April 23, 2018

Buklak HYDRAPAK Full Force Mammoth Gray 2L

wineskin hydrapak full force mammoth gray Buklak HYDRAPAK Full Force Mammoth Gray 2L
wineskin hydrapak full force mammoth gray 1 Buklak HYDRAPAK Full Force Mammoth Gray 2L
It is good for hydration in the highest class. Buklak Full-Force is a pressure activated system, equipped with an easy-to-use pressure tug that supplies you with water when you need it-no matter if you want to satisfy your own thirst, wash your equipment or give your dog a nap. Like all beech logs Hydrapak Full-Force has a rapid filling system, preventing leaks and gives you the possibility to "turn" the beech to the other side for easy cleaning


– The multi-functional mouthpiece combines; silicone pump, pressure valve that allows you to use only one hand-use it to cool, wash or quench your thirst
– Dust cover protects the silicone mouthpiece against dirt
– The hook easily connects with rucksacks giving quick and comfortable access
– Wide Slide-Seal ™ closure for easy filling and full water tightness
– Plug-N-Play ™ system enabling quick detachment of the trench and removing the beech from the backpack to conveniently replenish the water without the risk of leakage which ensures the shutoff valve
– Full knock down for easy cleaning, dishwasher-safe
– Made using ultra-strong, abrasion-resistant TPU and RF connections and welded seams for maximum durability and flexibility
– Frost-resistant and filled with hot water (max 60 ° C / 140 ° F)
– Safe and reliable, 100% free from BPA PVC
– Dimensions (before filling): 330 x 165 mm
– Weight: 204 g
The set includes:
– Force bag with slat Slide Slide
– Hydrant ™ Tube mouthpiece with cover
– Hydrafusion tube length 48″(122 cm)
with insulating sheath
– Plug-on plug with tube (standard Plug-N-Play)
– Dismounted clip mounted on a strip-makes it easier hanging the bag inbackpack
– Silicone for lubrication Plug-N-Play plugs

Brand: Hydrapak

Hydrapak Full-Force Hydration Reservoir, Mammoth Grey

hydrapak full force hydration reservoir mammoth grey Buklak HYDRAPAK Full Force Mammoth Gray 2L
  1. Dust cover protects silicone bite valve from collecting dirt.
  2. Pack clip easily attaches to backpack straps for quick access and ideal routing.
  3. Wide Slide-Seal’,’ top makes it easy to fill and creates a leak-proof seal.
  4. Plug-N-Play’,’ connect system lets you easily disconnect the drink tube (an auto shutoff valve prevents leaking) and remove the reservoir from your pack for convenient refilling.
  5. Fully reversible for easy cleaning and drying; top-shelf dishwasher safe.
  6. Can be frozen or filled with hot water (max temp 60° C / 140° F).
  7. The Hydrapak Full-Force Reservoir facilitates hydration as each squeeze of the integral pump delivers good volume while drinking and I find that I drink more with less effort as a result.
  8. There are no leaks so far and the device is easy to fill and clean.
  9. There are always trade-offs and I suspect that the pump will not be suitable for use in very cold weather that would freeze the pump.
  10. In freezing weather, some reservoir users with ordinary tubes simply blow the water back into the reservoir with each time they finish drinking so that water does not freeze in the tube, blocking it.
  11. The good news is that the plug and play nature of the device is such that other Hydrapak tubes without pumps, including an insulated tube, can be substituted in such freezing weather.
  12. The interchangeability of the Hydrapak reservoirs and tubes allows me to adapt the reservoir and tube to the weather and temperature, the outing and the pack size and configuration.
  13. It is well made except for one thing concerning me but it may never be a problem.
  14. The bladder is folded and well sealed on one side which is fine.
  15. The concern I have is where the top and bottom are sealed the weld shrinks to a very small point and that could eventually leak.
  16. Therefore I choose to deal with having to suck my water out of another bladder.
  17. I decided to return the bladder and the company selling the reservoir returned all my money literally the next day and for that they get 10 stars!
  18. I had used the osprey one before and this is far lighter and the bite valve is far superior.
  19. Why do they still have the bite valves when the pump is so easy to make?
  20. I have used it twice and I was a little skeptical at first because I had heard that hydrapaks always give water a weird taste.
  21. I do the pipe is insulated because during the hike, the first 2 3 gulps are really warm which kinda kills it.
  22. The filling is also a little hard because sometimes the pump doesn’t have enough air and then you can’t use it unless you empty it out to get some air in.
  23. The bite valve also leaks if the cap is not on which makes it a little harder to use while you are biking since you have to stop to take the cap off first.
  24. However, the replacement hose that was pre-attached to the bulb popped off so easily that it would leak water everywhere.
  25. I’ll just zip tie it to make it tight and deal with it.
  26. Obviously, the connection from the hose to the barb of the squeeze bulb is a defective design.
  27. When you get the original product from the manufacturer, the hose to squeeze bulb connection is very tight–my suggestion is to never separate these components.
  28. The alternative is to separate them to clean them and just use a zip tie every time after cleaning.
  29. Hydrapak was so close to making something incredible only if it actually did not fall apart.
  30. Their warranty is top notch, and they are sending replacements for the defective parts free of charge.
  31. Absolutely loved this thing in the beginning–the squeeze bulb is brilliantly useful and effective, and the reversible reservoir is well built and easy to clean.
  32. But, I’ve had a couple of problems with the hose/squeeze bulb.
  33. The first problem I had was when I disconnected the barb fitting that inserts into the hose (in order to use the Hydrapak hose brush to clean the hose), the hose end expanded upon removal, and the hose became very loose fitting on the barb when reconnected.
  34. The problem was that the hose then easily slipped off of the barb fitting leading to leakage of water everywhere.
  35. Ok, no problem, just trim off that expanded half inch or so of hose to a tighter area (as suggested by Hydrapak), right?
  36. Wrong–it was still loose (albeit slightly tighter) and could slip off too easily with a slight tug on the hose.
  37. I corrected it by using a zip tie to tighten it down, but that’s not really something I should have to do.
  38. I cannot get the valve to sit properly nor stay on, so now it just leaks water every time I squeeze the bulb making the system useless.
  39. I think I’ll try to call Hydrapak and see what they say, but the squeeze bulb/hose combination doesn’t seem very durable at all.
  40. We took them on a week-long hiking trip in Yosemite recently.
  41. The packs are definitely water tight, no leakage, and are easy to empty/clean.
  42. So you may need to check your tubes before taking these out for a long term trip.
  43. I think if we could do it again, we would probably have gotten bite clips for these instead.
  44. I just got back from EDC and have had a couple of other bladders for my hydration pack and this one is vastly superior.
  45. You don’t realize how much it sucks to have to suck water from a bladder until you have had the luxury of pumping it with your hand.
  46. I did everything from use this thing as a shower to long-distance hydrate people using the super soaker like mouth piece.
  47. After doing plenty of research, I decided to go with this one instead of a measly cheap China one.
Buy Hydrapak Full-Force Hydration Reservoir, Mammoth Grey here $36.49 – $52.00

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