April 23, 2018

Brake Pads FIBRAX GIANT MPH-1 956

brake pads fibrax giant mph Brake pads FIBRAX GIANT MPH 1 956
High-quality, bicycle brake pads designed for disc brakes. Manufactured by a British company Fibrax, dealing in the production of qualified parts for bicycles, such as discs, pads, and brake hoses.
The pads are soft and have been made entirely of organic (resin) elements
The softness makes the pads not too intensive on the discs, thus ensuring a smaller degree of their use. Robust and heavy bases of linings are made of 100% stainless steel. Thanks to the steel base, the blocks are resistant even to very high temperatures, created during intensive braking.
The product has very good properties that guarantee high braking performance under different conditions, and allows quiet braking.

Brand: Fibrax

fibrax Brake pads FIBRAX GIANT MPH 1 956

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