April 23, 2018

Blink Tail Lamp Under The Selle Royal Saddle

tube rear blink under saddle sell royal Blink tail lamp under the Selle Royal saddle


– light constantly or pulsating

– two LEDs (LED)

– power supply CR2032 battery (included)

– fixing I.C.S. only under the saddle FIZIK, SELLE ROYAL, LOOKIN

– gray color

– not all saddle models have I.C.S.


Brand: Nieznany

USB Rechargeable Tactical LED Flashlight, Zanflare F1 Flashlight with 7 Light Modes, IP68 Waterproof, Cree XP-L V6 1240 Lumen Torch with Safety Hammer, Battery Not Included, Cool White

usb rechargeable tactical led flashlight zanflare flashlight with light modes wa Blink tail lamp under the Selle Royal saddle

  1. WHAT YOU GET: Zanflare F1 LED Flashlight, 1 x Holster, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Titanium-coated Clip, 1 x Lanyard, 1 x Mufti-language Manual with 3 years warranty, 100% satisfaction and zero hassle returns guaranteed.

    “Crystal Coating Technology” combines “precision digital optics” to provide extremely high reflector performance; Toughened ultra transparent mineral glass and anti – reflective coating; Light weight, high strength aviation grade aluminum alloy, HA11l military grade hard anodized.


    Reverse polarity protection guards against improper battery installation; Low-voltage warming functions remind you to replace battery.


    safety hammer is designed to break auto glass windows, so you can easily make a way to escape when there is no other option.

  5. When the battery is full charged,the indicator light lights up green.
  6. When the charge is completed,pull out the USB charging cable.The flashlight will turn on automatically,please do not point to human or animal eyes.
  7. Every 6 months,threads should be wiped with a clean cloth followed by a thin coating of silicon-based lubricant.
  8. I have a lot of flashlights, and for EDC purposes, I could not be more happy with this light.
  9. It is so functional and useful for my purposes, I feel spoiled with it and it has set a new benchmark for me.
  10. Pros:
    Waterproof: I don’t have to worry about being out in the rain, or when camping, dropping it into a puddle or stream.
  11. Down range the center does lose focus around 200 feet, but for my purposes, that is plenty far.
  12. Most of what I use a light is for much closer than that and the spread of light is amazing and simple to use.
  13. What is great about the functions is that it goes through the moonlight, low, medium, high, torch without the strobe or SOS.
  14. To go to the strobe or SOS, one has to hold the mode button down for 30 seconds.
  15. I really like this as I hated on other lights I have to cycle trough the strobe function and annoying other people.
  16. Light settings: From moonlight to torch, all the settings offer a purposeful way to use the light.
  17. The moonlight setting is good to use when hanging the light from the top of the tent or when reading at night trying not to disturb others.
  18. The medium offers plenty of light to walk around the campsites and not blind people.
  19. The torch setting does only go for 30 seconds as to not overheat and drain the battery too much.
  20. This also allows me to charge using a power bank when out camping.
  21. There are not many lights that can charge when camping, but this is one of them, and a great one.
  22. I can attach this to a power bank during the day and it is ready to go at night.
  23. I have solar panels that I can use to charge this with, or how I do, charge a power bank, then charge this.
  24. This allows me to not need a carrying case and keeps the light accessible at all times.
  25. Also included is the charging cable, standard micro USB, and a pouch to keep everything including the light in.
  26. The pouch does not work too well to use on a belt as it is cumbersome to get the light into and out of, but it is a great way to throw into a bag and keep some extra batteries in for the “just in case” scenarios.
  27. I did blunt the tip of the glass breaker and made it loose, almost to the point of it coming out, as it bent the aluminum whole that it sets in on the flashlight.
  28. Given all the Pros that this light offers, especially at this price, the fact that the glass breaker did not work does not merit a reduction of stars, given only 5 star rating.
  29. This is a 9/10 package deal and execution, 5/5 for sure.
  30. I had an issue with one light, but it was replaced at no cost, and the one I received is very nice indeed.
  31. This is one of the best thought-out designs I’ve seen in a long time.
  32. The charging port is hidden underneath an O-ring sealed sleeve that retracts to expose the port, and slides back to keep everything weatherproof (no silly rubber plug to come undone or be pulled off).
  33. The main on/off function is in the tailswitch, and the side-switch sets the mode.
  34. Moonlight is fairly low, plenty of light in pitch-blackness, and doesn’t ruin your night-vision.
  35. The tailcap switch has a nice solid click to it, and the side-switch is nice and responsive.
  36. The ring which exposes the charging port is sealed with O-rings to keep out water and dust.
  37. People at work were wowed with that, not having to undo the whole light to get to the battery to charge it.
  38. All you need is the lithium cell (18650), and you’re set.
  39. The included charging cable lets you charge the cell from anywhere there’s a usb port.
  40. It’s a well made tourch and their customer service magnificent!
  41. I had an issue and they sent me a replacement with in a few days.
  42. With a-life- time guarantee, you can’t go wrong buying this one.
  43. The Zanflare exceeded my expectations, really The USB charging make it a winner for me.
  44. My favorite have always been the Thrunite TN42, because of it size, weight and brightness and of course, it nice protective pouch.
  45. The zanflare is the new kid in the block, a bit larger than the tn4, but it’s also well designed and has the USB charging option.
  46. It turned on in my pocket just by walking and bending over, many times!
  47. More than once I went to use it and the battery was dead!
  48. I use it for camping, and i do security at a concert venue.
  49. But I’m super happy I did the research and found this little light.
  50. My first light that uses 18650 batteries and definitely my brightest light.

