September 13, 2018


trainer blue twist Tacx BLUE TWIST TACX treadmill
trainer blue twist Tacx 1 BLUE TWIST TACX treadmill
Blue Twist is a new generation of cyclists from the Cycletrainer group.
A completely new stable frame with folded legs.
The Blue series trainers can be used with bikes with a diameter of 26″to 29". Blue Twist is a resistance system with 6 magnets, fitted with a thrust wheel (the same in the Blue Matic)
does not contain a handle to change the resistance.
The resistance is regulated by means of the lever placed on the brake.

Operation-7-step resistance lever
Resistance arrangement-magnetic
Inertia weight-variable up to 8kg
Simulation of driveway-7 lever positions
Downhill simulation-no
Maximum resistance (10 sec)
– 700watt

Brand: TACX

tacx BLUE TWIST TACX treadmill

Tacx Blue Twist Trainer

tacx blue twist trainer BLUE TWIST TACX treadmill
  1. This is the long-expected successors of the Cycle track, Tacx’ s first model ever that has been very popular for decades thanks to its excellent value for money.
  2. The same can be expected of the Blue, because you get more for less: a powerful brake that manages the resistance and a robust frame with solid back legs.
  3. Tacx’ s many years of experience have resulted in the design of this stable construction that can withstand all forces.
  4. The Blue is suitable for everyone, whether you cycle a lot or just every now and then.
  5. The trainer has a simplified mounting system, which makes it easy and quick to assemble.
  6. A tool set for small and big wheels is no longer needed; even 29 MTB wheels do fit.
  7. The tacx blue twist is of a much higher quality and the feel of the back wheel vs my previous trainer feels a lot more natural.
  8. I am using this with Zwift to get slightly more accurate readings.
  9. Zwift has the Blue twist as an approved device and I had no issue getting up and running.
  10. I ride about 150 miles a week and resistance level 3 kicked my butt on the first ride so I am excited to improve!
  11. Set up was easy but I do have a concern that I will be contacting Tacx about.
  12. I am using the quick release axel that came with it but.
  13. I feel like my bike will pop off the trainor during high intensity efforts.
  14. If you are on a budget, using Zwift and want to at least get some consistency in terms of the numbers your producing, this is a great choice.
  15. You will steed need a separate cadence/speed sensor for full compatibility.
  16. If you are looking for 100% accurate nu,bears and something that controls the resistance/gradient this is not the device for you, as the resistance lever is located behind the back wheel and must be changed manually.
  17. Pros:affordable
    Strong resistance
    Easy setup
    Quick release lever included
    Not as loud as my previous one.
  18. May still bother other people in the home depending on the surface your on and room acoustic

    Cons: Not sure if it’s me or the trainor, but I feel a bit wobbly on the bike seated or standing.
  19. I was training for a race, and in the middle of the desert, so I really needed a trainer.
  20. Best way to describe it is it feels a bit “rubber-bandy.” Doesn’t have a realistic feel like my Computrainer, but at a fraction the cost, its a great portable alternative.
  21. This is the second Tacx Twist I have bought and, like the first one, the lever to adjust the resistance has apparently broken off in the the box.
  22. It looks like the packaging puts the lever in a position where any pressure on the box leads to it snapping off.
  23. I didn’t want to return this item again (I would really like to get back on my bike!), so I tried adjust the resistance apparatus without the level (took a hard plastic letter opener and pushed adjuster into place.
  24. I’ll probably return again and, unfortunately, look for another trainer.
  25. I really like that the legs fold back into the main frame making the trainer hangable on a wall or easy to tuck onto a shelf.
  26. Smooth ride, good resistance, quiet, great price, sturdy, and nice design.
Buy Tacx Blue Twist Trainer here $169.99

Tacx Blue Twist Training Base

tacx blue twist training base BLUE TWIST TACX treadmill
  1. Crafted from sturdy aluminum and steel, this training base delivers the stability you need to really get after it without worrying about things falling apart, while magnetic brake system with eight permanent ferrite magnets provides you with seven different levels of resistance to meet your training needs, regardless of skill level.
  2. Its manual switch for different levels of resistance is located at the brake for a quick change of pace between workouts, and allows you to crank it up to 700 watts of resistance for more intense sessions.
Buy Tacx Blue Twist Training Base here $169.00

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