May 15, 2018

Brake Pads V-Brake 70 Mm Pair

brake pads brake mm para Brake pads V Brake 70 mm pair
This brake pad variant belongs to the "V" product group.
The blocks were made of a functional rubber compound in black, which is characterized by adequate strength.
Thanks to the use of modern solutions, the product is distinguished by very long life-also in terms of obreczy.


– High quality brake pads type "V".
– Made of black, universal rubber blend.
– They are characterized by an optimal ratio of durability to braking force.
– Water-repelling slip-resistant lengthening of the lifetime of the blocks and blisters.

Brand: APG

apg Brake pads V Brake 70 mm pair

Hotop 2 Pairs V Bike Brake Pads with Hex Nuts and Spacers V Bicycle Brake Blocks Set 70 mm

hotop pairs bike brake pads with hex nuts and spacers bicycle brake blocks set m Brake pads V Brake 70 mm pair
  1. The twill water-leaking tanks of v brake pads will provide strong stopping power in most adverse weather conditions.
  2. Durable and good quality:
    The brake pad is made of hard-wearing rubber and metal, durable and non-slip.
  3. Good performance of abrasive resistant, heat resistant, spoil disposal without hurting the wheel rim, low noise.
  4. Usage:
    These v brake pads are suitable replacement for most v brake bikes, set of v brake pads includes hex nuts and spacers.
  5. Each pair V brake pads have left and right, please carefully read the text on the brake pads.
  6. Their arced shape and long dimension ensures that the maximum surface area is exposed to their mating surfaces on the bike’s wheel rim, ensuring maximum stopping power with a minimum of handbrake lever effort.
  7. The adjustability afforded by the ball & socket design of their pivot washers permits the installer the ultimate luxury of truly precise alignment between these pads and the surfaces they mate to, thereby minimizing “break-in” period.
  8. I would definitely recommend these brake pads to anyone who is desirous of quality braking components at a most affordable price.
  9. One had bumps on the pad face that needed to be sanded off to make it flat.
  10. Two others were a little cupped and also needed sanding.
  11. Hardware was good enough, but one of the shafts began to strip before I got it tight using a handheld allen wrench.
  12. Their installed and the bike stops fine, but I’ll spend a little more in the future.
  13. They really make a difference in the stopping power with the rear brake.
  14. However, they are not top tier quality in terms of braking power.
Buy Hotop 2 Pairs V Bike Brake Pads with Hex Nuts and Spacers V Bicycle Brake Blocks Set 70 mm here

Bike Brake Pads Set, Alritz 3 Pairs Road Mountain Bicycle V-Brake Blocks Shoes with Hex Nut and Shims, No Noise No Skid, 70mm

bike brake pads set alritz pairs road mountain bicycle brake blocks shoes with h Brake pads V Brake 70 mm pair
  1. There are three pairs of brake pads – 3 left brake pads and 3 right brake pads.
  2. It is embossed on the top of them – front left and front right and with arrows too, telling you which side and which way the brake pads should go.
  3. The rubber on the brake pads are hard and each brake pad has 1 thick and 1 thin concave washer, 2 convex washers, 1 flat washer and a socket hex nut at the end.
  4. The brakes work fine and I managed to install them (after watching a few you tube videos) with the included hex wrench.
  5. I tried everything on a new bike to stop its embarrassing brake sound (front wheel) and it would not go away.
  6. I even sanded the wheel everyday and it only helped for a few minutes.
  7. Finally I looked for a no-noise brake pad and bought Alritz.
  8. I have used it for a few days and more than 20 miles with intensive braking on hilly roads but have not heard any noise.
  9. They came with all the hardware and even a little Allen wrench for installation.
  10. Brake pads stop with less effort on the lever and are quiet too.
  11. Not really sure why they sell them in a 3 pack, haven’t a bike with 3 brakes.
  12. However, I think it’s 1 set for the rear and 2 for the front as the fronts wear out much quicker than the rear because Physics.
  13. My daughter likes the blue color on her pink Trek Mountain bike.
Buy Bike Brake Pads Set, Alritz 3 Pairs Road Mountain Bicycle V-Brake Blocks Shoes with Hex Nut and Shims, No Noise No Skid, 70mm here

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