to impact and durability. The material does not react with organic compounds, and the bottle can be exposed to the sun (fully resistant to UV and weather conditions).
Do not absorb odors and do not grow in it finely. Most importantly, it does not give off harmful bisphenol A (BPA free)

Model-Autospout Chug
Capacity-720 ml
Dimensions-27 x 7.5 cm
Weight-205 g
Closure system-AutoSpout

Brand: Contigo

contigo Contigo Chug 720ml water bottle scuba

Contigo 32 oz. Chug Autospout Leak-Proof Water Bottle

contigo chug autospout leak proof water bottle Contigo Chug 720ml water bottle scuba
  1. We received such great feedback that we decided to jump in and start to revolutionize the whole beverageware category (travel mugs, water bottles, tumblers, kid’s bottle, etc.) In 2014, we were acquired by Newell Brands and we continue to develop innovative solutions for everyday needs.
  2. You’ll love the wide spout because the water flows quickly into your mouth (perfect for chugging when you need to hydrate in a hurry).
  3. When you’re finished drinking, simply press the spout under the protective cover to fully close for help protecting against leaks and germs.
  4. Rule #76: No excuses, hydrate like a champion with the AUTOSPOUT Chug.
  5. That’s why we engineered AUTOSPOUT technology, which not only allows simple drinking with the push of a button, but will keep your water bottle from leaking.
  6. Just press the button to quickly open the chug spout, letting you hydrate in a hurry!
  7. The protective spout cover on this reusable water bottle helps keep away dirt and germs, so you’re still standing during flu season.
  8. When figuring out what to fill your brand new water bottle with, steer clear of hot drinks/carbonated beverages and stick with cold liquids only.
  9. When you’re on a flight or taking a summer road trip, pressure builds up in your water bottle due to high altitude or really hot temperatures.
  10. In these situations, twist the water bottle lid open a little bit to relieve that pressure, then reseal the lid before you use it.
  11. We don’t recommend carrying filled water bottles in your bag while on-the-go (it’s safer for your cell phone this way).
  12. Finally, keep your water bottle out of the microwave and the freezer.
  13. Contigo water bottles and lids are top-rack dishwasher safe for a quick, easy clean.
  14. However, if your water bottle is stainless steel, you’ll want to hand wash it only.
  15. Visit our official website for more care and use information.
  16. A push button to open spout allows for an easy, one-handed drinking experience that is super convenient.
  17. I teach Art to nearly 800 students per week, 8 classes a day, grades K-8th during the school year and work at an Autism Camp in the summer.
  18. It’s the highest flow single-handed water bottle I’ve discovered, so far.
  19. When it’s sealed the mouthpiece is protected from most dirt by a cover (see photos).
  20. It holds an honest 32 ounces (a stat Contigo cheats on with some/all?
  21. I have some concern about water getting trapped in spaces inside the lid and possibly causing mold, but I have no experience with that, yet.
  22. I generally try to air dry my lids every night to avoid this.
  23. This inhibits maximum smooth flow as the spout ‘breathes’, especially when the bottle is raised at a steep angle.
  24. I’m curious to see how long this lid will hold a tight seal, which is achieved by pinching the wide silicone tube between the hard plastic mouthpiece and the bottle interior.
  25. At first, I thought, no big deal but then, it turned to absolutely pouring out as if it wasn’t even closed.
  26. Every time this happened, I would look at the cup to check and see if I was just stupid and hadn’t closed it?!
  27. I wouldn’t have cared about paying for it but first I would have to get someone to answer my emails.
  28. No one has replied to me no matter how I try to contact.
  29. They simply do not care and do not stand by their product.
  30. I suggest that you buy anything else unless you like when broken water bottles spill all over your car, purse, carpet, table, etc.
  31. And if you love buying things and being ignored when you need help and simply want to replace the broken product, then Bingo, this one is for you!
  32. It turns out, you can search and find this is a common problem with some of their products.
  33. Apparently, the mechanism that should keep it from leaking gets worn down.
  34. Thanks, Contigo’s customer service is actually worse than the bottle itself.
  35. I really wish it didn’t have all of the problems that it does.
  36. This is my second time buying it because the seals got messed up on the first one after about six months of frequent use.
  37. The reason I repurchased it is because I love the design, the spout is great when at the gym and the locking button is convenient for tossing in bags.
  38. The rubber seal under/around the spout inside of the lid starts to accrue build-up after a little while and upon washing it, you have to dig under the seal a little bit.
  39. I expected it would return to normal after drying, but this has caused the demise of both of my water bottles.
  40. Now my new one is leaking and I need to throw it away, because, as a student, I keep my water bottles in a bag with a computer and textbooks, both of which cannot get wet or they get ruined.
  41. And the ability to flip the lid to close it and prevent spills is perfect.
  42. This will mean this will only last a few weeks or months before it has to be tossed because of the inability to properly clean all the parts exposed to liquids.
  43. We had a similar one that had this same issue and stuff (mold, algae?
  44. I love the chug spout, and no pesky straw to deal with.
  45. It was the best one I have ever had and I can’t find anything else with the same features.
  46. Unfortunately, the lid started leaking after just three weeks of use.
  47. Then, the lid didn’t want to open all the way, like the rubber was so stretched it was no longer elastic.
  48. Then it would leak a lot through the button whether it was opened or closed.
  49. I couldn’t find a tear in the rubber like others have mentioned, so I don’t know why mine leaked.
  50. The cap does not leak even when tossed into a bag and it washes easily in the dishwasher.
  51. I like the amount of water they hold and they have lasted quite a while now.
Buy Contigo 32 oz. Chug Autospout Leak-Proof Water Bottle here $9.86