Buy USB Rechargeable Tactical LED Flashlight, Zanflare F1 Flashlight with 7 Light Modes, IP68 Waterproof, Cree XP-L V6 1240 Lumen Torch with Safety Hammer, Battery Not Included, Cool White here

UT20 USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight for Tactical&Outdoor,Power Display,High Bright 1080 Lumens,Water Proof, Compact Handheld Torch Portable Outdoor Light & 2600mAh 18650 Battery included

ut usb rechargeable led flashlight for tactical amp outdoor power display high b Blink tail lamp under the Selle Royal saddle

  1. ULTRA BRIGHT and HIGH-PERFORMANCE : Max1080 lumens and 300 yards Beam Distance.
  2. USB RECHARGEABLE AND SMART POWER DISPLAY: Built-In Micro-USB Charge Port, can be charged Indoor Outdoor & Car, Press tail switch to turn on and plug included USB cable to charge port,Indicator Blinking Red slowly every 2 seconds is in Charging,Blinking Red fast is Not Charging, Green is completed.
  3. Side Switch Smart Indicator will Display Remaining Battery Power when switched on at any time.
  4. While long press side switch 3 seconds after strobe, flashlight will blinking 3 times change to Tactical Mode.Tactical mode have 3 outputs (turbo,strobe and low) only by one hand clicking tail switch, satisfied with Law Enforcement, Military, Policeman(side switch not work in tactical mode).
  5. DURABLE AND WATERPROOF : Durable Aluminum Pocket Body with Anti-skid Interface, Auto-detect Temperature, Adjust Brightness to Keep Cool and Cozy to Operate, Waterproof (2 Meters Submersible),no worry to use in heavy rain or shallow water.
  6. WARRANTY & WHAT YOU GET:Worry-free 24 months warranty,lifetime maintenance.
  7. We’re talking about homeowners who just want a flashlight that fits easily in some side drawer; to be used when the power goes out, or when Fido decides a restroom break is needed, and then decides to play hide n seek on some dark stormy night.
  8. They need a light that can last for hours while the power company restores their electricity, and they want that light to work every time it is needed – with little care in between times.
  9. We’re talking about people who want a flashlight that stays in their vehicle; useful for everything from reading maps to changing a flat tire on some dark stretch in the middle of nowhere.
  10. Or those of us who like to walk at night, but want something that aids our ability to see while also warning traffic that we’re out and about.
  11. From ladies who want a flashlight that can fit in their purse, to tradesmen who are working in some dark crawl-space (or attic), to homeowners and hikers who just want to chase the darkness away – the one thing they all have in common is their need for an economical flashlight that works as it should, when it is needed.
  12. It comes in a nice cardboard box (padded inside) that contains everything that is needed.
  13. It has a solid feel to it, with no sharp edges and no sign of imperfection.
  14. The body is mostly covered in a diamond shaped pattern, with the same diamond pattern found on the side of the tail-cap.
  15. The flashlight provides a good grip (even when wet) and fits very comfortably in my hand.
  16. The tail-cap is removable and features a stout spring on the inside of the cap.
  17. On the end of the tail-cap is the tail-switch; covered with a rubber cap.
  18. The tail-switch has a good feel to it and provides good feedback when pressed and released.
  19. There are two U-shaped cutouts (access for your thumb) with one side having two small holes for the lanyard.
  20. The head is removable as well – leaving just a tube when the tail-cap is also removed.
  21. There are a series of relatively deep cooling grooves cut into the head (they also provide grip).
  22. The side-switch (and USB port) are located on an octagonal section which consists of alternating flat sides and grooved sides.
  23. The two (side-switch and USB port) sit opposite of each other.
  24. The side-switch is convex and appears to be made of metal (stainless steel is my guess).
  25. It has a very good feel to it and is easy to find just by feeling for it.
  26. On both ends [of the tube] the threads are square cut, anodized, and well lubricated (as received).
  27. I typically don’t spend much time talking about USB ports or covers, but the UT20 has a very solid cover that fits quite snugly.
  28. It impressed me to the point that I thought it was well worth mentioning.
  29. The reflector is smooth (aluminum) and fairly deep for the size of the flashlight.
  30. The holster is quite nice and can fit a belt up to 3 inches in width.
  31. The flap is secured by Velcro and appears to be made out of nylon.
  32. The sides are elastic and the UT20 can be stored top-up or top-down.
  33. Enough so that it is highly unlikely that it will come off by accident.
  34. The spring section is of a similar stoutness – actually a bit too stout for my preference.
  35. Recharging the battery is easy: simply plug the micro USB into the input (on the UT20) and plug the other end of the USB cord (included) into a power source.
  36. Make sure to press/release the tail-switch to allow charging.
  37. The led indicator (center of side-switch) will flash red every 2 seconds if charging.
  38. If there is an issue (bad connection, or failed to press/release tail-switch) the led (center of side-switch) will flash red rapidly.
  39. Once fully charged, the led (side-switch) will flash green.
  40. I did not time how long it takes to charge the battery.
  41. Momentary will come on in the last mode used (exception being Strobe).
  42. While in momentary ON, the side-switch can be pressed to change modes; fully press/release the tail-switch to enter the chosen mode.
  43. From the ON position, press/release the side-switch to change modes.
  44. Strobe mode is entered from the ON position; then press/hold the side-switch for approximately 1 second.
  45. Press/release side-switch to change into the last used normal mode.
  46. Flashlight will blink twice to notify you that you’re now in the tactical mode.
  47. With both user modes, the side-switch led (center of the switch) will come on (roughly 5 seconds) to inform the user of the battery status.
  48. Green means the battery has more than 20% of its power.
  49. Solid red means the battery has more than 10% of its power, but less than 20%.
  50. Flashing red means the battery is below 10% of capacity and must be recharged immediately.
  51. Beam

