April 23, 2018

Cleaning Brush For YC-790 Cassette

brush to clean cassette yc Cleaning brush for YC 790 cassette
A brush with a different length and hardness to clean the chain and cartridge.
The surface with sharp edges, the well-dried grease is covered.
The brush has three different lengths of nylon bristles:
– 15mm
– 35mm
– 50mm
In addition, specially profiled part is ideal for removing the dirt and dirt between the cassette laces or freewheel.

Brand: Bike Hand

Oumers 6pcs Bike Bicycle Clean Brush Kit/ Cleaning Tools for Bike Chain/Crank/Tire/Sprocket Cycling Corner Stain Dirt Clean, Fit All Bike

oumers pcs bike bicycle clean brush kit cleaning tools for bike chain crank tire Cleaning brush for YC 790 cassette
  1. Features:
    A Dirty Bike Assembly Parts Cause Poor Shifting and Unnecessary Wear to Expensive Parts.
  2. Our Bicycle Clean Brush Kit Contains Everything Needed to Quickly and Easily Clean the Chain,
    Freewheel Cogs, Chain Rings, Crank, Tire ,Sprocket, Cassette and so on.
  3. The only things you need to add are degreaser, lubricant, and mild dish soap and a bucket.
  4. It does a much better job than the car washing sponge l was using .
  5. The brushes work great and I think they are better constructed than the Park Tools ones I was using.
  6. Bike maintenance is key to both better performance and to keeping your investment in good shape.
  7. I would add a good chain cleaner to this kit, but otherwise, you are set.
  8. He was able to reach all the small places with the tools included.
  9. We are both in the saddle for hours throughout the week.
  10. These brushes come in handy cleaning away debri and build up from our bikes without damaging it.
  11. My husband is a mountain biker and his bike is constantly dirty!
Buy Oumers 6pcs Bike Bicycle Clean Brush Kit/ Cleaning Tools for Bike Chain/Crank/Tire/Sprocket Cycling Corner Stain Dirt Clean, Fit All Bike here

White Lightning Easy Clean Bicycle Chain and Parts Cleaning Brush Kit (2 Piece)

white lightning easy clean bicycle chain and parts cleaning brush kit piece Cleaning brush for YC 790 cassette
  1. Features ergonomically designed handles that are comfortable and keep your hands out or the greasy grime and muck.
  2. Used in conjunction with Clean Streak or your favorite degreaser, the brush’s strong bristles makes short work of stubborn dirt on chainrings, sprockets, gear mechanisms, and pedals.
  3. The notched scraper is ideal for removing trail debris caught in and around the cassette.
  4. Other features include ergonomically designed handles that are comfortable and designed to keep your hands free of greasy grime and muck.
  5. The brush will remove most of the residue of crud left on gearsets after a cleaner and degreaser has removed the majority of old grease and oil.
  6. The brush quickly becomes very dirty and greasy though and needs to be cleaned otherwise it just spreads the residue around.
  7. The curved, toothed scraper worked really good at removing all the sticks, threads, and string, from between the front and rear gears of my 25 year old Trek 830 Mountain Bike.
  8. It makes the job of getting between the small spaces of the rear gearset easy.
  9. The curved, toothed scraper is probably worth the price of the two piece kit all by itself.
  10. Anyone who has tried to get between the rear wheel gears of a 21 speed bicycle to clean them will attest to how difficult it can be without the proper tool.
  11. I found the best way to use the brush was to spray on the degreaser and then immediately brush the part and spray the degreaser on afterwards to rinse off the residue of old grease and crud.
  12. Just push down between the gears, crank the pedals, and all the nasty stuff comes right off.
  13. I would give this 5 stars if the bristles on the brush were stiffer.
  14. Even a towel seems to work better than the White Lightning brush.
  15. I use a very stiff plastic brush instead to get the really nasty grime off.
  16. I’d tried toothbrushes, rags, q-tips, and everything else I thought might fit in between the cogs of my cassette, but man this thing works like a charm.
  17. The brush I could give or take, it’s nothing special, but it’s a worthwhile purchase just for the scraper.
  18. I probably should have sprayed more solvent onto the cassette before brushing because the brush quickly caked and then needed to be soaked before it could be used any more otherwise it would have just spread the dirt around.
  19. Not sure how durable it will be before the bristles start falling out.
  20. Use a regular tooth brush with degreaser and save your money.
  21. For the other piece I can’t say much, I have tried to used it a couple of times but if you have a good degreaser there is no real use for this unless you have a REALLY dirty bike.
  22. The brushes get pretty messed up after a while as expected, but overall it’s made cleaning my bike much easier!
  23. The bristles seem to be stiff enough to do their job and the notched scraper seems to pick up what the brush doesn’t, happy with this.
Buy White Lightning Easy Clean Bicycle Chain and Parts Cleaning Brush Kit (2 Piece) here $13.88

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