Contigo 24 oz. Chug Autospout Leak-Proof Water Bottle

contigo chug autospout leak proof water bottle 1 Contigo Chug 720ml water bottle scuba
  1. I like this style over the straw style as those are very difficult to clean.
  2. This one also has a lock which prevents it from accidentally being opened.
  3. Update after 4 months – the silicone seal has torn at the bend point and the bottle now leaks and is unusable.
  4. I’ve submitted a claim am getting a replacement no they are sticking by the lifetime warranty.
  5. While I’m very displeased with the lifespan of the top it’s good to know that Contigo will replace it.
  6. I hope they find a way to improve the quality of the seal.
  7. Selected this particular one due to the spout design, which is one of very few that do not use a straw or bite style nipple or require suction to flow the liquid type design.
  8. This one simply uses a through flow spout large enough that the water runs uninhibited when open and the valve flips 90 degrees to engage the other part of the cover to seal shut.
  9. When open, the spout is large enough that water flows (pours) out and air runs in faster than you can possibly ingest.
  10. The spout is sized large enough that you cannot comfortably seal around the spout opening completely, you can if you really stretch your mouth open, but it is not natural, and as such, the air runs in above your mouth, thus not allowing a seal or a vacuum to form.
  11. Pros: easy pop top, no straw, easy flow, no leak (at first), smart hook thing, good size, warranty.
  12. Both times, the seal ended up tearing from the plastic part.
  13. Once this happens, there is no seal at all when the bottle is in the closed position.
  14. So basically, it’s free flow in the bottom on your bag.
  15. But then, it happened again after another month or two.
  16. I’m sure I could keep on taking advantage of the warranty and have them send another, but this isn’t sustainable as I’m not interested in throwing away plastic bottle after plastic bottle.
  17. That’s the whole point of getting a non-disposable bottle in the first place.
  18. While I loved the design – I like to “drink my water” and not have to “suck” it out, and like one hand operation – this design is still faulty and needs to be refined to be more reliable.
  19. I had some minor issues with the plastic inside the mouth piece ripping, but upon contacting the company they were quick to help me out!
  20. Unfortunately, the rubber piece failed on this one just over a month after getting it.
  21. Nice bottles, but considering that they don’t work after 5 weeks, we will not be buying any more.
  22. Apparently they discontinued the Grace design, so o bought this.
  23. The design is worse than the Grace to begin with because you have to re-close the lid with each use.
  24. I have little ones who like to push buttons and this saves so much mess!
  25. Contacted Contigo but was told I must have used it incorrectly.
  26. Before that, I’d liked the bottle pretty well, so I ordered a replacement.
  27. I’ve only used it for two months and the spout tube is already cracked and broken.
  28. The spout leaks even when you lock it to prevent spilling.
  29. I have several like this one, but the lids are so hard to clean.
Buy Contigo 24 oz. Chug Autospout Leak-Proof Water Bottle here $10.25

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