    I’m not sure if it’s a throwy floodlight, or a floody throw-light, but the beam is definitely a mixture of flood and throw.

  52. If pinned down I’d probably go with a throw light that has quite a bit of flood ability since the beam seems to be slightly geared more toward the throw side of things.
  53. It really is a nice mix of the two extremes; giving the user good distance lighting as well as good coverage up closer.
  54. The light temperature is a cool white and it does a very good job of lighting things up out to a distance of 170 meters or so.
  55. Beyond that and it’s really difficult to tell (for me anyway) how much light is actually hitting the target.
  56. I can get eye shine and reflections (road signs) quite a bit beyond 200 yards, but telling what kind of animal (it is) is all but impossible beyond 170 meters or so.
  57. There is a definite hot-spot in the center of the beam; from there light spills out to give very good coverage over a wide area.
  58. It’s certainly enough spill to easily illuminate the average yard – and quite a bit more.
  59. Conclusion

    I think the UT20 is an excellent choice for those who want a lot of flashlight for a very good price.

  60. With everything included in the package, the cost difference between the UT20 and those cheap superstore flashlights becomes moot once you consider the cost-savings that will be realized by the rechargeable battery.
  61. The added power, user options, run-times and build quality are significant improvements too.
  62. I haven’t seen any other manufacturer offer extra parts to the extent that this company does.
  63. The brand is less known than the popular Fenix, NItecore, or Surefire.
  64. But the price is definitely a lot more affordable than the popular brands with similar specs.
  65. I like the light with the additional switch which makes it easier to switch light between different brightness settings.
  66. I also like it to have the tactical mode separated from normal mode.
  67. You really do not need the strobe mode on daily basis and it is a hassle to switch between extra modes to get to what you want.
  68. Another plus for this light is you have the option of recharging with USB plug so you can recharge from wall charger or a battery bank.
  69. When you are doing outdoor activities you do not have to worry about the light going out as long as you have battery banks.
  70. UT20 can easily light up the whole room at max 1080 lumens.
  71. Overall I like the build of this light and I would get extra for emergency or as gift for friends and family.
  72. They gave me instructions to power on light then put in on usb charge.
  73. Just like they said it blinks slow red and very soon after that it turned green showing it was charged.
  74. Usb charging, decent size battery, very bright and well made.
  75. Very bright, built in recharging capability and the price is hard to argue with.
  76. It comes nicely packaged with a pocket clip, lanyard, grip ring, usb cord and battery.
  77. The ability to charge the battery without removing the battery is a nice option, and the quality is just as good as the T25, which I also own.

Buy UT20 USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight for Tactical&Outdoor,Power Display,High Bright 1080 Lumens,Water Proof, Compact Handheld Torch Portable Outdoor Light & 2600mAh 18650 Battery included here

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